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In response to COVID-19, in-person classes are currently being delivered virtually via Zoom. See individual courses for details.

For positive energy and resources for coaches, visit our Coaching Collective.

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Coaching for Transformation™ Programs

Becoming a coach is an exciting, transformational journey. 

You'll learn to integrate the heart and mystery of transformation with the practical world of tools, skills and results.

All our programs are highly experiential, packed with activities, demonstrations and plenty of practice.

These programs are for you if you want to try an introduction to coaching, become a certified coach, or expand your mastery as a coach. 

Four ways to ramp up your game:

Begin Now with a Free Introductory Session

Get a Jump Start with Core Coaching Skills

Become a Certified Coach

Deepen Your Coaching with Advanced Courses

Become a Certified Coach

Our 9-month course, Coaching for Transformation™, is an International Coach Federation accredited coach training program. After successful completion, you become a Certified Professional Coach.

You can take this course by distance learning or in person. Join us in New York, Los Angeles, Mumbai, or take the distance learning course from wherever you are.

Program Details

  • 140 class hours
  • 10 mentor hours
  • 40-100 practice coaching hours
  • Weekly online discussions
  • Oral and written assessments

Choose the 9-month program with 12 days of classroom training plus weekly teleclasses, or the distance learning program that covers the same ground with teleclasses twice a week.

Who Should Attend

Coaching for Transformation is for people serious about doing life-changing work. You can use coaching to enhance your existing career or practice, or launch a business as a transformational coach.

While coaching skills are a natural extension of many professions, such as therapy, management, or consulting, our students come from varied backgrounds—social justice, business, nonprofit, health care, education, ministry, law and beyond.


Coaching for Transformation is a dynamic learning process that prepares you to become a professional coach. You learn 24 coaching skills, 3 levels of listening and 5 pathways to alignment. The program is built on the following curriculum modules:

  • Coaching Skills
  • Exploring Needs and Values
  • Culturally Aware Coaching
  • Expanding the View
  • Experiencing the Moment
  • Vision and Strategy
  • Embracing the Shadow
  • Calling out the Client’s Power
  • The Business of Coaching
  • Soul and Spirit
  • Celebration and Completion

    To find a course that's convenient for you, check out the  Coaching for Transformation programs. You can also find 9 Reasons People Choose Coaching for Transformation.

    Begin Now with a Free Introductory Session

    Our most popular course, The Power of Coaching, is a the perfect place to start. You will get to experience the power of coaching for yourself. Whether you choose the 90-minute teleclass or the 2-hour in-person version, you'll get to:

      • Listen to a live coaching demonstration
      • Learn the art of asking empowering questions
      • Practice real-life, hands-on coaching
      • Find out if becoming a certified coach is right for you
      • Take away powerful skills that you can use at home and at work

      Choose the day, the time and the place that's easiest for you by going to the free Power of Coaching options.

      Get a Jump Start with Core Coaching Skills

      Immerse yourself in Coaching Essentials, where you can learn powerful coaching skills that you can immediately put into practice. With these core coaching skills, you can discover people's unique gifts and strengths as you help them open up to new possibilities.

      You get to observe coaching demonstrations and do plenty of practice coaching. As you deepen your listening skills and ask empowering questions, you support clients in expanding what is possible before taking action.

      Coaching Essentials is an ideal choice if you want to learn coaching skills right away, and you can always take the full certification course later. The course flows directly into the certification program, whether it's distance learning or the in-person Coaching for Transformation. Whether you take Coaching Essentials as a stand-alone course or as a precursor to certification, you can renew your confidence as a change agent when you invite people to take action that reflects their power, creativity and authenticity.

      Choose from several options. The distance learning program offers 8 teleclasses in 4 weeks. Or join us in person for two days of skill building. Find options near you for Coaching Essentials.

      Deepen Your Coaching with Advanced Courses

      We love working with life-long learners who are looking for new ways to serve clients. Our faculty stay on the cutting edge trends in the field of coaching, so there's always something new to learn. 

      Advanced programs include:

      • Advanced Mentoring for Coaches
      • Leadership that Works Conference
      • FREE quarterly teleclasses for Coaching for Transformation graduates

      Advanced courses are for certified coaches only. Whether you've been a coach for years or just got certified, our advanced courses help you expand your capacity as a coach.

      Check out our current Advanced Courses.

      Learn more

      Coaching courses are also available for your organization.

      Get answers to Frequently Asked Questions or see what Graduates are Saying about the Results!

      One of the best ways to get to know us is to attend a free introductory session. The monthly Power of Coaching calls give you a chance to experience transformational coaching and learn new skills that you can apply right away. Register now.
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