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Coaching for Transformation™ Results

Innovative. Empowering. Life-changing.

These are  some of the words that graduates use to describe the impact of Coaching for Transformation™. Read on to hear how Coaching for Transformation has helped individuals advance their career, step into leadership and become powerful change agents.

Values of creativity and social justice

I’ve attended some dry academic coaching courses in the past, but what instinctively called me to Coaching for Transformation™ was its edgy feel, and its values of creativity and social justice. The program has been the single most important learning experience I’ve had in over a decade. CFT helped me remember my core values, quirky strengths, and love for community and connection. The program enabled me to trust my intuition and take creative risks, and in turn, it provided me with the tools to help clients do the same. —Jessica Balboni

Exponential growth in my intuition

In a word: wow! My experience with Coaching for Transformation™ has been, well, transformative. The way in which I work with people and the way I see myself has completely transformed as a result of this course. I've seen such exponential growth in my intuition, awareness of the body, and my ability to see the perfection, elegance and beauty in every situation and in all people no matter their appearance. The skills I learned have shifted the way I interact with my clients, my friends and family and especially myself. Without a doubt, I owe a large part of my success today as a coach to my work with Coaching for Transformation. —John Dulworth

I got 5 paying clients during the program

I went beyond what I thought was possible and I got five paying clients during the program, all of whom are still working with me for longer than their original three month commitment. What's different about CFT coaching is that we learn to change how the client interacts and relates in the world on a fundamental level. In the coaching process, a client's old stories and limiting beliefs get shattered or reintegrated in new and positive ways. I learned to activate my client's (and my own) creativity, power and resourcefulness. I didn't anticipate gaining so many incredible friends and now I really belong to a community. —Stephanie Lazzara

Ripple effect on social justice movements

I loved getting to work with seasoned coaches who have a social justice lens, which is so rare in the coaching field. The LTW team's generosity had a huge impact on my life and gave me tools to support the unique needs of activists. This program has helped me accomplish some huge goals. Even better, it's having a ripple effect on some really powerful social justice movements. That is so precious. —Manish Vaidya

Afraid I'd hate distance learning

My biggest fear was that I'd hate distance learning. I wondered how I was going to learn by phone. But I learned tons and connected with people I never met in powerful ways. I'd encourage folks to do an in-person program if available. But if that's not an option for you—for whatever reason—get on the phone!

Best decision I ever made! The most powerful aspects of CFT are the strong, deliberate framework; the high-quality instructors; and the program’s emphasis on power, privilege, identity, race, and gender in the curriculum.

Even if you never coach a client professionally in your life (don't worry, I have!), the program is worth it for the self-reflection, growth, and transformation that inevitably happen. —Stacey Strongarone

Building Connections with Coaching Community

The connection I had to my coaching peers was powerful. Rarely have I felt safe enough to be that vulnerable. They are still there for me. I still reach out. I have a Coaching Community on my side. —Ernesto Saldana

A profession that is healing

My journey has been life-altering. Truly transformational. Because of my cultural conditioning and legal training, I had become a very logical, analytical person, shutting out emotion and intuition as if they were weaknesses, alienating many parts of myself.

Coaching made me see that those very things I had judged as weaknesses were strengths that could contribute to my personal growth and my work in the world. I started awakening to who I truly am, and the personal and professional became beautifully intertwined.

The faculty helped me see that all I was longing for is truly possible. I was inspired by their raw honesty and by the ways that they were making a change in the world. CFT helped me find my life purpose and move towards a profession that is healing to myself and others. I found a beautiful soul family in India. And my mentors both guided me and challenged me to become the best coach I can be. —Kawtar El Alaoui

Contributing to Change that Matters

Coaching for Transformation has deepened my NVC practice and my ability to really support people when connecting with their deepest values, dreams and goals. The trainers create a supportive and caring atmosphere that allows transformation to unfold.

