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Making Collaboration Real: Empowering the Workplace with Nonviolent Communication Conference


Making Collaboration Real

Empowering the Workplace with Nonviolent Communication
A 4-day Conference

Are you a leader who empowers people?

Discover how to increase effectiveness and productivity by unlocking the power of connection and collaboration in your organization.

Join established leaders as we explore how to:

  • Use conflict and challenge as a doorway for growth and efficiency
  • Prioritize managing relationships in addition to managing time or resources
  • Negotiate agreements that everyone is fully on board with
  • Transform misunderstanding into robust mutual understanding and respect
  • Improve decision making under pressure

Nonviolent communication (NVC) is a revolutionary way to create and sustain a culture of shared partnership. Practicing compassion and authenticity at work opens the door and wakes people up to their full potential and supports productivity, high morale, and trust.

Who participates?
This conference is for leaders in both business and nonprofit organizations including executives, managers, and staff as well as external consultants and trainers.

Through participation you can expect to:

  • Learn tools that can make you an effective and compassionate leader;
  • Meet others who share your interest in transforming the workplace;
  • Co-create immediate learning opportunities based on what is a "hot topic" for you.

Program Format:

  • Morning interactive sessions with facilitators: skill building and practice with coaching.
  • Afternoon open space format (www.openspaceworld.org): customized learning and meeting your unique needs and interests.

Conference Topics Include:

Collaborative Communication for Executives of a Fortune 500 Company: Scientific Evidence of Impact, with Dian Killian and Jane Connor
This presentation describes an ambitious and extensive training and coaching program in Collaborative Communication (a.k.a. NVC) that was conducted during 2010-2011 with executives from four interdependent teams of two different Fortune 500 companies. The program included a five-day foundational training followed by six days of integration training (one per month) and six months of twice-monthly individual coaching sessions by phone. A scientific evaluation of the impact of the training on the participants and the persons they interact with, which included the collection of several related sets of quantitative (survey) and qualitative (interview) data, was also implemented and results of that evaluation will be presented. Procedures for maintaining the scientific validity and credibility of such research and the importance of doing so will be discussed. Suggestions regarding ways in which trainings presented to corporate America might be similar and different from trainings in other settings will be offered, including thoughts about addressing the needs of corporate clients, language usage, and training objectives. Some thoughts about enemy images that exist within the NVC community regarding the corporate sector and the implications of these images will also be shared.

Connecting and Collaborating Beyond Power and Perceptions, with Edmundo Norte
Even in the "post-Obama" age, those of us who have been raised in contemporary Western culture carry the legacy of deeply rooted attitudes, assumptions, beliefs and behaviors about race, class, gender and other kinds of “difference”. This session will engage participants in many of the classic themes and situations of conflict around “difference” in the work place (and beyond), and demonstrate how the principles and practices of NVC can create a fundamentally more authentic and trusting collaborative culture.

Creating Workplaces Where People Thrive, with Gregg Kendrick
Gregg offers an overview of his work to bring a human-need consciousness into business using the processes of NVC & Dynamic Self-Governance. The work embodies both gentle/receptive qualities and fierce/directional qualities. The intention is to transform the culture of the organization– including its relationships, organizational structures, processes, policies, decision-making and leadership – into one where both people and purpose matter.

How & Why Empathy Works in the Workplace, with Marie Miyashiro and Sylvia Haskvitz
Why is greed out and empathy in? This presentation will discuss empathy in the workplace: what the research says. How is empathy a hot topic in business and leadership research? What role does need consciousness – both personal and organizational – play in productivity, innovation and performance? Why are big companies striving to build a culture of widespread empathy?

Coaching for Empowerment, with Martha Lasley
When you develop a coaching culture throughout your organization, you’ll create a more productive, engaged, results-oriented workforce. Collaborative communication and coaching skills build a common language that fosters honest relationships and brings insights for lasting change. You’ll learn how conflict and challenge can become a portal for growth.

Maximizing Willingness for Collaborative Decision-Making, with Miki Kashtan
How can you support a group in reaching a decision, especially under time constraints, without losing goodwill and inclusion? What can you do to de-polarize a group and create shared ownership of the issues that need to be addressed? What tools support people in shifting from entrenched positions? This presentation addresses these and similar challenges and offers concrete steps for facilitating efficient collaboration towards a decision while keeping everyone on board.

