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Make Your Next Big Coaching Breakthrough

As a seasoned coach, you thrive on driving transformation—witnessing the possibilities unfold in your client’s lives is the ultimate reward for you.

Why stop there?

No matter where you are in your coaching practice, there’s always opportunity for growth—it’s the old adage that the best way to advance your skill, is to keep learning it. In that spirit, we’ve carefully created the professional development experience, The Leading Edge Coaching Series. These short courses are packed with innovative techniques that will expand your skill set as a coach so you can empower yourself, your clients and the communities you serve.

Leading Edge Series Two

Leading Edge Learn and Grow

Explore the dimensions of spirituality, community and the subconscious and discover how these avenues can open up your coaching practice, and your clients, to greater possibilities.

January 7 – March 26, 2016

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Module One with Steven Filante

Leading Edge Steven
January 7 – 28, 2016
Teleclasses on Thursdays at 12 pm EST
Developing Vibrant, Supportive Community: Internal, External, Human & NonHuman


A powerful support community helps us do things we can’t do well or at all on our own. Learn how to develop strong internal and external support systems that make your clients’ lives more full, fun and satisfying with Steven Filante.

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Module Two with Jagruti Gala

Leading Edge Jagruti

February 4 – 25, 2016
Teleclasses on Thursdays at 12 pm EST
The Dream Keys: How to Mine the Richness of Dreams


Take a deep dive into the mystery of the subconscious and its gifts that come to us through the dream state. Jagruti Gala leads you through an exploration of other states of consciousness so you can support clients to use dreams as a portal to growth, creation and healing.

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Module Three with Damon Azali-Rojas

Leading Edge Damon

March 3 – 24, 2016
Teleclasses on Thursdays at 12 pm EST
Spirit-Led Coaching: Beyond Transformational Listening


Upgrade your transformational listening to a spiritual transformational listening. Damon Azali-Rojas guides you through the techniques of spirit-led coaching to help you deepen your practice and harness your spiritual gifts. Explore how you can use these practices in service of your clients no matter their religious affiliation.

Leading Edge Learn Morse Leading Edge Register

Designed exclusively for LTW certified coaches—or the equivalent—these mini courses are the perfect place for you to hone in on your craft with like-minded individuals. Each series is led by one of Leadership that Works’ esteemed faculty and is set in an experiential learning environment, giving you the advantage of practicing, collaborating and progressing together.


Leading Edge Commitment Level

We know the busy life a coach leads. So we created The Leading Edge Coaching
Series to be adaptable to your availability.
You can commit to a full series or purchase individual modules. And with teleclasesses 90-minutes each, there’s little time commitment but big rewards.


Leading Edge Details

Who Can Register?
These are advanced courses designed for certified coaches from all backgrounds.

What’s the Time Commitment?
This series includes 3 modules. Each module features four 90-minute teleclasses. You can choose to purchase individual modules or the full series.

How Much Does it Cost?
Each module is $195, or purchase the Series Bundle for $495.

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