I have never in my life experienced learning so empowering, joyful, rewarding and life changing. I have started with clients and the training has prepared me to be a real coach, not a rent a friend person. The course is the best thing that has happened to me in years and worth every penny! I highly recommend participating if you are interested in contributing to change that matters. —Daniela Herzog

Lasting behavioural change

The CFT journey has been truly transformational for me both personally and professionally. I have cherished every moment and basked in its beauty, fragrance and power to help me connect once again to my essence and purpose in life.

The amazing aspects of this program are the cross cultural diversity, program structure course content, masterful facilitation and more importantly the learning space which is held with reverence and deep respect for each participant.

Although, I had 1000 hours plus prior coaching experience before enrolling for the course, the program helped me to deepen my awareness of coaching practices to bring about lasting behavioural change in my work with my clients. I would highly recommend this course for aspiring and experienced coaching professionals as a pathway to self mastery. —Ashwin Pasricha

Concerns as a seasoned coach

As a seasoned coach, I was concerned about being in a program with people who had never coached before. Would it be valuable? I learned new ways to deepen my coaching practice and received coaching which opened up areas of my life and supported me in all that I was doing. —Shirley Brown

Immense Depth

At my age, I thought I might not be able to do this kind of learning, but CFT brought out the learner in me. It gave me an anchor in self-acceptance, and I started to take a lot of risks. The bold me surfaced fully. This course has been one of the most positive experiences in my life. I have the deepest respect for the faculty.

The Coaching for Transformation course has a fantastic text and program content designed by the best. It gave me enough scope to work on myself and in that process the weekly rigour of teleclasses was more than welcome. The course content has immense depth for a person willing to explore even after graduating. CFT has been one of my most enjoyable and beneficial learning journeys. I feel empowered to make a bigger contribution in Life. —Sonia Uttam

Loving and supportive community

The most powerful part of the program is the loving and supportive community, which continues long after the last class. I appreciate seeing the real examples from faculty who are truly living coaching – they keep working on themselves and share what they are learning about coaching. After graduation, there are support courses (many are free) to brush up on your coaching skills. The magic of transformation happened to me and changed my life so that I can contribute and support others. —Pailin Chirachaisakul

Guide clients to truth, power and joy

It took me two years to commit because I wondered if it would be worth it. In the end I trusted my intuition and not only got great instruction on how to coach, but I got help to grow into the person I want to be. I built amazing relationships with the people in the program and we still support each other as we grow our practices and skills. This program is for people who want to deeply, powerfully and profoundly understand who they are, and guide clients through transformation to their own truth, power and joy. —Kristen Staffaroni

Heart and soul

More than achieving goals, this program is about going deep into inner exploration to find the pure clarity that resonates from the very core of our being. CFT brings heart and soul into coaching, and there is no better program for the depth of the content and the quality of the teachers. My life has been impacted in many ways and I absolutely have no regrets. —Martin DorĂ©

My present and future radically changed

The most powerful part of the program is how soon we started coaching with our peers. It was rewarding for us to watch each other becoming competent coaches. Through the coaching I received, I came to see a blind spot in my life. By taking action to change that, my present and future both radically changed.

Coaching for Transformation was one of the most transformational trainings I’ve taken, and I have attended many self-growth programs. The program is unique because it works on the mind, body, and soul levels.

When I started the program, I didn’t know what type of coach I wanted to be. Thankfully, the faculty spent a lot of time teaching us the skills to become an excellent coach. Only at the end of the program did we explore our niche. I’m so glad I found mine. —Yvette M. Pennacchia, MA, CPC

I don't need a vacation

I have implemented major changes in multiple dimensions of my life that have allowed me to align deeply with my values and spirituality. Now my work is spiritual. Rewarding. I am able to experience a professional life that I don’t need a vacation from. The awareness of what is possible is far beyond the limitations of the mind and my work is to help people access that higher awareness empowering them to unleash their full potential. I have new relationships with friends, family and people at work. A new “me” was born and I am much more fulfilled. I started a coaching business with two classmates and I coach CEOs and their teams in South America, Europe and the USA. The impact of the program was profound.– Eduardo Delfino