Human Needs at High Altitude, with Ulrich Nettesheim
Should we work to bring greater awareness of human nature and human needs into play with institutional leaders -- CEOs, Chairman, heads of large businesses? Ulrich will share some of his experiences, reflect on what is and isn’t working, and explore future approaches and practices.

Workforce Alignment, with Wes Taylor
This presentation will reflect on the lessons from 3 years of NVC integration in a large urban hospital: the trials, errors, celebrations, and disappointments. What was the impact of: transforming the culture so that employee behaviors are an expression of the organization’s values; engage in supporting leadership's ability to embody the fullness of compassion and unflinching direction; supporting leaders who lean into either permissiveness or "power-over," and more?

Download flyer in PDF format or visit our website for more information.


Dian KillianDian Killian, PhD is founder and director of Brooklyn Nonviolent Communication (The Center for Collaborative Communication), a certified NVC trainer, and co-author of two books, Connecting across Differences: A Guide to Compassionate Nonviolent Communication & Urban Empathy: True Life Adventures of Compassion on the Streets of NY. She has led NVC training with diverse organizations including third level institutions (City University of New York, State University of New York at Binghamton, Hunter College, NYU, New School University), faith-based organizations (from Unitarian Universalist congregations to Buddhist Zendos), NGOs and non-profits (Maryknoll Missionaries, the AJ Muste Institute, Americorp, UN Development Program), and Fortune 500 Companies, including several organizations within Merck, Inc. and HCL (India). She also leads workshops and classes regularly in New York City at the NY Open Center, Kripalu, Insight Meditation, and the 92nd St Y. www.collaborative-communication.org/

Edmundo NortonEdmundo Norte serves as the Dean of Intercultural and International Studies at De Anza College in Cupertino, California, and is a national consultant on issues of diversity, equity, and transformative leadership. He conducts experiential workshops on "A Human Development Approach to Transforming Power, Perceptions, and Society", an empathy-focused way of approaching anti-racist, social justice work. He leads seminars and has taught courses at San Jose State University's Department of Educational Leadership and for California State University East Bay's Master of Education in Urban Teacher Leadership program.

Greg KendrickGregg Kendrick is a certified NVC, trainer, he serves as an Associate Trainer for the NVC Training Institute. With an extensive background in business management, Gregg’s specialty is working with those who want to integrate NVC consciousness into a business, nonprofit or other organization. He formerly was co-owner & CEO of a software technology training firm for 19 years whose clients were mostly large corporations & government agencies. He has been a full-time consultant/trainer since 2004 using NVC to co-create living organizations where people matter. In 2004, Gregg founded Basileia LLC with the mission of co-creating organizations where people thrive amidst authenticity, connection, and interdependence using the tools of Nonviolent Communication and Dynamic Self-Governance. www.basileia.org

Marie CollinsMarie Miyashiro has been a communication and organization consultant for more than 22 years working with businesses, nonprofits, universities, government agencies and professional associations in strategic planning, organization communication and development, employee and manager training and, marketing. Marie developed Integrated Clarity®, a strategic planning and business framework that builds on and integrates with the Nonviolent CommunicationSM breakthrough model developed by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg which today is in use and taught in over 36 countries worldwide. A nationally recognized business consultant, facilitator and Nonviolent CommunicationSM teacher, she has worked with businesses and organizations around the US as well as in India, Canada, Japan and Indonesia. www.elucity.com

Martha LasleyMartha Lasley is a founding partner of Leadership that Works, where she trains and coaches visionaries. She is passionate about coaching leaders and social change activists to improve interpersonal communication and facilitate profound personal and organizational transformation. As a founding faculty member of Coaching for Transformation, she offers a 9-month coaching certification program. She authored two books: Facilitating with Heart and Courageous Visions: How to Unleash Passionate Energy in Your Life and Your Organization. On the faculty of Capella University’s MBA program, she teaches coaching and facilitation courses. As a certified NVC trainer, she offers programs in nonprofits, foundations, corporations, prisons, universities, and intensives. Clients include Cornell University, Corning, Foundation, 9/11 Families for Peaceful Tomorrows, Kripalu, and the United Nations. www.leadershipthatworks.com.

