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Parts Work: Deepen your Confidence with Embracing the Shadow - 4 months


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What's in the Way is the Way

Empower your clients and simultaneously transform your inner world...

Parts work is one of the most valuable aspects of working with clients. Even when not using parts work explicitly, you can track different voices and address them. This helps clients connect to their inner core of calm, creativity, confidence, and compassion.

This series includes 8 teleclasses that are spread out to allow for practice in between classes. The calls are scheduled at 7:30 pm IST (10 am ET / 7 am PT) to accommodate the Asia coaching community. One session will focus on connecting you to your spiritual guides. This can be used to get information about your soul's purpose.

Part One

The first four classes are filled with content, demonstrations and discussions.

  1. A New Map of the Psyche: Understanding how to work with the multiplicity of the mind and tap the power of the client’s divine core.
  2. Building Relationships with Protectors: Lasting change only happens with the permission and cooperation of the parts of us that are in charge of our safety and happiness.
  3. Healing Child Parts: Lasting transformation occurs when the protector parts witness the healing of the vulnerable parts they are protecting.
  4. Deepening Your Skill: Seeing a full-length demonstration illuminates how the model works with real people in real time.

Part Two 

The last four classes focus on consolidating your knowledge, question and answers, and long demonstrations. The teleclasses are spaced at two week intervals to allow time for practice and integrating the learning. 

    Learning Objectives

    • Understand what parts of the psyche want
    • Help clients who seem stuck transform at the deepest levels
    • See what’s in the way as the way
    • Tap into your own core of calm, confidence, and wisdom

    In this training you will learn:

    • Five axioms of parts work
    • Five principles of working with parts
    • About Self—the indestructible, intact, immaculate, intelligent core of every human being, no matter how traumatized
    • Three methods of working with parts: in-sight, direct access, and active imagination

    Parts work will deepen your trust in yourself, in your client, and in the process. This class is for coaches or therapists on a personal journey of awakening and who want to participate in healing the world.

    Guthrie says, "My mission helps wounded healers heal themselves so they can offer their greatest gifts to the world. I also help people with a social conscience bring compassion to their internal world so they can facilitate social justice more effectively in the external world."

    Parts Work, as Guthrie uses it and teaches it, is based mostly on Internal Family Systems (IFS), which was developed by Richard C. Schwartz. Please read his article “The Larger Self,” which can be found here: http://www.selfleadership.org/the-larger-self.html.

    If you are interested in more reading, look into the following three books, perhaps in the order listed below:

    1. Dorie Cameron, Why Did I Do That? This is simple, illustrated introduction to the IFS model. It looks like a children’s book—brief text and large pictures—but honors the beauty and complexity of the IFS model.

    2. Richard C. Schwartz, Introduction to the Internal Family Systems Model. This is a short, clear book on the IFS model by the man who developed the model. This will give you a deeper understanding than Dorie Cameron’s excellent but very brief introduction.

    3. Jay Earley, Self-Therapy, 2nd ed. This longer book moves through the IFS model step by step and includes transcripts of real sessions that illustrate each step.

    All three books are available at The Center for Self Leadership, the official IFS website.


    Guthrie Sayen

    Guthrie Sayen, PhD, PCC, trains coaches in the Coaching for Transformation program and works one-on-one with healers, helping them unwrap the gift of their pain so that they can heal others more deeply. As a True Purpose Coach, he helps healers find their soul's purpose so they can make the difference they were designed to make. He is also trained in Voice Dialogue, Psychosynthesis, and Lucid Living.


    Dates and Time

    Mondays 7:30 - 9 pm IST / 10 -11:30 am ET

    March 20
    April 3 and 17
    May 1, 15 and 30*
    June 12 and 26

    *The May 30 teleclass is on a TUESDAY due to the U.S. Memorial Day holiday on Monday.

    Contact Information

    Guthrie Sayen


      • $395 payment in full
      • $420 installment plan






      This event is no longer available for registration.

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