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Making Collaboration Real: Empowering the Workplace with Nonviolent Communication - 5 day Retreat and Year-long Program


Nonviolent communication (NVC) is a revolutionary way to create and sustain a culture of shared partnership. Practicing compassion and authenticity at work opens the door to a consciousness that wakes people up to their full potential and supports productivity, high morale, and trust.

Through participation you can expect to learn about and acquire tools to:

  • Transform conflict by co-creating strategies based on the needs of all parties
  • Bring authenticity and presence to your work without appearing "touchy-feely"
  • Make clear, doable requests that consider everyone's needs
  • Support groups in making quick collaborative decisions
  • Change the dynamics of employee reviews to inspire professional development
  • Turn your customers, especially unhappy ones, into fans

This program will support you to:

  • Give and receive meaningful feedback without criticism
  • Facilitate dynamic meetings that bring out the best in everyone
  • Create a coaching culture to support awareness and action
  • Negotiate, keep and change agreements based on needs
  • Use empathy and transparency to support customer relations

Who participates?
This international program is targeted to leaders in both business and non-profit organizations including executives, managers, and individual contributors. This program can be particularly powerful for teams of people working together inside organizations whether they are all in one location or spread around the world. The program is designed to have a parallel track for consultants, coaches and NVC
trainers who are currently working or want to work with organizations. The program is designed to have a parallel track for consultants, coaches and NVC trainers who are currently working or want to work with organizations.

Continuing Education Units are available. Click here for more information.

Program Components:

  • 3 residential intensive retreats. Each retreat will last 5 days for a total of 15 training days.
  • Each successive retreat builds upon and reinforces the learning of previous retreat(s).
    • Regular ongoing group conference calls
    • Individual coaching calls with a member of the extended training team
    • Peer partner calls to support the work that you want to realize in the workplace
    • Individual assignments

Course Date And Time
1st Retreat: 5/9/11 to 5/13/11
2nd Retreat: 9/20/11 to 9/24/11
3rd Retreat: 1/9/12 to 1/13/12

Opening circle at 3:00 pm, dinner at 6 pm, and evening session at 7:15 pm; ending with lunch on the last day.

About the trainers:

The main trainers for this program will be Miki Kashtan and Martha Lasley. Each retreat is scheduled to have an additional guest trainer with specific expertise in NVC in the workplace. Guest trainers will also lead some of the conference calls. The program as a whole will have a team of experienced assistant trainers.

Miki KashtanMiki Kashtan, certified NVC trainer, is a founder of BayNVC and the North America Leadership Program. Miki conducts organizational trainings, consults with private and public sector organizations and teaches NVC at workshops around the US and internationally. Miki has also been supporting global social change movements, including coaching of the Peace Alliance in their Dept. of Peace campaign, facilitation of the African Alliance for Peace summit in Ghana and a global peace building and conflict transformation summit in Japan. She holds a Ph.D. in sociology from the University of California at Berkeley. You can find Miki’s blog The Fearless Heart: http://baynvc.blogspot.com and her TV show “The Conflict Hotline” at http://youtube.com/baynvc

Martha LasleyMartha Lasley, certified NVC trainer, is a founder of Leadership that Works, and the Coaching for Transformation certification program. As an organization development consultant, Martha integrates Nonviolent Communication and transformational coaching to help people experience the alchemy of shifting blame and judgment into compassion and productivity. She trains and coaches visionaries and social activists to unleash their passion and create change. Her passion is transforming organizations by helping leadership teams create a culture of compassion, shared power and growth. She holds an MBA from Syracuse University and has written two books, Courageous Visions and Facilitating with Heart. www.leadershipthatworks.com

Teaching Style:
We will use a variety of learning modalities including short lectures followed by role plays along with hands-on practice of key NVC organizational skills. In order to deepen the learning, participants will be invited to simulate an organization by forming their own work groups with deliverables within the retreat structure.

Requested Experience:

A basic understanding of nonviolent communication, which you may gain by either reading at least the first 8 chapters of the book Nonviolent Communication: a Language of Life by Marshall Rosenberg
OR by reading through our basic reference materials on the BayNVC website,
OR by listening to one or two Introductory NVC Academy Audio Recordings,
OR by participating in the NVC Academy Basics Telecourse.



The first retreat in May 2011 is open to those who only wish to sign up for one retreat and then may choose to continue in the year long program.