Miki KashtanMiki Kashtan is a certified NVC trainer, and is a founder of BayNVC and the North America Leadership Program. Miki conducts organizational trainings, consults with private and public sector organizations and teaches NVC at workshops around the US and internationally. Miki has also been supporting global social change movements, including coaching of the Peace Alliance in their Dept. of Peace campaign, facilitation of the African Alliance for Peace summit in Ghana and a global peace building and conflict transformation summit in Japan. She holds a Ph.D. in sociology from the University of California at Berkeley. You can find Miki’s blog The Fearless Heart: http://baynvc.blogspot.com and her TV show “The Conflict Hotline” at http://youtube.com/baynvc.

Ulrich NettesheimUlrich Nettesheim has a 20-year successful track record supporting senior executives who must execute the business’ strategy in the face of major challenges. He advises and coaches senior leaders and their teams, ranging from CEOs of the Fortune 500 to start-ups, to heads of business units and functions to Chairmen of global non-profits. Ulrich helps strengthen and broaden the capabilities of the leader, their Pfizer, Novartis), Venture Capital (Kleiner Perkins), Consumer Product Goods (Hersheys) , Financial Services (JP Morgan Chase), Healthcare (TriHealth), Manufacturing (MillerCoors), NGOs (Transparency International). He was a director of strategy for 5 years at USC Medical Center. He is a lecturer at UC’s Haas Business School on topics including leadership, high performance teams, innovation and execution of strategy. His education includes Columbia University, M.A., Organizational Psychology - joint studies at Business School and Organization Psychology. DePauw University, B.A., Biology. www.passagesconsulting.com

Wes TaylorWes Taylor has been working full time in the discipline of Nonviolent Communication since 1998. Currently he is responsible for creating alignment in the workforce and culture of Mercy Medical Center, a large inner-city hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. His job description charges him with the auspicious goal of “transforming the culture so that all employee behaviors are an expression of Mercy’s Values through which patients, visitors, staff and physicians experience compassionate healing presence.” Patient satisfaction scores and staff retention statistics have noticeably increased during his tenure with Mercy. Wes is a founding partner with the NVC Training Institute, offering advanced NVC training seminars in N. America and Europe since 2000. His background includes a wide variety of training and management consulting services as an independent consultant and as founding Executive Director of the Flagstaff Center for Compassionate Communication. www.nvcti.com

These leaders have worked with such organizations as: Xerox, Corning, Lucent, Siemens, Novartis, Hersheys, JP Morgan Chase, MillerCoors, City University of New York, State University of New York at Binghamton, Hunter College, NYU, New School University, Unitarian Universalist congregations, Buddhist Zendos, Maryknoll Missionaries, Americorp, UN Development Program, Merck, Inc., HCL (India) and Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore.

Requested Experience:

A basic understanding of nonviolent communication, which you may gain by either reading at least the first 8 chapters of the book Nonviolent Communication: a Language of Life by Marshall Rosenberg

OR by reading through our Basic Reference Materials on the BayNVC website,

OR by listening to one or two Introductory NVC Academy Audio Recordings,

OR by participating in the NVC Academy Basics Telecourse.

Program Components:

  • Morning interactive sessions with facilitators: skill building and practice with coaching
  • Afternoon open space format: for customized learning and meeting your unique needs and interests


To make your reservation at the Holiday Inn, go online here or call the Holiday Inn directly: 1-877-252-1169.. 

Year Long Program:
Following the March conference, a year-long program begins May 9, 2011 for NVC in the workplace. The program includes three 5-day retreats, follow-up conference calls and individual coaching, where you'll learn ways to create and sustain a culture of shared partnership. For more information: online details, email or call Bay NVC at 510-433-0700 or 866-422-9682.

Location Information     Contact Information
Holiday Inn
50 Eighth Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 626-6103

Map to Event Location
  Martha Lasley
Registration Rates

$850 - Supporter Rate (to support scholarships)

$750 - Standard Rate

$650 - Organization Rate (three or more from the same organization)

$550 - Reduced Rate (for those with financial need)

Room and board is not included in the conference fee. Room reservations can be made directly with the Holiday Inn (415) 626-6103 or other area hotels.

This event is no longer available for registration.

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