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The Coach Directory connects you to the Coaching for Transformation network of coaches.

Our graduates are an inspiration to us! Amazing individuals with gifts and talents so generously shared with others, we are awed by their passion to make a difference in the world and their courage to go beyond what is. Our graduates use their coaching skills in a variety of settings - they coach executives, nonprofit leaders, families and teens. From corporations to prisons, they skillfully coach others to stretch beyond self-limiting beliefs and fully embrace life.

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355 Public and 748 Private Records Found
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Rebecca Aced-Molina  
Rebecca’s coaching will support you to develop the courage, commitment, and clarity to step in fully ...  
Alameda, CA United States
Kena Acuna  
Over the course of her career, Kena Acuna has started and led a number of programs and organization ...  
New York, NY United States
Dena Adriance  
Falls Church, VA United States
Encarny Aguado-Amsems  
“I will change your life” I am passionate about coaching and can guarantee that you will experienc ...  
San Rafael, CA United States
Lisa Ahn  
Lisa Ahn is an organizational development consultant and leadership coach based in the Bay Area. Sh ...  
Oakland, CA United States
Rochelle Aliotta  
I am a 60 year old woman who was born and raised in new York city, have 2 daughters in their 20's an ...  
New York, NY United States
Prentiss Alter  
Prentiss Alter brings to coaching over 15 years of experience supporting personal and spiritual grow ...  
New York, NY United States
Josefina Aquino  
Josefina (Josie) Aquino is a strategic thinker, collaborative partner, and enthusiastic coach that b ...  
Commack, NY United States
Jessica Aranda  
Albuquerque, United States
CarmenLeah Ascencio  
CarmenLeah Ascencio, LICSW, MPH, CPC, RYT, is a public health social worker, therapist, radical life ...  
Jamaica Plain, MA United States
Motti Attia  
In my 25 years of working with international businesses, I helped them grow and expand into new geog ...  
(303) 809-4510
Karine Audeguy  
Karine Audeguy, Dipl. Eng., has been a coach and trainer since 2011. She has supported people experi ...  
Kaiserslautern, . Germany
Anne Auerbach  
Brookline, MA United States
Brenda Aviles  
"To teach is to guide” Brenda Aviles has been guiding, empowering, and transforming the lives of o ...  
Brooklyn, NY United States
Jenn Awa  
Dragonflies symbolize transformation, much like coaching with Jenn illuminates the path to transform ...  
Oakland, CA United States
Sheila Azad  
Executive Coach for lawyers and other professionals. I bring to coaching my years of study in s ...  
new york, NY United States
Damon Azali-Rojas  
"There must have been over 1,000 black and brown fists pumping in the air chanting: 'On the move! On ...  
Altadena, CA United States
Michael Badger  
“I build networks for social change. Working as a facilitator and large-scale community organizer, I ...  
New York, NY United States
Anitha Balaraj  
Anitha works with Millenial clients as a Career & Life Coach on new age challenges. A part of it inv ...  
Chennai, Tamil Nadu India
Roberto Baron  
I have worked in the corporate world for over 30 years. While I love supporting business talent dev ...  
Garden City, NY United States
Joanna Berendt  
NVC based leadership and communication style that helps to create efficient, innovative organization ...  
Warsaw, Mazowieckie Poland
Amanda Berger  
Amanda Berger, CPC brings twenty-five years of social justice experience to her coaching practice. A ...  
Berkeley, CA United States
(510) 599-8188
Amanda Berlin  
I graduated from Coaching for Transformation and am a certified professional coach. However, I credi ...  
New York, NY United States
Vikram Bhatt  
Vikram has consulted with organizations in many industries and countries, engaging extensively in le ...  
mumbai, . India
Suzie Bichovsky  
Welcome to Coachucation™ with Suzie! I’m a Burnout Prevention Strategist and a Yoga Teacher. I focus ...  
Fogelsville, PA United States
Beatriz Blanco  
Fairfield, CT United States
Jena Booher  
Jena specializes in mental health for moms and has a special focus for women suffering from miscarri ...  
, United States
Laura Brewer  
Speaker, writer, and believer that BEing in love is the most radical form of resistance and liberati ...  
Los Angeles, CA United States
Aubreebrowncoaching@gmail.com Brown  
Aubree is an insightful, open-hearted and intuitive coach who excels (and delights!) in helping her ...  
