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Name Peggy Chan
Business Name
Business Name Illuminate We
Business Email
Business Email peggy@illuminatewe.com
Business Address
Business Address New York, NY
United States
Business Website
Business Website
Coaching Specialties
Coaching Specialties
  • Life Coaching: Health and Wellness
  • Life Coaching: Women in the Workplace
  • Life Coaching: Family
  • Life Coaching: Other
  • Organization Coaching: Nonprofit
  • Organization Coaching: Small/Start-up Company
  • Organization Coaching: Executive Director
  • Life Coaching: Career Transition
  • Life Coaching: Relationships
Biography Peggy works with individual clients and groups to help them rediscover their authentic selves and the deepest truth of what gives life meaning. Underneath our daily transactions lies dormant the longing for growth and expansion. Peggy supports clients in their physical, emotional, and spiritual journey to awaken their consciousness and reconnect with what makes them feel alive. She creates a safe space for clients to explore and trust their innate wisdom, attain freedom through awareness, and develop the skills and practices to transform their lives. It is through doing this deep inner work that clients can show up fully and authentically in the world to fulfill their highest potential.

Peggy has over a decade of professional experience as a lawyer and policymaker in family law and social justice. She believes in a compassionate and holistic approach to healing our wounds, especially when working with historically disempowered populations. Her curiosity and passion for well-being and deeper human connection led to her own path of self-discovery. Her spiritual journey took her to the high Andes in South America and the jungle in Asia, learning about indigenous practices and working with plant medicine. Having received the loving support of coaches and teachers throughout her journey, she now specializes in providing integration support to clients who are committed to transforming their lives in alignment with their soul's deepest calling.

Over the years, Peggy has had the honor of learning from both traditional healers and scientists, from those who live in the high mountains to those who reside in the urban jungle. Along the way, she's been able to translate esoteric teachings and practices into a language that those living in the modern world can understand. Having straddled the intersection of various identities throughout her life, she serves as a guide to help others balance the right brain and the left brain, bridge the gap between the practical and the mystical, merge logic with intuition, and bring time-tested healing balm to the modern soul.

Peggy is a Reiki and sound practitioner, and an energy reader. Using both her training and intuition, she works with clients at both the conscious and subconscious levels to create sustainable changes.
Coaching Format
Coaching Format
  • Phone or Skype
  • In-person
  • Group
  • Workshops
Fee Range
Fee Range
  • $150-225 per hour
  • Reduced Fee for CFT Students
  • English

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