 Coaching with humility

As a Mexican-American in my sixties, having two women of color faculty leading this program and serving as role models for me was a unique experience. The faculty were like shamans, so competent and magical, yet coaching with humility and demonstrating their wisdom and humanity. There is diversity in the cohort and in the faculty. Previously I had thought that getting coaching certification was what white people did. I also hated the idea of marketing. Now I am sharing marketing knowledge with others and getting paid by clients for transformational coaching. I recommend this program to anyone who wants to transform their lives and help others to do the same! —Elena Feliz

Life changing experience

The word transformation held a lot of anxiety for me going into the course since I had completed transformational workshops that felt brutal and punishing. Coaching for transformation was the antithesis. We were in an open, rich, listening, diverse and intensely supportive environment where lives were changed and the learning was extraordinary. This is not a classroom. This is not simply a lesson in coaching methods. This is not just a means to an end. This is a life changing experience about the heart and soul of coaching. This experience will touch every aspect of your life for the better. I am so happy to have chosen Coaching for Transformation, a gift that keeps on giving. —Annie Stern

Impact on Clients

I highly recommend Coaching for Transformation. I think coaching greatly complements NVC work both with individuals and with groups, empowering people to co-create what they want to manifest in the world and truly create shared power. This program is much richer than I expected–even touching on relationship coaching which offers a highly efficient model for mediation. —Dian Killian

Enhanced Listening Skills

I always considered myself a good listener and problem solver. this program taught me how to manage dilemmas instead of solving problems. I learned how to use creative techniques and somatics to help clients find answers outside of their mind and in the body and spirit. Essentially, I learned to listen with my whole body without judgement - making a more effective, creative and authentic coach, consultant, friend and mentor. —Ana Polanco

One of the best things I’ve ever done for myself

I was a CEO and a manager for a long time. A Type-A, solve-it person. I’d been coached before, but the perspective I got from CFT was different from any coaching I’d ever experienced. It led to a series of OMG moments where I was listening and holding the silence with my client. The biggest shift for me was believing that the client holds the answers, instead of assuming that they need my solutions.

Committing financially to the program was like standing on the edge of a cliff. I’m going to jump and trust that the parachute is going to open and everything is going to be okay. CFT is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. Coaching will allow me to stay engaged and earn some income without working 60 hours a week. I can continue to coach into my 70s. —Lauren Anderson

Transform anxieties into motivations

I wondered, How could I transform someone's life in as little as 30 minutes? I soon learned that I would receive ample guidance and support to make transformation happen. The most powerful part of the program was my personal growth. I learned how to unravel deep-seated fears and transform my anxieties into motivations that served me well as I started my own coaching business. —Shanita Liu

Found the inner spirit to create the life I desire

By the end of the program I was able to see myself in a new way. I gained tools that helped me navigate life more effectively, and I found the inner spirit to create the life I desire. I learned how valuable it is to have a safe and vulnerable space in a supportive learning community. —Bergela Piram

Embrace my natural wildness

My biggest fear about enrolling in CFT was that it would revolve around forced positivity. This program was nothing like that. It taught me to embrace my natural wildness and gave me the freedom to be me.

The most powerful aspect of this program was the fact that I was part of this circle of authentic people who were all on journeys of self-discovery. I found wholehearted acceptance here.

CFT takes you on the journey of the seeker. Ultimately, you find what you are seeking within yourself and then you support others to do the same. —Shalaka Kamat

Impact on family

My son said to me, “Since the coaching program, you are different. Previously you’d always give me your decision. Now you take into consideration what I want. You ask me about options, what I want and what I think.” My son and I have grown to be friends, not just father and son. —Shekhar Kulkarni

Working with my shadow opened up insights

This program is different from other coaching certifications in that CFT enables self transformation for the participant first before certifying them to support transformation in others! Even those participants who initially denied they need any self transformation, ended up transformed in their own way and were very grateful for that! When I worked with my shadow I opened up such insights that the door hasn't shut after that... more and more keep coming out of it! One of the biggest and valuable learnings has been to stay with the discomfort instead of undermining or blocking it. —Amritha Upadhyaya