Boulder, CO United States
Charlie Brown  
As a coach, I act as a mirror giving acknowledgement to who you are and what you want to experience. ...  
New York, NY United States
Kourtnee Brown  
What will you grant yourself grace for? As women, we are accustomed to supporting, loving, and u ...  
Franklin Park, NJ United States
Leslie Brown  
“I have never been afraid of the dark and I am growing in my awareness that I was sent here to be a ...  
Oakland, CA United States
Sharon Brown  
Sharon Y. Brown, MS, PCC As a catalyst for personal, organizational and community transformation, ...  
Verona, NJ United States
Shirley Brown  
Shirley is passionate about your success in having life be a reflection of what matters most, what y ...  
Trumansburg, NY United States
beth bucheister  
Helping others and assisting them in finding what they need most has always been her most effective ...  
Oyster Bay, NY United States
Kori Burkholder  
Kori is a Professional Life & Career Coach trained through Coaching for Transformation, ICF accredit ...  
New York, NY United States
Liz Busch  
Hi, I’m Liz. Certified Professional Life Coach and Professional Great Story Coach. I’m deeply fa ...  
Auckland, New Zealand
Rhonda Calderon  
Des Moines, IA United States
Karen Carlucci  
As a Certified Professional Coach, I’m passionate about facilitating the process of professional re ...  
New York, NY United States
Lawrence Carroll  
"My journey of re-discovery has been one of opening my eyes, my mind and especially my heart. Choosi ...  
Lenox, MA United States
Joanna Y Chan  
I'll give you practical life tools that will give you the courage and confidence to live the life yo ...  
NEW YORK, NY United States
Joanne Chen  
Are you feeling overwhelmed by the need for perfection? Have you sacrificed your passions and self- ...  
SAN DIEGO, CA United States
Jasmine Chess  
Jasmine views coaching and helping each client as an extension of her life’s purpose. Though her pro ...  
PHOENICIA, NY United States
Kristi, (she/her/hers,) specializes in coaching people seeking to connect to their purpose and power ...  
BOZEMAN, MT United States
Pailin Chirachaisakul  
I have been in my inner journey since 2009 through Non-Violence Communication (NVC), Dialogue, Voice ...  
Saimai, Bangkok Thailand
Rosita Choy  
I coach people in nonprofits to find personal sustainability with their mission-driven work. I help ...  
Washington, DC United States
Eric Chung  
As a Certified Professional Coach and student of Applied Positive Psychology, I combine personalized ...  
Mount Vernon, NY United States
Helen Churko  
Helen M. Churko - Business Executive, & Life Coach My life, like most others, is a mix of opport ...  
New York, NY United States
Leah Clark  
Leah Clark works alongside her clients leading them down a path toward clarity about who they are an ...  
Spring Lake Heights, NJ United States
Nancy Coco  
“All the windows of my heart I open to this day.” Whittier’s quote has been a touchstone for me thro ...  
Wind Gap, PA United States
Maayan Cohen  
Ma’ayan is a transformational life coach, consultant, speaker, and writer, specializing in Applied P ...  
Calabasas, CA United States
Emma Collins  
‘I am passionate about contributing to peace and supporting personal transformation, believing stron ...  
Portsmouth, Vaud Switzerland
Geraldine Conkling  
Geraldine, inner balance coach, "emotions@motion" developed her expertise in emotional unblocking an ...  
CDMX, DF Mexico
Paige Continentino  
EXPERIENCE YOUR INNER AWAKENING... Discover your PASSION and PURPOSE, create BALANCE and achieve ...  
Tallahassee, FL United States
Jessie Cordova  
Jessie specializes in helping people heal. Through healing, people can find inner peace- the ultimat ...  
Brooklyn, NY United States
Eric Couillard  
Previously I worked at Google developing and facilitating personal development and wellness workshop ...  
Plymouth, MI United States
Tiffany Curtis  
Tiffany Curtis is a love-led transformation coach, justice facilitator and curriculum designer based ...  
Brooklyn, NY United States
Beckydale917@gmail.com Dale  
Passionate about emergence and interconnectedness. All of our wellbeing is tied together - no one is ...  
