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Coaching for Transformation Certification GERMANY - 9 months


Is coaching for you?
Want to create lasting, effective change in yourself and others?

As a coach, you can create bold relationships with clients to help them discover who they are, what they want to create, and how to manifest their vision and goals.

Coaching for Transformation (CFT) certified coaches use evolutionary processes to deepen awareness of the body, mind and spirit. By opening clients to their inner wisdom and creativity, they become empowered to be the change they want to see in the world.

CFT is in alignment with Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and is the first International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited coach training programme to integrate needs-based consciousness and practices throughout the course.

After fifteen years of training thousands of coaches in the USA and Asia, Coaching for Transformation is for the first time available in Europe as in-person training. This 9-month programme is for people who want to support personal and social change using deep, transformative practices.

Who participates?
The common thread woven throughout our coaching community is a deep desire to make a difference.

Whether you’re a therapist, manager, consultant, counselor, or teacher, your coaching skills help people create a better future. You can use coaching to enhance your career or practice, whether you’re in business, health care, education, social work, ministry or law. Or you can launch your business as a transformational coach.

If you are committed to social change and human evolution, this programme deepens your effectiveness. Geared toward creating a more sustainable and socially just world, this programme helps you address the assets and challenges of people outside the dominant culture. After graduating you can continue to draw from a community of diverse coaches for mutual support.

What makes CFT unique?
Coaching for Transformation is an exciting adventure in experiential learning where you will face the cutting edges of your own growth, as well as:

  • Receive mentoring with rigorous feedback on your coaching skills
  • Focus on transformation for the client and the coach
  • Deepen awareness of multicultural coaching
  • Expand emotional intelligence and the wisdom of the body
  • Learn how to build your coaching business
  • Integrate needs awareness and NVC consciousness into personal coaching

Course Curriculum

  • Welcome to Coaching
  • Coaching Skills
  • Exploring Needs and Values
  • Culturally Aware Coaching
  • Expanding the View
  • Vision and Strategy
  • Experiencing the Moment
  • Calling out the Client’s Power
  • Embracing the Shadow
  • Soul and Spirit
  • The Business of Coaching
  • Celebration and Graduation

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Course dates and times
Class Sessions: 10th-13th September 2015, 21st-24th January 2016, 16th-19th June 2016; 9 am - 6 pm

Weekly teleclasses on Wednesdays from 7:30 - 9 pm (Central European Time)

Experiential Programme
On successful completion of this programme, you become a Professional Certified Coach. This programme is an Accredited Coach Training Programme with the International Coach Federation.

The 9-month in-depth, experiential programme gives you 5 pathways, 3 levels of listening and 24 coaching skills that fully prepare you to be a transformational coach, including:

  • 140 hours of classes with 65% in person training; 35% via teleclass
    • 12 days classroom training
    • 34 90-minute teleclasses
  • 10 hours of mentoring
  • 40 hours of practice coaching with peers and clients
  • Weekly on-line discussions to explore concepts, celebrate success and address challenges
  • Final assessments (oral coaching competencies demonstration and written assessment)

You'll also be part of a lively learning community that supports deep, lasting friendships. As a Coaching for Transformation graduate, you have access to free graduate calls plus ongoing opportunities for continued development.

Your Facilitators

Pernille PlantenerPernille Plantener is a certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication and a certified coach. She has supported organic farmers and other change agents for more than a decade through facilitation and coaching. Based in Denmark, she offers transformational coaching and workshops on communication, healing and integration throughout Europe.



marthaMartha Lasley is a leadership coach who facilitates training and coaching programs to develop passionate leaders and learning organizations. She coaches visionaries and social change activists to help them maximize their impact. She is the author of three books: Coaching for Transformation, Facilitating with Heart, and Courageous Visions.


Venue Location
Lebensgarten Steyerberg e.V.
Ginsterweg 3
31595 Steyerberg
Telefon: 05764/2370
Telefax: 05764/2578
E-Mail: info@lebensgarten.de
Internet: www.lebensgarten.de

Nearest big city is Hannover or Bremen

Your Investment
The full cost of certification is $7,495 USD when paid in full at registration. Cost includes tuition, mentoring and all materials. Tuition can be paid in installments over the course of the programme. When paid in installments the cost of the programme is $7,860 USD.

