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Our diverse team contributes unique talents and perspectives from varied backgrounds. We come from nonprofits, corporations, education, marketing, management and beyond. We are passionate about transformational coaching and our commitment to unleash the power of coaching in individuals, organizations and communities.

Our faculty and mentor coaches share a love of learning. We come to the classroom full of enthusiasm for teaching, ready to inspire and support your learning. We look forward to making a connection with you. Please contact us anytime!

Altaf Shaikh - website Amanda Berger Anna Mathisen - website

Altaf Shaikh

Amanda Berger

Ana Polanco

Anna Mathisen

"As a relationship coach, my interest lies in working with people who are partners or friends and helping them discover the power within."

Bio > Altaf Shaikh

"My work is informed by a deep commitment to social change, transparency and accountability. I have a special interest in criminal justice reform.”

Bio > Amanda Berger


"I actively partner with each person to set aside the limits of our own experiences and discover the unknown.

Bio > Ana Polanco 

“I enjoy being part of a community who shares my joy for coaching and human growth and helps me move into action to share the work with the world.”

Bio > Anna Mathisen

Belma Gonzalez - website Damon Azali-Rojas - website Deborah Howard head shot

Belma Gonzalez

Chrissie Castro

Damon Azali-Rojas

Deb Howard

"I love working with folks who are committed to creating a more equitable world—people who refuse to step over the misery they see in their community. 

Bio > Belma Gonzalez

"As a citizen of the Navajo Nation and a social justice consultant working toward equity for all peoples, I support the self-determination of American Indian/Alaska Native communities."

Bio > Chrissie Castro

"We are experimenting with how culture, race, language, and spirituality, impact our coach training and world view. Attending to these nuances adds tones and textures."

Bio > Damon Azali-Rojas

“I bring intercultural insight and a passion for social justice to my work as a change catalyst—helping leaders and their teams transform themselves and the world." 

Bio > Deb Howard

Demarra Gardener for website Dewey Schott - Website Ernest Mark - website Guthrie Sayen - Website
Demarra Gardener
Dewey Schott
Ernest Mark
Guthrie Sayen

“We are a company that works from the inside out. Everything we do is premised on reflection, action, and inclusion. It doesn’t get much better than that.”

Bio > Demarra Gardener

"I love the transformational questions we are asking about how to grow the LTW and the field of coaching to be more inclusive and socially relevant."

Bio > Dewey Schott

“I bring a lot of heart and authenticity to my work. It's not just what I do but who I am. I love doing this work.”

Bio > Ernest Mark

“When clients and coaches-in-training come into loving relationship with rejected parts of themselves, both they and I are changed.”

Bio > Guthrie Sayen

Jagruti Gala - Website Johnny Manzon-Santos - Website Kathleen Moore - website Kathy Grosso - Website
Jagruti Gala
Johnny Manzon-Santos
Kathleen Moore
Kathy Grosso

“LTW develops the being of the coach. It really points to what we can do, and how we must be to hold the container of deep transformation for others.”

Bio > Jagruti Gala

“Our commitment is to expand the notion of who gets to coach and be coached. Increasingly, LTW is occupying the nexus of coaching, social justice, and spirituality.”

Bio > Johnny Manzon-Santos

“Coaching has given me the tools to partner with families and others in a more collaborative way as we work to provide a meaningful education to every child.”

Bio > Kathleen Moore

“Coaching skills give people what they need to move from theory to

Bio > Kathy Grosso

Kena Acuna - website Kim Fowler - Website Leslie Brown - website updated
Kena Acuna
Kim Fowler
Leslie Avant-Brown
Madhu Maron

“I love being connected to an organization that is welcoming of all, and that genuinely cares about each person involved, be they students, staff, instructors, or assistants.”

Bio > Kena Acuna

“Our clients receive quality training with a lens on culture, power and privilege. This enhances their coaching, their work in organizations and their personal lives.”

Bio > Kim Fowler

“I blend various modalities to create a fun, interactive and outcome driven environment. Everyone is able to laugh, learn, make mistakes and step into action.”

Bio > Leslie Brown

“Leadership that Works teaches from the inside out by focusing on taking coaching skills out in the world in each person’s unique way.”

Bio > Madhu Maron

Mary Kuentz - website update Michael Brazzel
Martha Lasley
Mary Kuentz
Michael Brazzel
Michael Wise

“My vision is to develop transformational coaches and facilitators all over the world so that social change organizations can flourish.”

Bio > Martha Lasley

"It gives me tremendous joy to work with those who have the courage to tackle the daunting challenges of our world today.”

Bio > Mary Kuentz

“Being a coach gives me the opportunity to partner with others to be more fully who we are and what we stand for and to create a more loving and socially-just world.”

Bio > Michael Brazzel

I had been doing a basic version of coaching in my work long before I had the language to call it that. When I first heard about coaching, something fell into deep alignment for me, and I knew I needed to become a certified coach.

Bio > Michael Wise

Pernille Plantener - website Rebecca Aced-Molina-website Richard Michaels - website
Pernille Plantener
Rashmi Dixit
Rebecca Aced-Molina
Richard Michaels

“We are finding new ways of working together, developing businesses and communities to create a sustainable culture of respect.”

Bio > Pernille Plantener

"I was shocked to find huge mountains of plastic waste when I was auditing a vendor plant, and when I asked what would be done with it, I was told the vendor would buy land and fill it with plastic. ”

Bio > Rashmi Dixit

"I draw on research, literature and science, as much as I engage the right brain through creative, metaphorical and body work,to deepen understanding.”

Bio > Rebecca Aced-Molina

“We combine heart, mind, and cultural awareness to create strong communities of learners. People draw inspiration from one another during and after the programs.”

Bio > Richard Michaels

Sonali Kelkar - website update Steven Filante - website
Sharon Brown

Shruti Sonthalia

Sonali Kelkar
Steven Filante

“My quiet warmth combined with my fierceness calls people to stand firmly in the beauty of their authentic selves."

Bio > Sharon Brown


“Awakening to the sacred in the ordinary is my path, be it in business, finance or the body. I’m inspired by a vision of creating sacred heart-connected spaces in the workplace.”

Bio > Shruti Sonthalia

“My quest to discover more of myself, and a desire to have deeper relationships with my loved ones, is what brought me to coaching.”

Bio > Sonali Kelkar

“I teach to help every student find their unique way to bring coaching skills to the world.”

Bio > Steven Filante

Vikram Bhatt - website Virginia Kellogg 220
Vikram Bhatt
Virginia Kellogg
Wasundhara Joshi
Wendy Rodriguez

”Life is my greatest teacher; everything that I offer or practice – I wish to experience it first and live it authentically. My work is my Ibaadat (act of worship).”

Bio > Vikram Bhatt

“I see the need for people to get in touch with what they uniquely have to offer and then to have support to offer it in service of the world.”

Bio > Virginia Kellogg

“My work allows me to make a difference in my own small way. Coaching for Transformation is not just making coaches, but is also making a better world.”

Bio > Wasundhara Joshi

“I love to help people and always knew I wanted to work with people in a healing capacity.”

Bio > Wendy Rodriguez

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Our Mission is to develop transformational coaches and facilitators who empower evolutionary leaders and social entrepreneurs to develop sustainable, collaborative organizations. We take a stand for whole person transformation, and bring diverse voices into the field, developing multicultural competencies in coaching and facilitation. Read More

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