My practice continues to thrive

I still have a monthly call with 5 of my classmates and my practice continues to thrive. I took on a new client today and my CFT blessings continue... Many many thanks! —Jen Frank

Most thorough in-depth course

The most powerful part is what I learned about myself and in turn could share as a coach. Of all the coaching programs I looked into, Coaching for Transformation was the most thorough, in depth course. I would highly recommend it to anyone. —Steven Creary

Would I be able to help people make real lasting change?

My biggest fear was that I wouldn’t be able to help people make real, lasting changes. From the first weekend class, I could feel myself transform. Experiencing such a power transformation early on fueled significant changes in my clients later in the program when I began working with them. I have developed a very different relationship to change. I used to push against change, wishing things could slow down. Now I see change as the only road to progress and growth and I enjoy helping others to find their own way of effecting change in their lives. I am very happy that I gave myself the gift of completing this program: It has changed my life and enabled me to collaborate with others to make the changes they want for theirs. —Cindy Lamar

Facing fears

Many participants were already coaching which added pressure because I didn’t like being in the bottom of the class. But I have much greater confidence now. The changes for me have been quite subterranean. I've lost my impostor syndrome, I've become kinder, and the pressure I put on myself to reach my goals has lost it's harsh edge. In addition to learning coaching skills, I came face to face with my fears and inhibitions, got answers for myself, and I’ve started treating myself with more care and understanding. —Eras Lodhi

Stripping away layers of self-doubt

How can I facilitate someone else’s transformation during one-hour conversations? What will I offer? Who am I to transform others?

I learned that before I could help others, I had to strip away layers of self-doubt, self-criticism, self-dislike, self-protection, and self judgment. But the CFT process was gentle—like searching through the petals of a rose flower to find my own centre and fragrance. Along the way, I learned how to create the space for my clients to find their own centre and uniqueness.

CFT is an invigorating experience. The program helps you realize that, as Dr. Seuss said, There is no one alive who is youer than you. Then it teaches you how to enable others on the journey of self discovery. —Rashmi Datt

Felt raw, exposed, uncomfortable

My initial attempt at coaching was a spectacular failure, as I couldn’t come up with a single sensible question for a client and I just stayed helplessly silent. It brought to light hidden insecurities and I felt raw, exposed and uncomfortable. I took a leap of faith and was rewarded by so many wonderful, life-altering experiences throughout the program. We were showered with countless moments of profound insight and illumination that led to empowerment and change. —Kasia Tychanska

Concerned it would be too much of a stretch

As a lawyer, an introvert and a skeptic, I was concerned that Coaching for Transformation would be too much of a stretch for me, and that I wouldn’t want or be able to complete the course. Instead, I found that both teachers and students accepted and welcomed all parts of me, and rather than having to contort my personality into something different, I could open up to new possibilities while still being myself. The program not only helped me be a better coach, supervisor, partner and friend, but really challenged me to look inside myself and decide how I want to live my life. The program is truly transformative: it’s helped me vastly expand my own possibilities, and helped me help my clients to do the same. —Daphne Eviatar

Opened my mind, my eyes, and my heart

I'm elated that I have a true path ahead of me that feeds into my authenticity. The potential that I never saw in myself has been revealed. I’ll never forget the Calling Out The Power class, where my coach brought out a side of me that I had kept hidden–locked away deep within. This birthed a new revelation of who I was and who I was hiding. More than just learning how to become a Life Coach, I found myself, discovered my voice, and gained a broader scope of what it means to be human. It opened my mind, my eyes, and my heart. —Justin Minichelli

Peer Coaching suprised me

Peer coaching was my favorite part. I was surprised with the depth of my being and how that could be an asset to support my clients. I was able to recreate my communication and my reality with my loved ones. My clients became empowered and humbled through our sessions. –Nuno Fernandes

