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Name Geraldine Conkling
Business Title
Business Title INNER BALANCE COACH "Emotions @ motion"
Business Name
Business Name WELLBEING 360
Business Email
Business Email conklinggeraldine@gmail.com
Business Address
Business Address Mexico city, 01020
Business Website
Business Website
Coaching Specialties
Coaching Specialties
  • Life Coaching: Career Transition
  • Life Coaching: Health and Wellness
  • Life Coaching: Relationships
  • Organization Coaching: Executive Director
  • Organization Coaching: Board Members
  • Organization Coaching: Project Managers
Biography Geraldine, inner balance coach, "emotions@motion" developed her expertise in emotional unblocking and reprocessing through a personalized body/mind/ emotion therapeutic approach focused on post traumatic stress management.
Stress, unpleasant memories of past events or imagining future situations, can all act as a built-in detonators. The experience continues to have a negative effect on our well-being and impacts our present and future performance.
Through her coaching, Geraldine explores personal limiting beliefs turning them into empowering affirmations by intuitively tapping to the client´s inner resources and breaking the cycle of defeating thinking patterns by finding new and creative solutions. These include, among others, successfully managing professional growth challenges, addressing and reframing unresolved painful interpersonal conflicts, assimilating and integrating emotional shocks due to tragic and unexpected life events as well as diffused childhood life events or unexplained fears and insecurities detonated by forgotten memories.
Geraldine is confortable working with organizations, communities, teams and individuals. Her multicultural background is an asset for her, when working with cultural and gender diversity, inclusion, equality and tolerance.
Coaching Format
Coaching Format
  • Phone or Skype
  • In Person/Phone/Skype/Email
  • Group
  • Workshops
Fee Range
Fee Range
  • Sliding Scale
  • English
  • Spanish

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