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Coaching for Transformation™

ACTP Logo2Making a Difference... While Doing What You Love

Picture yourself in a thriving career: helping people transform their lives, their careers, and the world around them.

Become a Certified Professional Coach through our coach training program, and you can help your clients overcome obstacles and create lasting change.

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What is Coaching for Transformation™?

Accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), this coach training program gives you the skills you need to become a world-class coach, a successful business owner, or an influential leader in your organization.

  • We’ve taught coaching skills to more than 8,000 everyday (and extraordinary) leaders in 30 countries.
  • Our Coaching for Transformation program has been covered by the New York Times.
  • 90% of our students attract paying clients before they graduate.

Coaching is a Calling… Is it Calling You?

  • Do you want to create the life you love—and the world you want to live in?
  • Do you enjoy helping others awaken to their full potential?
  • Are you seeking a flexible work schedule with financial freedom?
  • Do you want to empower people to create compassionate families, communities and organizations where everyone thrives?
  • Are you committed to social change and want to support successful initiatives?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, you may have found your calling already: to become a Certified Professional Coach. To answer the call, you need creative, cutting-edge ways to empower people. Coaching for Transformation gives you the tools to inspire your clients and facilitate real, lasting change.

Is Our Coach Training School Right for You?

How do you know which coach training school is right for you?

Our Coaching for Transformation™ curriculum is the highest quality in the business. It’s based on 20 years of research and experience and field-tested by some of the most successful coaches in the world.

What makes Coaching for Transformation™ unique? We’re the only coach certification program that emphasizes cultural awareness and social change. Our graduates coach people to make the kind of changes that the world needs now. Our clients work on some of the most pressing issues of our time.

We also take a holistic approach to coaching. Coaching for Transformation™ goes beyond theories and models and trains you how to work with clients on a deeper level. You learn how to coach the whole person: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Coaching for Transformation Program Provides:

  • Real-World Coach Training
  • Personalized Mentoring
  • Diversity & Cultural Awareness
  • Whole Person Transformation
  • Heart-Centered Business Development
  • Faculty Who Keep It Real
  • Supportive Learning Community
  • Deep Healing & Heart Connection
  • Self-Discovery & Social Change

Learn More about What Makes Coaching for Transformation Unique!

Coaching for Transformation™ is…


  • 140 classroom hours
  • 40 practice coaching hours
  • Business development curriculum so you attract clients before you graduate


  • Flexible learning options through In-Person and Distance Learning programs
  • Teleclasses and online discussions about many coaching specialties
  • Individualized skill development with rigorous feedback


  • One-on-one peer coaching
  • Individual and group mentoring
  • Unlimited access to a resource-rich online classroom

Explore Our Curriculum

The 5 pathways to alignment support deep transformation:

  1. Exploring Needs and Values – Help your clients become conscious of their underlying needs so that their core values snap into focus. This awareness provides a blueprint for making decisions. When clients become aware of what motivates them, they create energized, values-driven action plans.
  2. Experiencing the Moment – Whether they are facing daunting obstacles or cool opportunities, invite your clients to experience the present moment. As they honor the intuitive wisdom of their bodies, explore their emotions, and embrace resistance, they can connect with their authenticity and life force before moving into action.
  3. Expanding the View – When your clients hold limiting beliefs, you can help them explore and embody a wide range of viewpoints. This playful approach helps clients release disempowering viewpoints and embrace new possibilities – and new ways of being.
  4. Envisioning the Future – Discover new methods of visioning that help your clients awaken. Learn how to open new possibilities by engaging the right brain, visualizing, and creating a more compelling future.
  5. Embracing the Shadow – Explore multiple parts of the psyche and embrace their positive intent. Working with your clients’ inner world inspires them to honor all of who they are—and connect to the deep reservoir of wisdom known as the Self.