Most challenging, uplifting and life-changing experience

I will treasure the journey of growth and healing and friendship for the rest of my life. The spirit in which the teachers bring the content to life is unique. The CFT program was the most challenging, uplifting and life-changing experience that I have ever had. —Rowena Zabrodsky

Tapping into sacred spaces

Coaching for Transformation taps into all the spaces—sacred spaces—aligning what our hearts long for with what our minds want. I have seen other programs that don't include this heart-centered approach and there is something untapped...something missing, as if sent into a labyrinth and forgetting to bring in the torch. This course reaches beyond setting goals and planning and developing new skills; it's about planting the seed of honoring the whole, struggling through and understanding the maya of our shadows and beliefs, and opening in expansive breath to the infinite possibilities of our light above! —Annette Diamantopoulos

Afraid of being bored

I have been a psychotherapist for several years, so I thought the program might be old stuff that I already knew, and I was afraid of being bored. But I learned many new modalities and discovered things about myself, which turned out to be a real bonus that I never expected. —Simone Lillian

Strong yet vulnerable

I was blown away by the vulnerability, caring, and generosity of the instructors. I wanted that authenticity. They opened up a whole new world for me. I was supposed to be strong and have all the answers. Now I am very, very strong, yet vulnerable. Every single class was rich. Life changing. Worth every penny and more. —Sarah Lightfoot

Releasing the pain of racism, sexism and microaggressions

I was motivated to be a part of people’s transformation. By the end of the course, I had changed a lot. I was more connected to myself, my body, and my learning. What sets this program apart from others is that it really taps into personal transformation that goes beyond goals and action plans. 

The work on diversity, power and privilege was central. The instructors created a safe space for me, as a Chicana, to release the painful experiences of sexism and racism. Even when I was being coached by white peers, I could safely tell my truth about how microaggressions regarding race impact me. That was the most powerful part of the course. —Maria Loya

Soul to soul connection

I discovered that the CFT model and its energy is aligned with Sufi practices, where soul to soul connection is established with deep compassion and love for transformation to realize ultimate spiritual consciousness while performing your vocational duties and living normal day to day life, irrespective of your religion, gender, race and customs. —Ulhas Supatkar

Taking risks is highly encouraged

The most powerful thing I learned is to listen more deeply, both to myself and my clients, so that I can coach from a vital place of flow and self-alignment. My personal transformation included increased self-compassion and fine-tuning my voice by accessing presence, intuition and love. CFT is a comprehensive, rigorous coaching program–taught in a collaborative group environment that is a profoundly focused. Taking risks is highly encouraged, as is creativity, intuition and humor. Failure is celebrated, along with ample opportunity to learn from and build on that failure. Caution: self-knowledge and growth are inevitable by-products should you commit to this program. —Robin Rea

I am a better parent, friend, sister and daughter

The best part of the course was getting to know myself. My coaches challenged me to evolve and manifest exactly who and how I want to be. I am a better parent, friend, sister and daughter because of this program. —Tarah Fleming

Harnessing intuition

This heart-centered program attracts a very diverse group. Over the course of 9 months, we bonded with people from various ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. I gained some wonderful new family members, and a fabulous business partner, too! I also found out that intuition is a great asset for coaching, and I learned how to harness mine.

The best part of CFT was the bonds that formed between me and many of my classmates. I gained some wonderful new family members and a fabulous business partner, too! —Cindy Gordon

Wasted investment or would I work with clients?

I initially wondered if CFT might be a wasted investment, that I’d do nothing with it, but I’m coaching many people. My passion is group coaching where we explore topics like self care, relationships, body image, values, and transforming judgment.Participants use writing as a vehicle for reflection and witness each other’s journey.

At first, I thought, I’m just a teacher and I didn’t know if I’d belong. But I stepped into the experience on the first day. We’re all people looking to be heard, looking to have impact.

