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Name Jagruti Gala
Address 301 Surabhi Apartments,
Vadodara, .
Home Phone
Home Phone +912656454764
Mobile Phone
Mobile Phone +919687605712
Business Title
Business Title Founder Trustee
Business Name
Business Name AURA - A Learning Place
Business Email
Business Email jagruti@auraplace.com
Business Fax
Business Fax 912656545457
Business Phone
Business Phone 912656545457
Business Address
Business Address 13 D Suvernapuri
Vadodara, 390020
Coaching Specialties
Coaching Specialties
  • Organization Coaching: Education
  • Professional Coaching: Education
  • Life Coaching: Parenting
  • Life Coaching: Relationships
  • Life Coaching: Grief

Imagine simplicity…
pure joy…
Simple conversations that enable all this.

I am Jagruti Gala and I am privileged to be a Transformational Coach. It is my greatest pleasure to create a space of trust and connection, and hold a series of conversations that open up an inner world of possibilities - for you.

I invite you to experience being listened to with attention, curiosity and respect. To experience how deep listening and empowering questions can accelerate an exploration and the uncovering of your deepest, purest self – the place from which dreams and your unique power emanate. To experience healing and empowerment from meeting your whole truth. To experience what it means to love and befriend the self. To experience the thrill of pushing the edge of your own consciousness.

Simple conversations, just simple conversations can empower you to move beyond challenges and transform your life to what you REALLY want it to be.

With me as your coach, you can look forward to a safe parlor to meet yourself, a playground to have some fun in, a classroom to hone your potential, a garage to tinker around in, a theater to experience your diversity, a party to celebrate your presence, a kitchen to nourish your needs, a gym to challenge you, an art studio to create your future, a quiet corner to rest in and a temple to worship your fullness.

I work best with imagery, metaphor, inquiry, emotions, awareness, soul music and seizing the truth of the moment.

I live in India and beyond coaching my life embraces long term work in education - to enhance the way we learn. I have founded and manage a trust called AURA - a learning place (www.auraplace.com) where we propound the cause of learning and Giftivism. I am also co-founder stones2milestones (www.stones2milestones.com) - an organisation that seeks to take good practices in education to a large scale in India and elsewhere, and I am group member Essence, a community of people committed to creation of sacred spaces through transformation.

Two handsome and noble boys, a large extended family, a fabulous dog, music, love of art, reading and philosophy, laughter and intimate conversations with friends make up the rest of the fabric of my life.

What about my words touches you? What do you wish to explore more?

Invite you to bring all of your curiosities to: empoweringconversations@gmail.com

Coaching Format
Coaching Format
  • Telephone
  • Skype
  • In-person
Fee Range
Fee Range
  • Reduced Fee for CFT Students
  • Sliding Scale
  • Less than $150 per month

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