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In response to COVID-19, in-person classes are currently being delivered virtually via Zoom. See individual courses for details.

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Community Coaching Certification Program - 9 months

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ACSTH LogoIncreased impact and sustainability in community work are no longer aspirations, but requirements. In a global world, local issues now have regional, na­tional, and international effects.

Community work must stay at the cutting edge, creatively serving all people in a complex modern era and consis­tently adapting to benefit the whole. The Community Coaching Certification supports professionals in doing just that.

The first of its kind, the program draws on the power of coaching to increase healing, regeneration, and change within communities in need. The approaches taught have proven successful in individual, orga­nizational, community, and even national and in­ternational spheres. It’s now time to take these skills deeper and more purposefully into our communi­ties, so that they can thrive and we can all thrive as a result.

The 9-month certification program offers critical skills of value to any organizational or community system. Certification enables graduates to help employers and communi­ties with their advanced competency as community lead­ers, coaches, activists, and direct service staff of community programs.

Graduates will be able to:

  • Navigate complex situations using a coaching approach to gain insight and clarity.

  • Realize lasting solutions to the toughest problems.

  • Build and support leadership development at all levels in a community.

  • Implement change more rapidly and effectively.

  • Generate authentic and grounded action.

  • Create cultures of connection and collaboration.

  • Balance individual interests with the whole.

  • Magnify the value of diverse perspectives.

  • Design innovative systems, projects, programs and campaigns that incorporate a coaching approach.

Learning Community

You will meet with fellow social change agents in-person at both the launch and conclusion of the program. In between, you will participate in teleclasses that focus on coaching skill building, practice and application.

In-Person/Teleclass Program

2 Full-Day Sessions at program start: 9 am - 6 pm

  • October 18-19, 2016 - Oakland, CA
  • October 27-28, 2016 - Battle Creek, MI
1 Full-Day Session at program end: week of July 17, 2017

20 Required Teleclasses: Skills and Application

  • November 3, 2016 - July 13, 2017
  • Teleclasses held on Thursdays 4-5:30 pm (Pacific)
1 Individual 1:1 Session with Instructor
3 Mentoring Sessions on Skill Application
20 Hours Peer Coaching Requirement
n-Person/Teleclass Program
2 Full-Day Sessions at Program Start

9 am - 6 pm

    *October 18-19, 2016 - Oakland, CA
    *October 27-28, 2016 - Battle Creek, MI
    *November 3-4, 2016 - New York, NY
1 Full-Day Session at Program End week of 17th of July, 2017
20 Required Teleclasses: Skills and Application

    *November 3 - July 13, 2017
    *Teleclasses held on Thursdays 4-5:30 (Pacific) 
1 Individual 1:1 Session with Instructor
3 Mentoring Sessions on Skill Application 
20 Hours Peer Coaching Requirement 








Dates and Time

In-person training 9 am - 6 pm

October 18-19, 2016 - Oakland, CA

October 27-28, 2016 - Battle Creek, MI

Teleclasses held on Thursdays, 4-5:30 pm (Pacific)


Teleclass & In-Person classes

  • Oakland, CA
  • Battle Creek, MI

Locations may be added. We will consider your city with a cohort of 10 people. (Call us for more information.)

Contact Information

Kim Mercaldo

Program and Curriculum
Leslie Brown

Bring CCC to your Community
Virginia Kellogg


The cost includes tuition, materials and certification.

Financial Assistance

Leadership that Works is committed to advancing the field of coaching around the world. It is our goal to offer coach training to as many people as possible, allowing for the ripple effect of coaching to have a positive impact on the world. A limited number of scholarships are available for selected courses. Scholarship funds are awarded based on financial need and the potential impact you will have as a coach.