The peer coaching process was deeply impactful. Vulnerable. Sacred. I became so aware, so in touch with who I am. A year after graduation, I still coach once a month with a peer.  Definitely transformative. CFT is a bridge to possibility. It’s a long program but there’s not one thing I would cut.

Get your website and business card ready, because you’re going to be ready to work with clients a lot faster than you think. —Suzie Bichovsky

Cultural clashing and openness, support of faculty

I got the confidence, and concrete skills for working with the real life & fresh issues of people, and I have expanded this to working with organizations, including one in Myanmar with 40 participants.

I got openness and encouragement to be myself, without any limitation, or judgment at all. I realized that I have a lot of body wisdom in me. I transformed myself by leapfrogging, both in terms of my inner and spiritual development and also my skill in working with clients.

Every time in dealing with the faculty and staff, I can feel the love, sense of respect, sensitivity for different cultures, and equality. The openness included the cultural diversity of learning styles. As people from Thailand, we can share our non-verbal and somatic learning style. It seemed like cultural clashing with the Indians who were operating in quite serious & intellectual discussion but things came out and we could support each other’s learning styles. By the end, we found Thai people were more active in discussions, while our Indian friends tended to be more relaxed and playful, using their body & heart wisdom and intuition quite a lot. This cannot happen without the openness and support of faculty to try many unthinkable possibilities.

This is an ideal learning community where you can feel loved, supported, respected, trusted, and encouraged to reveal fully your wings. —Chanchai Chaisukkosol

Good mix of theory and practice

Very important transformational course—it shifted me as an individual and a coach. The course is very rigorous, with lot of inbuilt challenges and support and a good mix of theory and practice. —Sanjyot Pethe

World-class coaches

I joined the program to acquire a new skill. What I got was that of course, but also something much deeper—a philosophy that creates harmony within me and enriches my relationships with people who are dear to me. I also really love the rigorous methodology, the teleclasses, the mentor sessions, the buddy coaching. I can feel the skills immersing deeper into me, every week. The icing on the cake—the amazing facilitators, authentic, loving and needless to say world-class coaches. —Amey Saxena

Completely transformed and living a better life

I changed substantially –I became more sensitive and willing to open up. Coaching around Soul purpose completely transformed me. The program provides you with pathways, tools and techniques but more importantly transforms you as a person and lets you live a better life. —Vithal Nayak

Amazing community

Being a part of the CFT program helped me to shape my entire approach to coaching and hone my coaching skills. The rigor of the process through teleclasses, practice and mentoring deepened knowledge and techniques and kept the learning alive. CFT has provided me with an amazing community of fellow coaches and friends who supported me through the journey and made it a joyous experience. —Nirupama Subramanian

Thriving practice

I still have a monthly call with 5 of my classmates and my practice continues to thrive. I took on a new client today and my CFT blessings continue... Many, many thanks! —Jen Frank

Hands-on experience

Ms. Shinkar knew she wanted more hands-on experience, and a more holistic/mind and body approach, as well as sessions that took place face-to-face... In the end, she chose Leadership that Works, which offers a Coaching for Transformation certificate and is accredited by the International Coach Foundation. —The New York Times (read the NYT article here)

Inspired by deep longing

I feel inspired. I got in touch with some of my own deep longings and needs, and was reveling in the questions that bring people to the experience of the energy and beauty of the need. —Jason Kelley

More willing to take risks

On a professional level, as a psychotherapist, this course has added a new dimension to how I practice, not only in using many of the new skills I've learned, but also in how I see my clients as whole and resourceful. On a personal level, I have my own sense of wholeness and most importantly more self-acceptance. I'm more open with myself, more willing to take risks to put myself out there, and very excited about that. —Sharon Taub

Bridging spiritual insights and relationships

The Coaching for Transformation program came into my life at a time when I needed to find a bridge between the deep spiritual insights that I’d honed over twenty years, and my relationships. CFT has a deep spiritual base, but it’s very practical and understandable, even in a world that may not be conversant in spirituality. Their practices bring heaven and earth together. Coaching gives everybody permission to be themselves. In the classroom, these miraculous tools expand my transparency, vulnerability, and love, which gives students permission to be human and authentic. —Laurie Carroll

