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Coaching for Transformation Certification - 9 months


Course Date And Time
Classroom training: May 13-15; July 9-10; Sept 10-11; Nov 11-13; Jan 14-15, 9 AM - 6 PM; plus 34 teleclasses (90 minutes each)

Program Details
Want to create lasting, effective change in yourself and others? Can you envision coaching people from diverse communities to manifest their vision and goals? Leadership that Works is offering a nine-month coaching certification program so that you can access your inner wisdom and creativity, and support others to do the same.

Using a holistic approach, you’ll integrate body, mind and spirit, to empower you and others to be the change we want to see in the world.

Course Overview
This Personal and Professional Coaching training is a 140-hour program that leads to a Certification as a Professional Coach. It is at the forefront of coaching training and offers a concentration in holistic coaching.

Whether you’re a social activist, manager, counselor, health-care worker, or any other nonprofit leader or staff member, coaching skills will allow you to support co-workers and constituencies as you work together to create stronger, healthier and more equitable communities. You can use this program to become a professional coach and work with staff in the nonprofit sector or you can use this training to enhance your leadership effectiveness within nonprofit organizations.

If you are committed to social change and human evolution, this training will deepen your effectiveness. Geared toward social sector innovators, this program helps you address the assets and challenges of people outside the dominant culture. After graduating you will continue to draw from a community of diverse coaches for mutual support.

The 9-month training is 65% in person training; 35% via teleclass

  • 12 classroom training sessions
  • 34 90-minute teleclasses
  • 14 hours of peer coaching
  • 10 hours of mentor coaching
  • Competencies demonstration and final evaluation

The Trainers

Mary KuentzMary K. Kuentz, CPCC, PCC, is a trainer and professional coach specializing in human development and transformation of the workplace. She works in trusted partnership with clients world-wide to envision, prioritize and achieve the many possibilities for their personal and professional lives. Mary designs and delivers training and coaching programs that help individuals and teams step into their fullest potential to become passionate leaders in their families, their communities and their work. By teaching a “Coach Approach,” she has helped thousands of people transform their personal and professional lives.


BelmaBelma Gonzalez, CPCC has been providing assets based, culturally aware coaching to nonprofit and social justice activists since 2004. She works with diverse, multi-generational clients throughout the United States on leadership enhancement, change management, work/life transitions, balance and fulfillment. Belma has coached participants of thirteen leadership development programs to-date; all with an eye to strengthening the nonprofit sector and social justice movement. Belma is a co-founder of Prism Coaching, a group of coaches of color who consider the identification, understanding and use of cultural influences as an asset. She is also a member of RoadMAP, an alliance of consultants who work collaboratively with members of social justice organizations.

What Makes Coaching for Transformation Unique

Coaching for Transformation is an exciting adventure in experiential learning where you will face the cutting edges of your own growth, as well as:

  • Receive mentoring with rigorous feedback on your coaching skills
  • Focus on transformation for the client and the coach
  • Deepen awareness of multicultural coaching
  • Expand emotional intelligence and needs awareness
  • Learn how to build your coaching business

Course Curriculum includes:

1. Welcome to Coaching
• Creating Conscious Community
• Exploring Core Principles and Coaching Process Model
• Listening for Transformation
• Opening to Curiosity and Awareness
• Asking Empowering Questions

2. Coaching Skills
• Core Coaching Skills
• Acknowledging, Championing, Celebrating and Appreciating
• Making Powerful Requests
• Working with Limiting Beliefs and the Inner Critic
• Surfacing the Transformational Agenda

3. Alignment with Self
• Connecting with Meaning, Passion and Purpose
• Identifying Universal Needs
• Expanding Emotional Intelligence
• Clarifying Personal Values
• Opening to Possibilities

4. Multicultural Coaching
• Structuring Coaching Relationship
• Deepening Awareness of Biases
• Exploring Power and Privilege
• Practicing Sensitive Intervention Strategies
• Developing Awareness of Cultural Differences

5. Expanding the View
• Identifying your Client’s Viewpoint
• Expanding Viewpoint of What is Possible
• Deepening Fulfillment and Accountability
• Choosing Self Care for the Coach
• Reframing to Expand Choice

6. Experiencing the Moment
• Staying Present in the Moment
• Deepening Awareness of Body, Mind, and Spirit
• Accessing Inner Wisdom through the Body
• Practicing Self-Management
• Transforming Judgment

7. Embracing the Shadow
• Working with the Loyal Soldier
• Embracing Polarities
• Transforming Distress into Light
• Visualizing the Future
• Harnessing Fear and Power

8. Calling out the Client’s Power
• Taking the Coach’s Stand
• Identifying Your Unique Strengths as a Coach
• Develop Your Personal Approach
• Exploring Your own Delivery Systems
• Using Provocative Coaching
• Coaching Across Differences

9. The Business of Coaching
• Creating from Values and Vision
• Integrating Coaching into Existing Life and Work
• Structuring your Coaching Business
• Creating and Implementing your Plan
• Expanding your Network and Generating Sustainability

10. Soul and Spirit
• Coaching Outside the Box
• Working with the Natural World
• Accessing Your Core Self, Personal Expression, and Contribution in The World
• Using Earth-Based and Eastern Models to Inform Your Coaching of Soul and Spirit

11. Celebration and Completion
• Integrating Coaching Skills
• Launching into the Unknown

Location Information     Contact Information
The Women's Building
3543 18th St. #8
San Francisco, CA

Map to Event Location
  Belma González

This event is no longer available for registration.

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