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Name Damon Azali-Rojas
Address 524 Mountain View St
Altadena, CA
United States
Home Phone
Home Phone (323) 309-7988
Mobile Phone
Mobile Phone (323) 309-7988
Business Title
Business Title Principal
Business Name
Business Name Destiny Coaching & Consulting
Business Email
Business Email damon.duala@gmail.com
Business Phone
Business Phone (323) 309-7988
Business Address
Business Address Los Angeles, CA 90037
United States
Business Website
Business Website
Coaching Specialties
Coaching Specialties
  • Organization Coaching: Nonprofit
  • Organization Coaching: Executive Director
  • Professional Coaching: Clergy
  • Professional Coaching: Other
  • Life Coaching: Family
  • Life Coaching: Parenting
  • Life Coaching: Other
  • Life Coaching: Women in the Workplace
  • Organization Coaching: Project Managers
Biography "There must have been over 1,000 black and brown fists pumping in the air chanting: 'On the move! On the move! On the move!' I had just stepped into the opening plenary of the Critical Resistance Conference: Beyond the Prison Industrial Complex. I only stayed four hours but couldn't manage to talk for the rest of the day until the answer hit me: I need to learn how to organize."

Like you, Damon wants to live in a world where people have more freedom of movement across borders than goods do; where genocide, occupation and sex trafficking are words barred to history books (yes, there would still be books); and transformative justice would be a universally respected human right.

For over 20 years, his work has supported the leadership and political development of working class youth all the way to elders in their nineties. As a Professional Certified Coach and Racial Justice Organizer he encourages clients to not hide, but embrace their cultural background, their political analysis, and their spiritual practices. From this perfect acceptance, clients find out-of-the-box solutions to the challenges of leading organizations and building movements.

Damon's social justice work includes winning radical truancy ticket reform and police accountability in LA public high schools and supporting veteran and emerging leaders in the domestic violence field in California.

When he's not coaching or designing leadership development curriculum, you can find him under a tree somewhere studying to be a more proficient Ifa priest—Ifa is the traditional spiritual practice of the Yoruba peoples in Nigeria.

In addition, Damon builds the capacity of social justice organizations nationally as faculty with Leadership That Works where he trains facilitators and coaches; as a RoadMap affiliate; and as a Coaching for Justice core coach. Damon coaches worldwide, but lives in his native South Los Angeles with his wife Cynthia and sons Maceo and Fasola who are lively characters, to say the least.
Coaching Format
Coaching Format
  • Phone
  • Skype
Fee Range
Fee Range
  • $150-225 per hour
  • Reduced Fee for CFT Students

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