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In response to COVID-19, in-person classes are currently being delivered virtually via Zoom. See individual courses for details.

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Coaching for Community Transformation Programs 

Our core training programs are fully customized to meet your community’s unique needs. All programs include coaching demonstrations, teaching examples, cultural competency and skill application.

Taste of Coaching for Community Transformation

Coaching for Community Transformation Intro Course

Community Coaching Certification

Post Training Support

Taste of Coaching for Community Transformation

If you would like a “taste” of how Coaching for Community Transformation can benefit your organization, collaborative or community, this short program is a great place to start.

During this highly interactive program you will:

  • Listen to a coaching demonstration
  • Experiment with the skillset and mindset of coaching
  • Learn and practice basic coaching skills that can be used immediately

Choose from a 2-hour program or a 1-day workshop.

Coaching for Community Transformation Intro Course

If you are ready to adopt a coaching mindset in your organization or community, the CCT Intro Course builds a foundational skill set and mindset of coaching. The training includes two modules, delivered 3-5 months apart.

Module 1: An initial 3-day training provides tools and practice to prepare participants for incorporating coaching into their work.

Module 2: A 2-day follow-up training reinforces the foundational skills, plus adds advanced skills. During this module, participants explore how applying coaching skills can enhance the mission of the organization and the community work.

Supplementary Training Options

Enhance the success of the CCT Intro Course by choosing from these additional options:

  • Individual Coaching gives participants an opportunity to experience coaching in the role of a client. This is an integral part of learning to be a coach, and also gives valuable professional development. The individual sessions provide laser coaching for each participant’s unique needs. Students often report the individual sessions are the strongest support implementing their coaching skills day-to-day.
  • Peer Learning Circles anchor the coaching skills, troubleshoot how the skills are applied in real situations with clients, and share best practices. These 60-90 minute teleclasses are led by an experienced CCT Facilitator Coach and are recorded for those not able to attend.
  • Teleclasses reinforce the coaching training investment through skill-building and practice. Each 90-minute call focuses on a specific skill, resulting in quicker and more effective integration of the skills. All teleclasses are led by an experienced CCT Facilitator Coach and are recorded for those who are unable to attend.

Ongoing Support

After completing a CCT Intro Course you will be invited to join the free CCT Share the Learning Calls and the Learning Community.

Community Coaching Certification 

If you are serious about using coaching skills to lead and strengthen your community, the Community Coaching Certification will prepare you to fully integrate coaching into your work. Upon successful completion of the program, you become a Certified Community Coach.

Program details

  • 9 months
  • 54 training hours
  • 3 mentoring sessions on skill application
  • 1 individual mentoring session with instructor
  • 20 hours community coaching

Choose from

  • In-Person/Teleclass (3 training days plus 20 teleclasses)
  • 100% Teleclass (36 teleclasses)

    Who Should Attend

    Attending this course will be a major step in increasing your competency as a community leader, coach, activist, and manager or developer of community programs. You will finish the program better able to realize lasting solutions to your community's toughest and most intractable problems.


    The curriculum is highly experiential and focuses on learning by doing. You will receive extensive feedback and mentoring from supervisors, instructors, assistants and fellow students throughout the course. The course requirement to log a minimum of 20 hours of community coaching results in 100s of hours of coaching support for members of the community during the training program.

    You'll learn how to:

    • Build and support leadership at all levels in a community
    • Implement change more rapidly and effectively
    • Magnify the value of diverse perspectives and
    • Create cultures of connection and collaboration

    The approaches taught in the program have proven successful in individual, organizational, community, and even national and international spheres. You will be able replicate this success in communities at home and at work.

    CCC More Details

    Compare the Community Coaching Certification program to the Coaching for Transformation certification program.

    Post-Training Support  

    As a CCT program graduate, you benefit from FREE ongoing support and learning opportunities, expanding your development and reach as a coach.

    Share the Learning Calls

    During these 90-minute calls, you will receive CCT how-to-train tools and timelines so you can orient your staff or volunteers to the CCT coaching skills. These calls also serve as a powerful refresher for yourself.

    Learning Community

    Need help? Want collaborators? Have a success or an idea to share? Participants tell us that being in a vibrant learning community throughout their training was a transformative part of their learning.

    The Leadership that Works Community connects you to coach training graduates around the world and across cultures who share their wisdom, perspectives and best practices with one another. You can also take advantage of ongoing training opportunities and conferences designed to help you stay engaged with coaching colleagues and to strengthen your development as a coach.

    Learn More

    To learn more, check out Frequently Asked Questions or see what Participants are Saying about Results!

    Call or email Leslie Brown at 734-678-3017 for more information.

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