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Name Belma Gonzalez
Address 678 61st Street
Oakland, CA
United States
Work Phone
Work Phone (510) 334-8809
Home Phone
Home Phone (510) 334-8809
Mobile Phone
Mobile Phone (510) 334-8809
Business Title
Business Title Principal
Business Name
Business Name B Coaching and Consulting
Business Email
Business Email belma@bcoachingandconsulting.com
Business Phone
Business Phone (510) 594-7660
Business Address
Business Address 678 61st Street
Oakland, CA 94609
United States
Business Website
Business Website
Biography Belma González supports leaders in the nonprofit sector, especially working with social justice activists committed to equity and inclusion. Her clients are diverse and courageous movement organizers, who transform themselves in service to changing the world. She utilizes the assets of race, class, and culture to expand awareness of the impact of power and privilege. Belma believes coaching skills should be accessible to anyone interested in making a difference in the world – whether as a certified coach or as a change agent. Besides facilitating Coaching for Transformation courses, Belma also leads Coaching for Community Transformation, a Leadership that Works program that builds connections, mobilizes groups, and supports social equity for all.

Belma's full Bio can be found on the Leadership that Works About Us / Our Team page.

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