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True change starts from within. As a society we are becoming more aware of our need for healing and transformation in communities. To respond to this growing need, Leadership that Works has developed a cutting-edge community coaching certification program that equips you with the skills to facilitate transformation and promote community change.

Join us for this introductory workshop to learn the skills of asking empowering questions and calling forth the power in communities. We will also showcase the benefits of participating in our 9-month Community Coaching Certification program that begins in 2017.

If you're committed to making a difference in your community, take this no-risk test drive and discover how coaching skills can enhance your leadership effectiveness.


Dates and Time

Friday, July 28, 2017
Noon-1:30 pm ET



Contact Information

Sharon Brown


Become a Certified Community Coach

Increased impact and sustainability in community work are no longer aspirations, but requirements. In a global world, local issues now have regional, na­tional, and international effects.

Community work must stay at the cutting edge, creatively serving all people in a complex modern era and consis­tently adapting to benefit the whole. The Community Coaching Certification supports professionals in doing just that.

The first of its kind, the program draws on the power of coaching to increase healing, regeneration, and change within communities in need. The approaches taught have proven successful in individual, orga­nizational, community, and even national and in­ternational spheres. It’s now time to take these skills deeper and more purposefully into our communi­ties, so that they can thrive and we can all thrive as a result.

The 9-month certification program offers critical skills of value to any organizational or community system. Certification enables graduates to help employers and communi­ties with their advanced competency as community lead­ers, coaches, activists, and direct service staff of community programs.



Sharon Brown - websiteSharon Brown, PCCDrawing on years of corporate experience, Sharon Brown trains coaches and teaches coaching skills in workplace, school and community settings that enhance communication and collaboration, as well as catalyze transformation and action. Sharon’s commitment to serving communities and their residents spills over into her personal life where she co-leads a women’s circle at a homeless shelter, is an Alternatives to Violence Project lead prison workshop facilitator, and served on non-profit boards focused on community development and collaborative communication.



What Our Graduates are Saying

Testimonial Rashmi 935

When I first began my coaching journey I was shy, had low self-esteem and never spoke up for myself. I had goals but I never thought I would achieve them. I would silently tell myself; I am too old, too big, too dark! The funny thing is, I am an interventionist and my job was to push and encourage students. I did a great job with them but I was hurting on the inside. Through these courses, I have literally done a 180. I first used my coaching skills on me—I had to call out the power in myself. I live by my coach's stand and I have exceeded my goals I had at the beginning of the class. I am coaching teachers, pastors...and I am not done! —Merrilyn McMiller, Intervention Specialist, Marshall Alternative High School

Community coaching opens up space to bring our full selves, connecting more deeply with what really matters in our community, and taking rooted action towards our vision. —Jennifer Lin, Deputy Director, East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable EconomySpacer-5x5.gif


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Our Mission is to develop transformational coaches and facilitators who empower evolutionary leaders and social entrepreneurs to develop sustainable, collaborative organizations. We take a stand for whole person transformation, and bring diverse voices into the field, developing multicultural competencies in coaching and facilitation. Read More

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