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Name Tiffany Curtis
Business Email
Business Email connect@tiffanycurtis.com
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Business Address NY
United States
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Business Website
Biography Starting my work of talent development and diversity,equity, and inclusion in 2010, I quickly found my need for conscious living unfolding in unanticipated ways. As the daughter of Liberian immigrants, I consider myself a returned-generation. Living with this layered diasporic sensibility, my passions became focused on connecting the processes of healing with grounding. Through ongoing intentions to complicate my christianity by assembling a mixture of spiritual existence, I bring all of these parts into my role as a facilitator and certified transformational coach.

Transformational coaching is a form of life coaching based in emergence, connecting people to their innate power and imagining possibilities. My approach is rooted in building sanctuary, which I define as: moments shared through physical and liminal spaces where consciousness raising and grounding unite spirit(s), identity, and social movement. This happens by dismantling (the patriarchy/colonization/stories), acknowledging the humanity of grief, and protecting the chasms of unlearning. For myself, this has included divine feminity, prayer and meditation, journaling, yoga, and therapy.

We are all containers. You have the power to hold and replenish. You hold in you the movements of generations. So what is it you are now journeying towards? What is it you want to root in yourself and others? Through holistic processes, I honor the good and loving intentions of what is way greater than us - welcoming the divine energy that awaits in you to feel the nourishment of its own light.
Coaching Format
Coaching Format
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