Download a scholarship application



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Leslie Brown - website updatedLeslie Brown, PCC, uses her unique mix of analytical and creative skills to support new and seasoned next generation leaders – those who are working to design innovative systems of support for communities. She believes that moving beyond traditional leadership approaches will revolutionize the way that people work and thrive. Leslie has worked in the nonprofit capacity building sector, supporting projects and teams that promote social justice.
Virginia Kellogg 121415Virginia Kellogg, MCC, co­-founded Leadership that Works and created Coaching For Community Transformation, a program that brings coaching training into community settings. This program helps service providers, schools, nonprofit and social justice leaders integrate the principles of coaching into all their work. As a master certified coach, Virginia is past president of the Association of Coach Training Organizations. In her spare time, Virginia enjoys making beauty through her flower and vegetable gardens and in creating wild and colorful art quilts.
Kathy Grosso - WebsiteKathy Grosso, ACC, has created a coaching path that is built on a desire to embed coaching in communities and organizations. “Making coaching skills available and accessible to as many individuals and organizations excites me and grounds me in my desire to work within and for community.”
Belma Gonzalez - websiteBelma Gonzalez, PCC, has provided assets-based, culturally aware coaching to nonprofit and social justice activists since 2004. She works with diverse, multi-generational clients throughout the United States on leadership enhancement, change management, work/life transitions, balance and fulfillment.
Ernest Mark - websiteErnest Mark, PCC, brings over fifteen years of experience as an executive coach and organizational development consultant in the social justice sector. “When I was first introduced to coaching, it seemed like the essential missing ingredient to the organizational work I was doing because the individuals needed support to implement the changes they intended.”
Johnny Manzon-Santos - WebsiteJohnny Manzon-Santos, PCC, has been engaged in peace and social justice as an activist, organizer, and client advocate since 1985. He first experienced the power of coaching as a leader of NGO/nonprofit agencies in New York and San Francisco.
Amanda Berger - websiteAmanda Berger, ACC, has a coaching style with a unique combination of practical experience, direct communication, compassion and accountability. While she is passionate about working with social change leaders and has a special interest in criminal justice reform, she is also skilled in issues related to youth development, public education reform and community engagement.

Sharon Brown - websiteSharon Brown, PCC, draws on years of corporate experience, training coaches and teaching coaching skills in workplace, school and community settings. She skillfully facilitates learning that enhances communication and collaboration, as well as catalyzes transformation and action.

Lily HollisterLily Hollister, CPChas worked throughout the Americas in the fields of eco-social justice, indigenous rights, intercultural education, and regenerative agriculture. She works with diverse communities, organizations, and individuals to catalyze ecological and social regeneration. Her approach cultivates Earth-based coaching rooted in Permaculture design. She actively invites co-creation of grassroots solutions to face the challenges in our lives, communities, and our relationship to the   Earth.

CarmenLeah AscencioCarmenLeah Ascencio, LICSW, MPH, CPC, RYT, is a public health social worker, radical life coach, community theatre facilitator, trauma-sensitive yoga instructor, and proud Boricua queer. Her coaching supports individuals to be fulfilled, free, inspired and healed, while making a difference for others. CarmenLeah helps clients align with their deeper yearning in order to create a life that makes them feel alive and of service. She most loves supporting people of color social justice activists to realize their visions and know the depth of their worth.


This program is led by coach trainers with extensive experience in culturally aware coaching, including:

  • building on the assets and addressing the challenges faced by people of different cultures

  • supporting personal and organizational transformation

  • developing nonprofit and social justice leaders

  • integrating body, mind and spirit

  • building vibrant, healthy communities


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What Our Graduates are Saying


Community coaching opens up space to bring our full selves, connecting more deeply with what really matters in our community, and taking rooted action towards our vision. —Jennifer Lin

 When I first began my coaching journey I was shy, had low self-esteem and never spoke up for myself. I had goals but I never thought I would achieve them. I would silently tell myself; I am too old, too big, too dark! The funny thing is, I am an interventionist and my job was to push and encourage students. I did a great job with them but I was hurting on the inside. Through these courses, I have literally done a 180. I first used my coaching skills on me—I had to call out the power in myself. I live by my coach's stand and I have exceeded my goals I had at the beginning of the class. I am coaching teachers, pastors...and I am not done! —Merrilyn McMiller

Testimonial Pailin Chirachaisakul 935

The most valuable outcome for me is that I am more open. I used to be controlling and judgmental but I’ve made a complete 180 degree change in the way I coach and train. Now I dive in, take risks and create a space where we can learn together. I care deeply, bring in more curiosity and I’m more vulnerable, which helps clients deepen their own awareness. —Nancy Smyth

 I have never in my life experienced learning so empowering, joyful, rewarding and life changing. The course is the best thing that has happened to me in years and worth every penny! I highly recommend participating if you are interested in contributing to change that matters. —Daniela Herzog


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