The second and third retreat, as well as all other program components, will only be for those completing the year long program.

Retreat days are full and group activities often continue into the evening hours. Time commitment between retreats ranges from 1 to 4 hours per week.

In addition to the three retreats, the yearlong program will include joint teleconference sessions and other work which will continue after the third retreat.


All of the Making Collaboration Real Retreats will take place at the Marconi Conference Center, on the coast just north of San Francisco, a beautiful location with modern amenities such as wireless internet access. The nearest major airports are San Francisco and Oakland which are both an approximate 1-1/2 hour drive. We will help coordinate rides for retreat participants.

Marconi View

What People are Saying About Using NVC in Organizations:

“My boss said, ‘No consensus can be reached. Just tell them how you want it and have them live with it.’ However, I convinced him I had new tools and invited everyone to the meeting and asked them to bring their ideas. Almost everyone showed up, from tellers to vice presidents. We made a needs list, listened to eight plans, then put a check next to the need if it was met by the plan. We agreed to take the top three plans with a small group and merge the best ideas. Many people are going to move their offices, or go to smaller offices and some will get private space for the first time, but no one got angry when they saw that most needs were met by the new idea. Best of all, the plan that emerged is better than the one I had, better then the one my boss had, and will cost less too!”
– Bank District Manager

“I had a conflict come up with a non-profit foundation I work with . . . If I didn't stand up for my needs/values and stuck to the manual/organization's message, I would have been required to teach information I consider inaccurate at best and unhealthy/dangerous at worst. The information has been disproven by numerous studies. I was overwhelmed at first, but broke down my concerns using NVC and sent off an email to everyone involved . . . I was able to quickly resolve the issue, get my needs met, and continue to have a very positive working relationship with both organizations. On top of that, my concerns are being presented to the national office of a research foundation, and have so far been welcomed and very well received.”
- Nonprofit Manager

"I know I have the technical skills and the brain power to make a huge impact in the world. What I see holding me back is my communication skills - negotiation, mediation and facilitation. Not just to be used in one big negotiation, but everyday as I navigate my way through the office. Those little daily conversations add up to something even bigger. So I view this class as a key part of my business training. It is teaching how to, day by day, build relationships and my own personal power, something more powerful than an MBA - Independent Consultant

"Powerful. Powerful. Powerful. Making Collaboration Real has given me some of the most useful tools, concepts and skills that I can immediately apply to my work facilitating collaborative leadership programs for large organizations who want to break out of the silos and inertia and operate with greater ease, authenticity, and agility." Lorraine Aguilar, P.E., President, Working Harmony, Inc.

Your Investment

Please note, there are 2 sets of expenses calculated separately: Basic Retreat Expenses and Tuition Payment plans are available. Partial scholarships may be available depending on donations.

Basic Retreat Expenses - We encourage you to share a room as we have heard that if often helps to digest the learnings with your roommate and to start to put them into practice right away.

May Retreat Only: includes your accommodations and meals, plus a share of the overall cost of the retreat, such as the meeting space: $1600 private room (limited availability); $1150 each for a shared room with one other person.. However, if the number of participants means we need to put you in a room with 2 other people in order to accommodate everyone, we will contact you and your cost will be reduced. We will try to meet your rooming preferences if at all possible.

Entire Program: $4800 private room (limited availability); $3450 each for a room shared with one other person. However, if the number of participants means we need to put you in a room with 2 other people in order to accommodate everyone, we will contact you and your cost will be reduced. We will try to meet your rooming preferences if at all possible.

Note: We ask for a $1000 deposit at time of registration. We will set up a payment agreement with you for the balance.

Tuition - May Retreat Only: $1890-3150 for registrations prior to 1/31/11, $2100-3150 for registrations after 1/31/11.

Tuition - Entire Program: $5400-9000 for registrations prior to 1/31/11, $6000-9000 for registrations after 1/31/11

Your meals will be prepared according to your preferences. If you share a room with another retreat participant whom you do not already know, we will match you with a roommate of the same gender, and try to find a compatible roommate according to your preferences such as whether you like to get up early in the morning or whether you like to stay up late, etc.

For more information, May Retreat only pricing, or Corporate/Nonprofit/Hospital pricing, contact BayNVC at nvc@baynvc.org or phone 510-433-0700 or 866-422-9682.


Location Information     Contact Information
Marconi Retreat Center
  Martha Lasley
Click here to register and for more information

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