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In response to COVID-19, in-person classes are currently being delivered virtually via Zoom. See individual courses for details.

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Coaching for Transformation Certification - 9 months

Course Dates and Times
Class Sessions: Three 4-day programs 11th -14th April 2014, 21-24 August 2014, and 10-13 January, 2015.Weekly teleclasses on Wednesdays from 7:30 - 9 pm IST.

Want to create lasting, effective change in yourself and others? Can you envision coaching people to manifest their vision and goals? As a coach, you'll support self-awareness, multicultural sensitivity, access to inner wisdom and creativity.

ACTP Logo2Using a holistic approach, you'll integrate body, mind and spirit, to empower people to be the change they want to see in the world.

This program leads to a Certification as a Professional Coach and Leadership that Works is accredited by the International Coach Federation.

Who Participates?
Whether you're an executive, manager, consultant, social organizer, counselor, or any other leader, your coaching skills will help people create a better future. You can use this program to become a professional coach or you can use your coaching skills to enhance your career.

If you are committed to leadership, social change and human evolution, this training will deepen your effectiveness. After graduating you will continue to draw from a community of diverse coaches for mutual support.


  • 140 hours of classes with 65% in person training; 35% via teleclass
    • 12 days classroom training
    • 34 90-minute teleclasses
  • 10 hours of mentor coaching
  • 40 hours of practice coaching with peers and clients
  • Weekly on-line discussions to explore concepts, celebrate success and address challenges
  • Final assessment (oral coaching competencies demonstration and written exam)

In addition, you’ll work with a CFT certified coach of your choice for 6 hours (not included in the program cost).

International Faculty

Vikram Bhatt resizedSonali Kelkar resizedGuthrie Sayen resized


Vikram Bhatt, CPC, is an organization development consultant who has a vision to take Coaching for Transformation to 1100 Indians within the next 5 years. Vikram works as an organization development coach and co-founded Essence, a community that focuses on transformation and creation of joy and love for all.

Sonali Kelkar, CPC, is an organization development consultant and a behavioral facilitator who is passionate about life. She thrives on partnering with individuals and organizations that are committed to growth. She extensively works on helping clients discover and hone the leader present in them.

Guthrie Sayen, PhD, PCC, trains coaches in the Coaching for Transformation program and works one-on-one with healers, helping them unwrap the gift of their pain so that they can heal others more deeply. As a Trained True Purpose Coach, he helps healers find their soul's purpose so they can make the difference they were designed to make. He is also trained in Voice Dialogue, Psychosynthesis, and Lucid Living.

You'll see a variety of coaching styles because other senior faculty contribute to this program (from the US and India).


What Makes Coaching for Transformation Unique
Coaching for Transformation is an exciting adventure in experiential learning where you will face the cutting edges of your own growth, as well as:

  • Receive mentoring with rigorous feedback on your coaching skills
  • Focus on transformation for the client and the coach
  • Deepen awareness of multicultural coaching
  • Expand emotional intelligence and needs awareness
  • Learn how to build your coaching business

Program Investment
The full cost of the program is $7,495 (US $). However, we offer a special price of $6,000 (includes 12.36% service tax) in Mumbai to people who intend to take coaching to diverse communities. A course requirement is that you work with your own CFT coach for 6 hours (not included in the program cost). You will also make weekly 90 minute conference calls to the US and we'll let you know about some low-cost plans, such as the monthly skype plan for $7 US per month).

Additional Discounts:

  • Payment in full at registration saves an additional $205, making full tuition $5,795.
  • 3 or more persons registering from the same organization receive a 10% organizational discount, making full tuition $5,400.

Course Curriculum Modules

1. Welcome to Coaching
• Creating Conscious Community
• Exploring Core Principles and Coaching Process Model
• Self-focused, Client-centered, and Transformational Listening
• Opening to Curiosity and Awareness
• Asking Empowering Questions
• Creating Trust

2. Coaching Skills
• Core Coaching Skills
• Acknowledging, Championing, Celebrating and Appreciating
• Making Powerful Requests
• Giving Honest, Inspirational Feedback
• Working with Limiting Beliefs and the Inner Critic
• Surfacing the Presenting, Deeper and Transformational Agenda

3. Alignment with Self
• Connecting with Meaning, Passion and Purpose
• Identifying Universal Needs
• Expanding Emotional Intelligence
• Differentiating Between Needs and Strategies
• Clarifying Personal Values
• Opening to Possibilities

4. Multicultural Coaching
• Coaching Across Differences
• Deepening Awareness of Assumptions and Biases
• Exploring Power and Privilege
• Practicing Sensitive Intervention Strategies
• Developing Awareness of Cultural Differences