Additional costs:

  • Course requirement of working with a CFT certified coach for a minimum of 6 hours.
  • You will also attend weekly 90-minute teleclasses with conference calls to the US. Visit Maestro Conference to explore no and low-cost options to connect.
  • Accommodation and meals in Germany on the retreats
    • Accommodation costs per person per night, includes all meals:
    • single-bed-rooms 74,50 € / double-bed-rooms 64,50 € /dormitory 54,50 € /
    • Retreats start at 9 am and end at 6 pm. Please choose the number of nights, 3 or 4, to enable you to be present for the entire 4 days retreat.

To make Coaching for Transformation as accessible as possible, a limited number of partial scholarships are available.

What graduates are saying...
“The course is absolutely fantastic. It has deepened my NVC practice and my ability to really support people when connecting with their deepest values, dreams and goals. I have never in my life experienced learning as so empowering, joyful, rewarding and life changing. I have started with clients and the training helps me to be more competent, not a "rent a friend" person, but a real coach. One that also, when necessary is outspoken with the client in order to support them in leaving their comfort zone and moving towards what they really need and value. The course is the best thing that has happened to me in years and worth every penny!” Daniela Herzog

“Prior to Coaching for Transformation I went through a bumpy career transition. I silenced my voice. Unplugged. The coaching course rejuvenated me. I got my voice back. I discovered who I was, what I was, and how I served. I’ve never had this much impact—I’ve strengthened my intuition and my approach is a return to the old—it feels ancient, sacred, and intuitive. The biggest change in my life is that I feel free and I am not afraid.” – Leslie Brown

“I’ve attended some dry academic coaching courses in the past, but what instinctively called me to Coaching for Transformation was its edgy feel, and its values of creativity and social justice. The program has been the single most important learning experience I’ve had in over a decade. CFT helped me remember my core values, quirky strengths, and love for community and connection. The program enabled me to trust my intuition and take creative risks, and in turn, it provided me with the tools to help clients do the same.” – Jessica Balboni

“As a child, I emigrated from Trinidad to the USA. I’ve experienced the aloneness and doubt of leadership roles, negotiating between race, gender, and cultural borders, to recovery as a survivor who now thrives. Coaching for Transformation gave me the skills to support others, and myself, in recognizing core needs and aspirations in creating healthy lives. The values-based method was key to my facilitating an inclusionary process in developing a California mental health stigma and discrimination reduction plan awarded $1.2 million in implementation funds.”  Adele James

“The impact of Coaching for Transformation has been profound. One of my biggest realizations was that my dedication to learning was not coming from a loving place—it was a disguise for feeling like I was not enough. My coach asked, “How can you be in a loving relationship with all parts of yourself?” That struck a chord. I started bringing more lightness to the way I approached my work. This shift has allowed me to set realistic expectations for myself, stop over-promising, and to listen more. Since letting go of having to be a star, I find I’m doing my best work.” – Rebecca Aced-Molina

“Coaching for Transformation was a major factor in self-discovery. I reinvented myself - empowered, free and transforming others. Part of the best year of my life...so far. CFT introduced a new community of empowered and impactful people who are agents of positive change. The friendships I developed are priceless.” – Michael Palumbo

"Coaching is a radical form of de-colonization where people become whole, recognize their uniqueness, and trust their divine knowing about their community needs. This is especially useful when multiple generations have experienced trauma, oppression and subjugation. Coaching for Transformation is the tool for generational healing.” – Sophia Kizilbash

“The impact of Coaching for Transformation on me personally is magical—the quality of my life and relationships has improved because I’m letting in love and learning.”  Dara Silverman

“I chose Coaching for Transformation after researching several coaching programs. It’s one of the best personal and professional decisions I’ve made. Not only was I able to put the skills into practice right away with my clients, I also achieved deeper levels of self-intimacy by using the tools in my own life.” – Tanuja Ramchal

Location Information     Contact Information
Lebensgarten Steyerberg e.V.
  Pernille Plantener or Emma Collins
+45 25432921 / +41 078 714 55 53

This event is no longer available for registration.

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