    Each Module is Highly Experiential with Powerful Feedback

    Beyond the 5 pathways, additional modules cover:

    • Welcome to Coaching – Explore 3 levels of listening to help clients connect to their passion. Embody the 5 principles of coaching to honor your client's innate wisdom.
    • Skills: The Coaches Palette – Experiment widely to learn the nuances of 23 coaching skills and when to apply them.
    • Culturally Aware Coaching – Deepen your awareness of power, privilege, and culture so that you can easily coach people from any culture or background.
    • Calling out the Power – Learn bold coaching methods to help your clients get unstuck and awaken to their full power. Find out how this requires you to step out of your comfort zone—as you ask your clients to do the same.
    • The Business of Coaching – Identify, design, and launch the coaching practice that is right for you. You’ll learn the nuances of starting a coaching business, marketing, pricing, and attracting clients—so your practice becomes sustainable.
    • Soul and Spirit – Explore the realms of soul and spirit, their relationship to coaching, and help spiritually-oriented clients deepen their connection to those realms. You'll also learn to coach secular clients as you develop your intuition and explore life purpose.
    • Celebration and Completion – Integrate your learning, celebrate your journey and your graduation as a Certified Professional Coach!

    Program Components

    In this highly experiential learning environment, you will participate in:

    • 140 class hours
    • 10 mentor hours
    • 40-100 practice coaching hours
    • Weekly online discussions
    • Oral and written assessments

    You will also get 6 hours of coaching by a CFT coach of your choice (not included in tuition).

    As a Certified Professional Coach, from an International Coach Federation accredited school, you will be well-prepared to launch your career as a coach. Or you can become an internal coach in your organization or use coaching to take your leadership to the next level.

    What Graduates Are Saying 

    This program is for people who want to deeply, powerfully and profoundly understand who they are, and guide clients through transformation to their own truth, power and joy. —Kristen Staffaroni

    The CFT program was the most challenging, uplifting and life-changing experience that I have ever had. —Rowena Zabrodsky

    The biggest return on investment of the program is that my organization has less interpersonal conflict and less friction between departments. The biggest tangible impact is that I’m not stressed, so I can focus on what’s next. This gets me more business–so the impact is organization-wide.—Shekhar Kulkarni

    Coaching for Transformation™ was one of the most transformational trainings I’ve taken, and I have attended many self-growth programs. The program is unique because it works on the mind, body, and soul levels. —Yvette M. Pennacchia

    My CFT experience was awesome! Definitely life-changing for me. During the program, I had the opportunity to be coached by some wonderful colleagues, coach multiple clients who have already reached their goals: a new job, a career change. They are moving forward positively in their lives. I also got exposure to some extraordinary people who have chosen to make coaching their life's work. —Janie L. Payne

    Best decision I ever made! The most powerful aspects of CFT are the strong, deliberate framework; the high-quality instructors; and the program’s emphasis on power, privilege, identity, race, and gender in the curriculum. —Stacey Strongarone

    I see and navigate the world differently. My reality has changed and I feel a collective responsibility for everyone's growth and development. Everyone. I am keenly aware of our interconnection and that we are building the capacity for all people to live more whole and vibrant lives. That's powerful.—Michael Wise


    You have options! No matter where you live, you can become a certified coach through distance learning. Or join the in-person coach certification program in:

    • New York, NY
    • Rhinebeck, NY
    • Los Angeles, CA
    • Bay Area, CA
    • Mumbai, India

    Need More Information?

    You can explore our CFT courses, read some Frequently Asked Questions, and find out about our coach certification program’s impact on graduates and clients. Or if you’re ready to register right now, you can find all our Coaching Certification training programs right here.

    Take a FREE Intro Class!

    The best way to get a real sense of Coaching for Transformation™ is to take a free introductory class. During a 90-minute Power of Coaching class, you will:

    • Learn about our holistic approach to coaching
    • Take away 3 coaching skills that will instantly impact your conversations
    • Listen to a live coaching session with a seasoned coach trainer
    • Practice real-life, hands-on coaching on the call
    • Find out what makes Leadership that Work’s programs so unique

    You can also ask any questions you like about coaching or our programs. During the call, you will receive a special offer to further explore if the Coaching for Transformation™ program is right for you.

    The Power of Coaching class gives you a taste of Coaching for Transformation™, so you can see why people from over 30 countries take our trainings—and rave about them.

    Check out our Coaching Courses; get answers to Frequently Asked Questions or see what Graduates are Saying about the Results!

    You can join our distance learning programs from anywhere in the world.

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