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Share the Learning

Conversations of Fierce Love and Activism

In this unprecedented time of division and the dismantling of rights, benefits and international relationships, Leadership that Works is initiating a series of calls for coaches, intended to broaden the application of skills that promote communication with self, like-minded others, and others with whom we disagree.

Share The Learning is a six-month series of 90-minute calls held on the last Wednesday of the month that offer time for small group reflection, skill demonstrations with faculty and participants, coaching practice, and practical discussion of applicability in a range of scenarios.

All calls will be held via Zoom video conferencing. Pre-registration is required for the FREE calls. Calls will be recorded and made available for reviewing after the live call.

Topics covered over the six months:

Conversations with Self
March 29, 2017 at 11 AM Eastern

As 2017 unfolds, we are pulled harder and in new directions as we are asked to respond from a level of activism that we may not already have built into our daily lives. This begs a conversation with ourselves around, what are we passionate about? How far are we willing to go to advocate for what we believe in and still maintain work and private lives? What new values are we honoring? What are we dishonoring? What parts of us speak up as we do, and what is our relationship to them? How do we continue to fill our reservoir of fierce self-love that helps balance us? Who are we becoming in this time, in service of fulfilling what vision?

Conversations with Like-Minded Others
April 26, 2017 at 11 AM Eastern

We have families and friends who are our lives, who we love down to our marrow, who sustain us and who we would fight for, as fiercely as we love them, to protect them. What conversations are being asked to happen now? Maybe they’re around time and shared responsibility, whether that’s around maintaining a household, raising children or caring for an elderly parent. Maybe they’re about revisiting shared purpose and vision, to create a foundation to sustain us. What new agreements need to be made? What is important to communicate and listen to from children?

Conversations with Others We Disagree With (2 Teleclasses)
PART 1: May 31, 2017 at 11 AM Eastern
PART 2: June 28, 2017 at 11 AM Eastern

Whether we are taking on conversations with people of different political beliefs, or have a dispute with a colleague, negotiating conflict from our reservoir of love and respect may be even more critical and even more challenging. Which “I am a..” do we bring to the conversation? What is our Coach’s Stand? What does it take for us to wear someone else’s shoes for even one minute? How do we talk to a partner that is on the “other side”? What are we willing to risk to have these conversations, to talk to someone we might not like or trust? Where might there be commonality that surprises us, or frighten us? How do we un-hook ourselves from our outrage and connect with fierce love so we can have a conversation?

Conversations with Silence
July 26, 2017 at 11 AM Eastern

In the midst of everything, we have to find the space to stop and just be, to connect with something greater than us, whether it’s a greater sense of purpose or a greater sense of soul and spirit. What is that purpose, and what do we sense spirit wants for us? How do we consciously connect with spirit and purpose daily, hourly? How do we weave it into our broader conversations to support our activism, our selves?

Conversations Moving Forward
August 30, 2017 at 11 AM Eastern

What is available to you now? What are some successes to report, and where to you still get stuck? There will be small group time for people to share scenarios of success as well as ones they want suggestions for engagement. What’s next, from here?

Share the Learning is designed to give you practical tools and skills to increase your effectiveness as a coach, leader and communicator in your sphere of influence.

This is an opportunity to practice and deepen your coaching skills and explore how coaching can effectively bring people together to engage in meaningful dialogue.

About your facilitator:

Kim Fowler 031214

Kim Fowler, PCC, ORSCC is a certified coach, trainer, consultant and facilitator. Kim works with individuals, partnerships and teams who are ready to remove limiting beliefs and behaviors and move through their professional and personal lives with mindfulness, efficiency, spirit and action.




The resources below are for use with your staff and volunteers only. It does not license you to do coaching training with these materials outside your work environment. The purpose of Share the Learning is to transmit basic skills that will enhance working relationships in your organizations.

Date Audio Files Timeline
April 30, 2014

Coach's Stand - Streaming
Coach's Stand - MP3 

Coach's Stand
May 28

Empowering Questions - Streaming
Empowering Questions - MP3 

Empowering Questions
June 25 Making Requests and Offering Challenges - Streaming
Making Requests and Offering Challenges - MP3 
Making Requests and Offering Challenges
July 30 Acknowledgment - Streaming
Acknowledgment - MP3 
September 24 Creating Accountability - Streaming
Creating Accountability -MP3
Creating Accountability
October 29 Values - Streaming
Values - MP3
Exploring and Clarifying Values
December 17 Self-management - Streaming
Self-management - MP3
January 28, 2015 Visioning - Streaming
Visioning - MP3 
March 23 Moving into Action - Streaming
Moving into Action - MP3 
Moving into Action
September 30, 2015 Coach's Stand - Streaming
Coach's Stand - MP3
Coach's Stand
October 28, 2015

Empowering Questions - Streaming

Empowering Questions - MP3

Empowering Questions
November 25, 2015 Making Requests and Offering Challenges - Streaming
Making Requests and Offering Challenges - MP3
Making Requests and Offering Challenges
January 27, 2016 Acknowledgment and Championing - Streaming
Acknowledgment and Championing - MP3
Acknowledgment and Championing
February 24, 2016 Interrupting and Holding Silence - Streaming
Interrupting and Holding Silence - MP3
Interrupting and Holding Silence
March 30, 2016 Creating Accountability - Streaming
Creating Accountability - MP3
Creating Accountability
April 27, 2016 Values - Streaming
Values - MP3
Exploring and Clarifying Values
May 25, 2016 Self-Management - Streaming
Self-Management - MP3
June 28, 2016 Visioning - Streaming
Visioning - MP3
July 27, 2016 Moving into Action - Streaming
Moving into Action - MP3
Moving into Action


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