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The Power of Coaching - 1.5 hour free teleclass


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Making a Difference

Want to make a difference while you make a living doing what you love?

Maybe you’ve thought about becoming a professional coach but haven’t found the program that’s right for you?

If you care about consciousness, depth, heart connection, and social change, you’re in the right place.

Coaching is an exciting adventure that deepens awareness and profoundly impact people’s lives.

Coaching is life-changing, as well as world-changing work. You will learn powerful tools that allow you to serve people and make a great living while making a difference.

What to Expect from this Class

This 90-minute class is packed with new information about coaching that you can use right away. During this FREE 90 minute intro, you’ll 

  • learn about asking empowering questions

  • witness a coaching demonstration

  • experience the coaching process yourself

  • get to ask questions abou the Coaching for Transformation program

We value experiential learning. That’s why we build in lots of coaching practice time. Even during this very first class. Our goal is for you to take away solid coaching skills that you can use immediately.

You’ll also find out what the 9-month Coaching for Transformation is all about. By the end of the call, you’ll have enough information to make a clear decision about whether this coaching program is for you.

Program Curriculum Coaching for Transformation offers 5 pathways to alignment that lead to deep transformation:

  1. Exploring Needs and Values – Discover inner motivators by recognizing immediate needs and long-term values

  2. Expanding the View – Identify limiting beliefs, explore new viewpoints, and choose empowering beliefs

  3. Experiencing the Moment – Connect with the energetic life force by expanding awareness, emotional intelligence, and somatic sensing

  4. Envisioning the Future – Open to new possibilities by engaging the right brain, visualizing, and creating a more compelling future

  5. Embracing the Shadow – Recognize the purpose of inner critics and transform them into allies

Each module is highly experiential, packed with demonstrations, plenty of practice, and rich feedback.

Beyond the 5 pathways, additional modules cover:

  • Welcome to Coaching – Practice 3 levels of listening and embody the 5 principles of coaching

  • Skills: The Coaches Palette – Learn the nuances of 23 coaching skills and when to apply them

  • Culturally Aware Coaching – Explore privilege, power dynamics, and culture so you can easily coach across differences

  • Calling out the Power – Deepen your compassion and expand into bold coaching that awakens new possibilities

  • The Business of Coaching – Launch your coaching practice using a set of tools that make marketing fun and easy. Or learn how to build a thriving practice as an internal coach.

  • Soul and Spirit – Develop intuition, connect with source, and discover life purpose

  • Celebration and Completion – Integrate your learning, celebrate your journey and your graduation as a Certified Professional Coach!

Dates and Time

May 17, 2016
1-2:30 pm ET

Contact Us

Pernille Plantener

Attend a Free Coaching Class

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Program Facilitators NEW

Pernille Plantener - websitePernille Plantener, PCC, i
s a certified coach and trainer in Nonviolent Communication. She has supported organic farmers and other change agents for more than a decade through facilitation and coaching. Based in Denmark, she teaches Coaching for Transformation and a number of shorter programs in Poland.

Our faculty members have an unwavering commitment to your growth as a coach and their own continuous learning. Our dynamic international team is committed to every participant becoming an excellent coach. To that end, you can count on our faculty to:

  • Co-create a safe, courageous learning environment where you can take risks
  • Give you straightforward, rigorous feedback
  • Challenge you to step into your power as a coach
  • Make room for every voice and keep group learning our first priority
  • Take advantage of learning opportunities that emerge live in the moment

Program What Graduates are Saying

The program has been the single most important learning experience I’ve had in over a decade. CFT helped me remember my core values, quirky strengths, and love for community and connection. The program enabled me to trust my intuition and take creative risks, and in turn, it provided me with the tools to help clients do the same. —Jessica Balboni

The impact of Coaching for Transformation on me personally is magical—the quality of my life and relationships has improved because I’m letting in love and learning. —Dara Silverman


Altaf in circle of 4The most valuable outcome for me is that I am more open. I used to be controlling and judgmental but I’ve made a complete 180 degree change in the way I coach and train. Now I dive in, take risks and create a space where we can learn together. I care deeply, bring in more curiosity and I’m more vulnerable, which helps clients deepen their own awareness. —Nancy Smyth

Coaching for Transformation is an outstanding coach training program that delves into areas generally mentioned but seldom taught. I received formal coach trainings from various schools in the last ten years but this is the first time a program has actually taken me into areas of developing intuition, working with client and coach's vulnerability, allowed coach to experiment with transformative pathways. This program is highly recommended for anyone interested in becoming a highly competent coach, but even more recommended for those who, like me, spent years coaching and are searching for mastery. —Isabelle Min

The CFT course was fabulous. Apart from giving me an entirely new career direction, it has also given me a large community of friends, deeper relationships with family and many shared human moments with clients. This course was a game changer in many ways. —Simran Bhargava

Program 5 Reasons NEW

Event Photo Maria Michael LeslieMentor feedback – Going beyond theory, principles and models, you will coach many people on real issues. You get to work with several mentors, both in small groups and one-on-one. Your mentors help you identify your strengths and give you rigorous feedback to take your coaching to the next level.

Cultural respect – You will explore the dynamics of power and privilege, build capacity to engage across cultures and support awareness of the need for systemic change. Our faculty is committed to the respect and lifelong learning about different cultures and nationalities and shifting the demographics of the coaching profession by making coaching not only more accessible but more welcoming. The ability to coach across differences is vital in today’s world of diverse organizations and nuanced social change initiatives.

Deep, lasting change – Many coaching models just scratch the surface—focusing on short-term impact. In the Coaching for Transformation program, you’ll be diving into uncharted depths to help clients break through limiting beliefs, tap the wisdom of their bodies, identify their emotions and understand their needs. From that grounded, centered place of deep awareness, clients can develop strategies and take actions that honor their values and drive social change.

Supportive learning community – As a student you won’t be stuck on an island with a “how to” manual. In fact, you’ll interact with the same peers for the duration of the course—creating trusting, lasting relationships as you collectively celebrate successes and support each other’s development as coaches.

Business development – What good is it to become a certified coach if you don’t have clients? Coaching for Transformation includes a powerful business development program that helps you start working with clients even before you graduate. You’ll discover your unique gifts and develop marketing messages that reach your specialty niche. With many tools under your belt, you can get your practice up and running quickly

Program Find Out

Faculty Group

Choosing a coaching program can be a daunting process. We've made it easy for you to experience the Coaching for Transformation holistic approach during a FREE 90-minute teleclass.

During the Power of Coaching teleclass, you will
  • listen to a "live" coaching demo
  • experiment with basic coaching skills
  • participate in an interactive Q&A session
By the end of the call you'll be ready to start using the new skills you've learned, plus you’ll have the information you need to make a clear decision about whether Coaching for Transformation is the best coach training program for you.

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