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Name Talia Cooper
Business Title
Business Title Coach
Business Name
Business Name Talia Cooper Coaching
Business Email
Business Email talia.cooper@gmail.com
Business Address
Business Address Oakland, CA
United States
Business Website
Business Website
Coaching Specialties
Coaching Specialties
  • Professional Coaching: Art/Music
  • Life Coaching: Health and Wellness
  • Life Coaching: Career Transition
  • Life Coaching: Relationships
  • Life Coaching: Other
Biography Hey! I'm Talia, I'm a body liberation coach.
I envision a world where we get to love ourselves, where all bodies are accepted, and where no one is treated as less than for being their true self.

I combine my life coaching certification with my 14+ years as a social change educator and activist, my creative tools as a singer and songwriter, and my deep knowledge of body image work to create individual and group experiences that center liberation.

My life coaching clients are working on issues including relationships, career, creativity and social change. My body liberation clients are supported with an individualized program for healing relationship with food and body.

I have a particular interest in coaching people during transition periods to harness the limbo experience into something transformative.

As a coach and leader, I believe that people are inherently good, creative and resourceful. I understand that power, identity, and societal forces impact our experience of the world and of our own body.
Coaching Format
Coaching Format
  • Phone
  • Workshops
Fee Range
Fee Range
  • $90-$125
  • Sliding Scale
  • $150 - $250 per month
  • $200-$300 per month

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