Community of change agents

Coaching for Transformation was a major factor in self-discovery. I reinvented myself –empowered, free and transforming others. Part of the best year of my life...so far. CFT introduced a new community of empowered and impactful people who are agents of positive change. The friendships I developed are priceless. —Michael Palumbo

Tool for generational healing

Coaching for Transformation taught me skills to create a shared sense of ownership in our community. I am seen as a stronger leader and a better person in my work. Coaching is a radical form of de-colonization where people become whole, recognize their uniqueness, and trust their divine knowing about their community needs. This is especially useful when multiple generations have experienced trauma, oppression and subjugation. Coaching for Transformation is the tool for generational healing. —Sophia Kizilbash

Impact is magical

I help young women in leadership roles step into their power. Shifting from consulting to coaching, my clients are taking ownership in their decisions. The impact of Coaching for Transformation on me personally is magical—the quality of my life and relationships has improved because I’m letting in love and learning. —Dara Silverman

Appreciation of the client's knowledge and resourcefulness

The Coaching for Transformation course has greatly increased the number of tools and approaches I can employ in conjunction with an empathic presence to support a client's dreams and goals. I especially value the respect and appreciation of the client's knowledge and resourcefulness that I see as foundational to the CFT approach to coaching and the impact that embracing this appreciation has on the client's skills and self-trust. —Jane Connor

Powerful personal transformation

I highly recommend The Coaching for Transformation program. My coaching practice has greatly improved. My peers have offered me feedback, appreciating the combination of these skills and the powerful personal transformations they can facilitate. —Wendy McDonnell

Expanding access to coaching across cultures

An investment in the Coaching for Transformation program was a great decision. It was exactly what I needed to grow into my potential as a person and as a leader. The program was joyful, challenging, rigorous and dynamic all at the same time. Along the journey, I had a dynamic learning community that I had been dreaming of for a long time. The teachers are masters and were fully invested in our growth and the transformative power that coaching has for the world. In the landscape of coaching programs, the CFT focus on expanding access to coaching across cultures is a rare gem and growing movement that is deeply needed for our communities. —Sophia Kizilbash

Working so deeply

One of the best things about the course is that to be a coach, you go through the practice coaching as well as the practice of being coached. You also self-coach as the skills become a part of you. This more than anything else convinced me of the quality of coaches CFT creates. You can actually see the process come alive and work so deeply in your own life! It allows me the contentment of knowing that as a coach I really contribute to anybody I work with on their journey towards living a life they love. —Mira Shah

Lovingly held, nurtured, and challenged by the community

I love the balance of spontaneity and planning, structure and creativity. I have always felt very lovingly held and nurtured by the CFT community and its trainers and also challenged to go beyond my comfort zone. Another thing I really appreciate is that CFT not only teaches about the heart of coaching but also the business of coaching. This program is such a sweet balance between opposites. —Ruchika Shukla

Successful business and fulfillment of deepest yearning

Because of the program, I was able to integrate instinct, intuition, and life experience with powerful skills and heightened awareness of the way the human heart unfolds to become an excellent coach. Today, I have a thriving practice and work in precisely the way I had hoped...a mix of phone and in-person sessions with some heavy days and some lighter days. It's a successful business and, more important, the fulfillment of my own deepest yearning.

