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Name Adriana Díaz
Address 5053 Pierpoint Ave.
Oakland, CA
United States
Home Phone
Home Phone (510) 530-4182
Business Title
Business Title Life and Leadership Coach
Business Name
Business Name Your Creative Life Coach
Business Email
Business Email adriana@yourcreativelifecoach.com
Business Phone
Business Phone (510) 530-4182
Business Address
Business Address P.O. Box 27423
Oakland, CA 94602
United States
Business Website
Business Website
Coaching Specialties
Coaching Specialties
  • Organization Coaching: Nonprofit
  • Organization Coaching: Education
  • Professional Coaching: Art/Music
Biography I was born in the San Francisco Bay Area into a Spanish/English speaking family. In keeping with the tradition of most Latino families, I stayed close to home to get my education. I got my undergrad degree in Art from (now-named) Cal State Univ. East Bay, Hayward, Calif. I got my Master's Degree in Culture and Spirituality at Holy Names University in Oakland, Calif.
I have a long history as a teacher, first teaching in the elementary grades, then high school, and eventually I was an adjunct professor at numerous Bay Area universities. My work teaching creativity and spirituality has taken me to many foreign lands. I love to travel.
Throughout my life I have maintained a commitment to the creative process. I am an exhibiting painter, and a published writer. I am also an avid dancer. While I love many different forms of dance Argentine Tango is an ongoing spiritual part of my life. I have studied the dance with great concentration, and was fortunate to even win a statewide contest in 2000: we won a free round trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina, a city that holds a very special place in my heart.
I did my first studies as a life coach at the Coaches Training Institute, finishing the basic 116 hours in 2001. In January of 2012 I completed studies and certification from the Coaching for Transformation program. I love coaching because it allows me to bring my whole self, the entire range of my experience into the service of the client. Even the heartfelt dimensions of tango inform my coaching. It is a profession that rewards both the client and the provider.
Coaching Format
Coaching Format
  • In-person
  • Telephone
  • Skype
Fee Range
Fee Range
  • $250 - $500 per month

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