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Embracing the Shadow: Transform your lost, ignored, or exiled parts into allies - 6 weeks


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The voices in our heads can be so jarring.

In our internal conversations, some voices dominate others, which can leave us feeling fragmented or overwhelmed. But when we dive beneath the surface and really listen to our many parts, we connect vulnerably to our full humanity.

This is where you’ll discover your inner jackal and giraffe waiting to be embraced… and where you’ll find other familiar voices, such as your protector, wounded child, internal oppressor, and others who simply want to be heard and understood.

Yes, these inner voices DO sometimes derail you – not because they’re wicked, but because they have a vested interest in meeting specific needs. If you truly listen to their raucous voices and give them the experience of being deeply heard, each voice or part will gradually realize that their strategies are not in alignment with their needs – and so the transformation begins.

For instance:

If you look beneath the words of your inner critics, you can begin to understand their positive intent: to protect you from embarrassment or to keep you safe. When you appreciate their attempt to contribute and honor the important role they’re playing (as well as their needs), the inner critics feel seen, heard, and understood. Then they can relax, which enables us to expand our capacity for self-compassion.

Members of your “Internal Committee” behave just like people. If you devalue any member of the committee – by shaming or kicking them out, or by trying to get them to see things differently and modify their behavior – they’re likely to rebel. A more helpful approach is to actively support the evolution of the whole by embracing the intention of each committee member and it’s true purpose.

This practice of looking beneath the surface is a way you can help others create their own safe healing space, where they can experience the power of empathy and inner transformation.

Would you like to help liberate people from their suffering – and help them recognize that each part of their psyche has a noble purpose?

Then look no further.

This six-week course with Martha Lasley and Pernille Plantener offers an opportunity for your internal committee to stop fighting and start collaborating!

You’ll learn to build on NVC principles, explore new avenues for unleashing the power of empathy, and create opportunities for inner alignment. On top of this, you’ll learn how to connect with your wounded parts and create happier endings to your hard-to-heal experiences. Watch this short video about Embracing the Shadow  to start bringing your parts into alignment now.

During this course you’ll discover how to:

  • Embrace the purpose of each inner voice of the psyche
  • Reclaim disowned parts of the extended inner family
  • Tune into the vibrational energy of unique emotions
  • Listen for the desire for transformation and
  • Heal past experiences

The goal?

Use these advanced NVC-based practices to help people embrace all their parts, find their way to inner alignment and experience greater freedom.

If this pathway speaks to you, register today.


Dates and Time

Tuesdays 11 am - 1:00 pm PT

6 Teleclasses

January 24, 31
February 7, 14, 21 and 28

Contact Information

Martha Lasley



Additional 20% discount available for NVC Multimedia Library members:  $248


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Pernille Plantener - websitePernille Plantener, farmer, coach and CNVC Certified Trainer, founded BusinessByHeart, an enterprise that supports green transition through individual and team transformation. Pernille leads restorative justice conversations for the Danish Police and has co-authored: “At Eye-Level with the Victim of Violence”.

Pernille says that her life is the living proof of miracles: Being a survivor of an eating disorder and an abusive marriage, she is now pursuing her dreams. She has found an active path to supporting people to heal and set themselves free as she did. Her areas of work include:

  • Transforming the world, one heart at a time through growing her clients’ self-acceptance
  • Training professional helpers to restore dignity in the meeting with citizens
  • Teaching coaching skills to people in health care, education and private companies
  • Bringing fighting spouses, parents and children to reconciliation
  • Walking the talk at her climate-consciously designed permaculture fruit plantation

Martha Lasley - websiteMartha Lasley, MBA, CNVC Certified Trainer, is a founding partner of Leadership that Works, an organization that trains and coaches visionaries for social change. Martha and her team have developed revolutionary programs that change lives: Coaching for Transformation, Transform your Relationships Using NVC and ChangeMakers.

Martha’s passion is integrating coaching, heart-centered facilitation and Nonviolent Communication in organizations. Her expertise includes:

  • Training facilitators and coaches to support profound personal and organizational transformation
  • Coaching leaders and social change activists to develop compelling visions, improve interpersonal communications, bring spirit into team building, and develop a coaching culture.
  • Supporting groups to transform conflict, develop mediation skills, listen with compassion and design a better future.
  • Designing and delivering results-oriented leadership development programs and retreats that open the way to exciting opportunities and new perspectives.
  • Facilitating organizational development, using Appreciative Inquiry and group process facilitation.

Martha has authored three books: Coaching for Transformation, Facilitating with Heart, and Courageous Visions.


Click here to register and for more information

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