At Reboot, the DNA of Coaching for Transformation is in everything we do. With 4 founders and 16 coaches, we offer boot camps for CEOs in San Francisco, Boulder, New York and Europe. Our on-line facilitated peer groups and 360 performance review process are all infused with radical self inquiry and pragmatic skills for enhanced leadership and greater resiliency. —Jerry Colonna

Heart-centered learning community

Since spending a year with Coaching for Transformation I feel that my work with clients is more dynamic and action oriented, while I am still able to be me (warm, loving, patient, supportive) –so these skills that have been refined during this training are now organically in my repertoire. This course will change your life! If you want to learn concrete skills, find out about the business of coaching and leadership and are attracted to a heart-centered learning community this is the place for you. Coaching for Transformation will help YOU to transform into your most powerful, centered self, and assist you in connecting with your purpose in the world. —Valerie Mercedes Bell

Negotiating power struggles

Coaching helped me create positive ways to discuss the issues of discipline, finances and family dynamics with my partner. We now have very real and effective tools to keep us on track as a family. On a professional level, I am marketing director for a large family business. My coach has helped me be more of an advocate for myself as I negotiate my way through the power struggles inherent in a second generation family business. Thanks to a fabulous and very talented coach, I have made great strides in meeting my goals to live life on a happier, more centered and self actualized path. —Alison A. Banks

Intuitive depth and sensitivity

I have made more headway in truly knowing myself, who I am, of what I’m capable, and what I care most about in life than I imagined possible. If there’s a single thing that has had the most impact on me, it is the intuitive depth and sensitivity my coach brings to the process. —Arthur Shirk

Promotion and a sizable raise

My goal was to receive a promotion and a sizable raise. At first, I thought this was a pie in the sky goal. I am happy to report that I got the promotion and the raise within three months of coaching and concentrated effort. Along the way, I became a stronger person and learned how powerful focused intentions can be. —Gretchen Sunderland

Relationships are my lifeblood

By listening more attentively to feelings and what is underneath, this gives me MUCH deeper connection with myself and others—relationships are my lifeblood, so this tool and philosophy of nonviolent communication is precious. —Morgaine Beck

Life changing for every single person

Coaching for Transformation has changed my life. I have learned so much about me for my very first time ever. I love the impact coaching has on my fellow classmates –it was life changing for every single person in the class. Even if you do not plan on becoming a coach, using life coaching is a powerful process that will help you in life. —Jane Hennessy

Openness, intensity and deep connection

There were many moving, soulful elements of Coaching for Transformation that I will carry with me for years to come. The way you brought us together, your willingness to do the work with us and the pace of the class really worked for me. Thanks for your openness, intensity and deep connection to the material and your teaching. Words can't express the transformation in all of us by coming together this past year. —Lauree Ostrofsky

Turned my life upside down

This course has turned my life upside down–but I find myself standing on my feet. Now I wonder what I was doing before. —Christopher King

Old blocks disappear and transform

My coach listens and takes threads of what is said and synthesizes them into astute questions that help me reformulate the issues. Old blocks disappear and even transform with this insightful guidance. Another strength is the ability to inspire. I find greater meaning in my choices and am pointed toward practical ways to move my inspiration forward. —Marjorie Herman

Produced more income than all the others

In my mid-40s I changed careers and began working for a placement firm in information technology. Despite a formal mentoring program, my initial evaluations were less than stellar. My coach was there for me 1000% during this transition and within 9 months, I produced more income than all the other new recruiters in the region. —Michael Slom

Partnered in an unconditional way

At the millennium edge, it is not a luxury—it is a necessity—to be partnered in an unconditional way. Coaching is the only way I know of to get that kind of support. My coach’s insights are laser-sharp, yet gentle. She delivers the hard truth with her full humanity. Coaching helps me organize my mind and think through which steps to take so that I can proceed with clarity. —Nancy Lubin

Look at the big picture and think about my impact

What I love about my coach is her tremendous capacity to create safety and trust and her belief in me and the dreams I want to manifest. Coaching helps me step up to the plate and has transformed my life. In our coaching sessions, all of me can show up—not only the polished part. She's straight with me, calls me forth, lifts me up and helps me remember my magnificence. Coaching is powerful, helps me look at the big picture and think about my impact, so that I can go from wish to reality. —Maude Sterling

Mentoring was particularly intense

The program was authentic, filled with people invested in transformation. Being coached for 9 months slowly peeled away layers that exposed my true Self. The individual mentoring was particularly intense and really was the final key to awakening. —Liza Pullman

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