5. Expanding the View
• Identifying your Client’s Viewpoint
• Expanding Viewpoint of What is Possible Using Inner and Outer Resources
• Making what no Longer Serves the Client Conscious
• Deepening Fulfillment and Accountability
• Choosing Self Care for the Coach
• Referring Clients to Other Helping Professionals

6. Experiencing the Moment
• Staying Present in the Moment
• Deepening Awareness of Body, Mind, and Spirit
• Accessing Inner Wisdom through Body Awareness
• Deepening Emotional Awareness
• Practicing Self-Management and Suspending judgment
• Identifying Natural Openings

7. Vision and Strategy
• Expanding the Vision Using the Right Brain
• Establishing Smart Goals
• Moving into Action
• Creating Empowering Accountability Structures
• Developing Supports Systems

8. Embracing the Shadow
• Working with the Loyal Soldier
• Embracing Polarities
• Transforming Distress into Light
• Visualizing the Future
• Harnessing Fear and Power

9. Calling out the Client’s Power
• Taking the Coach’s Stand
• Identifying Your Unique Strengths as a Coach
• Coaching Nonprofit Leaders
• Using Provocative Coaching
• Coaching Across Differences

10. The Business of Coaching
• Creating from Values and Vision
• Integrating Coaching into Life and Work
• Generating Sustainability
• Creating and Implementing your Plan
• Creating a Coaching Culture in Social Sector

11. Soul and Spirit
• Coaching Outside the Box
• Working with the Natural World
• Accessing Your Core Self
• Clarifying Your Contribution in The World
• Using Eastern Models to Inform Your Coaching of Soul and Spirit

12. Celebration and Completion
• Integrating Coaching Skills

Asato ma sadgamaya,
Tamaso ma jyotirgamaya
Mrutoyrama amritamgamaya

Ancient Indian prayer for transformation
And the voice of the universe
It echoes restless, in our life cells

holding with reverence
our right to light and
transforming the world one heart at a time

LEADERSHIP THAT WORKS and ESSENCE are happy to collaborate to invite you to this sacred space. It is our dream and calling, to enable people to achieve their potential, their purpose and their peace through simple, gentle and supportive interventions. We bring you a world-class coaching certification program -COACHING FOR TRANSFORMATION- that will fulfill YOUR dreams to be an agent of change.

Come, let’s join our dreams and discover together how –

creating light for self can be
as easy
as flowing water
as joyful
as a chirping sparrow
as simple
as breathing

What graduates of the 9 month Coaching for Transformation Program are saying...
“What I like about the course is first and foremost the joint commitment of Essence and Leadership that Works. Then comes the rigour to sharpen the edge of participants to become a coach. A world class programme with rich content and fully customized to the participants needs. Close your eyes and go for it. —Vinita Saxena

The dimensions which have contributed to my learning are the structure, rigor of the sessions, content/frameworks, especially the Transformational Leadership embedded with NVC and the resources—material, technology and people. It is an intense experiential learning—working as individuals, pairs and groups. The instructors are excellent—knowledgable, sharing and enabling learning in the most sincere and dedicated manner. —Ravi Srinivasan

One of the best things about the course is that to be a coach, you go through the practice coaching as well as the practice of being coached. You also self-coach as the skills become a part of you. This more than anything else convinced me of the quality of coaches CFT creates. You can actually see the process come alive and work so deeply in your own life! It allows me the contentment of knowing that as a coach I would really be contributing to the life of anybody I work with on their journey towards living a life they love. —Mira Shah

I love the balance of spontaneity and planning, structure and creativity. I have always felt very lovingly held and nurtured by the CFT community and its trainers and also challenged to go beyond my comfort zone. Another thing I really appreciate is that CFT not only teaches about the heart of coaching but also the business of coaching. This program is such a sweet balance between opposites. —Ruchika Shukla

On a professional level, as a psychotherapist, this course has added a new dimension to how I practice, not only in using many of the new skills I've learned, but also in how I see my clients as whole and resourceful. On a personal level, I have my own sense of wholeness and most importantly more self-acceptance. I'm more open with myself, more willing to take risks to put myself out there, and very excited about that.—Sharon Taub

In a word: wow! My experience with Coaching for Transformation has been, well, transformative. The way in which I work with people and the way I see myself has completely transformed as a result of this course. I've seen such exponential growth in my intuition, awareness of the body, and my ability to see the perfection, elegance and beauty in every situation and in all people no matter their appearance. The skills I learned have shifted the way I interact with my clients, my friends and family and especially myself. Without a doubt, I owe a large part of my success today as a coach to my work with Coaching for Transformation.—John Dulworth

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