Saint Paul, MN United States
Anne Deane  
I work with leaders (and emerging leaders) who want support to find their best selves so they can bu ...  
Drummoyne, New South Wales Australia
Kathleen DeFouw  
I work with individuals who are seeking to create a better life for themselves. My coaching philoso ...  
New York, NY United States
Sharon Delugach  
Los Angeles, CA United States
Sharmila Dennis  
After being in the advertising business for almost 2 decades, a personal quest to be able to do the ...  
Pune, LA India
Emilah Dawn DeToro  
Emilah Dawn DeToro coaches, teaches and empowers women (and a few men) to engage their intuition, pu ...  
Albuquerque,NM, New MX United States
Sarah Diamant  
I come from an international background and have lived in Africa, Europe, and North America. I mak ...  
New York, NY United States
Annette Diamantopoulos  
Namaste! I am "you" - all the frustrations, pains, joys and accomplishments that have unfolded to c ...  
CRANFORD, NJ United States
Adriana Díaz  
I was born in the San Francisco Bay Area into a Spanish/English speaking family. In keeping with the ...  
Oakland, CA United States
Liza Dickinson  
Liza loves the honor of creating space for others. She revels in every life experience, emotion and ...  
Brooklyn, NY United States
Rashmi Dixit  
Rashmii Dixit is a avid writer, poetess and a painter. Rashmii started her career in 1999 with Colga ...  
Bangalore, Karnataka India
Adrienne Dornbusch  
My longtime experience as a yoga teacher and bodyworker has profoundly informed the holistic approac ...  
New York, NY United States
Paula Douer  
, United States
Wendy Dukes  
CPC - Leadership That Works, Coaching for Transformation (2015). Career coaching, career ascension, ...  
Lafayette, IN United States
Beatrix Eder  
Beatrix is a transformational coach specializing on leadership development and individual transforma ...  
Singapore, Singapore Singapore
Kawtar El Alaoui  
Imagine releasing the pain from your darkest moments, unwrapping its precious gifts and creating pea ...  
Ottawa, ON Canada
DJ Eldon  
My coaching comes from a deep desire to help people live the lives they really want, now – not in so ...  
Santa Monica, NY United States
Laura Elmore  
Nature and Mindfulness-Focused Certified Life Coach Offering Coaching and Ecotherapy Programs: I ...  
Portland, OR United States
Nadine Elsasser  
Soul Midwife, Medium, Certified Professional Coach Originally from Australia, I spent my early tw ...  
New York, NY United States
Bart Erbach  
Bart Erbach is a professional and personal coach with 25 years experience as a CEO and consultant. ...  
Jersey City, NJ United States
William SCOTT Erickson  
I am an Introvert helping Extroverts relate to their Universe within. Middle child, born and rais ...  
East Dorset, VT United States
Arthur Esquibel  
Albuquerque, United States
Daphne Eviatar  
In addition to my work as a professional coach, I'm a lawyer and a writer, and have worked in both t ...  
Brooklyn, NY United States
Aurora Farrington  
Aurora Tapia Farrington, Certified Professional Coach is the President of Guiding Light Coaching and ...  
Valley Stream, NY United States
Elena Feliz  
Elena Feliz is an Organization Development (OD) Consultant and Certified Coach. Her expertise inclu ...  
Woodside, NY United States
Nicola Fernandes  
Nicola (Chiti Kundalini) is a Certified Professional Coach and Shaman as well as a wife and a moth ...  
New York, NY United States
Steven Filante  
“Work is the fun I get paid for. I have such fun coaching and training coaches. Being able to create ...  
Towanda, PA United States
(570) 265-5658
Julia Firestone  
Los Angeles, CA United States
Karen Florence  
Karen Florence is a Certified Professional Coach and founder of Tabula Rasa Coaching, a coaching fir ...  
Philadelphia, PA United States
Patrice Ford Lyn  
My Professional Background: I have been working in strategic planning and organizational development ...  
Washington, DC United States
Ben Forsyth  
Ben currently serves as an Organizational Development Specialist in his organization supporting lead ...  
Winchester, KY United States
Kim Fowler  
Kim Fowler, PCC, CPCC, ORSCC loves working with individuals, partnerships and teams who are ready to ...  
OAKLAND, CA United States
Tricia Fox  
Riverside, CA United States
355 Public and 748 Private Records Found
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