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In response to COVID-19, in-person classes are currently being delivered virtually via Zoom. See individual courses for details.

For positive energy and resources for coaches, visit our Coaching Collective.

The Power of Coaching - 1.5 hour free teleclass

Want to make a living and make a difference doing what you love?


Coaching for Transformation is an exciting adventure that deepens your awareness and supports your personal growth.

Maybe you’ve thought about training to become a professional coach but are looking for a program that’s a good fit for you?

If you care about consciousness, depth, heart connection, and social change, you’re in the right place.

This class is packed with new information about coaching that you can use right away. During this FREE 90-minute call you’ll witness a coaching demonstration and experience the coaching process yourself.

We value experiential learning. That’s why we build in lots of coaching practice time. Even during this very first call. Our goal is for you to take away solid coaching skills that you can use immediately.

You’ll also find out what the 9-month Coaching for Transformation is all about. By the end of the call, you’ll get enough information to make a clear decision about whether the program is for you.

You can take the course in person or through distance learning through this International Coach Federation accredited school.

Not only do you learn 5 pathways to alignment, but you discover your unique coach’s stand so that you do the inner work while simultaneously doing the outer work with clients. Very healing.

And maybe even more important, the faculty is serious about supporting coaches to make a living and make a difference.

Leadership that Works is widely known among coach training organizations as the leader in expanding multicultural awareness and deep empathic coaching.

Since 1998, Leadership that Works has done ground-breaking coaching with nonprofit leaders, social change activists and community organizers. Rich, rewarding work. And you can be part of it.

What People Are Saying About Coaching for Transformation

“Coaching skills can greatly complement NVC work with individuals and groups, including both training and mediation, empowering people to co-create what they want to manifest in the world and truly create shared power. The program also leads to being accredited as a coach—a valuable professional credential. The CFT program is unique in integrating NVC skills in its program.” —Dian Killian, CNVC Certified Trainer

“Martha Lasley is undeniably one of the strongest leaders and innovators in the world of coaching. Through her "Coaching For Transformation" program, she's been empowering people to be agents of change through coaching. This clearly is her life passion and her life's work. I've witnessed Martha completely turn around and inspire someone through coaching in less than 20 minutes... I was filled with awe; it was pure mastery. I'm delighted that the NVC Community can tap into her wisdom and vast expertise both of coaching and of NVC.” —Francois Beausoleil, CNVC Certified Trainer

"Coaching for Transformation has deepened my NVC practice and my ability to really support people when connecting with their deepest values, dreams and goals. The course setting complements the NVC model in a remarkable way. The trainers create a supportive and caring atmosphere that allows transformation to unfold.

I have never in my life experienced learning so empowering, joyful, rewarding and life changing. I have started with clients and the training has prepared me to be a real coach, not a "rent a friend" person. The course is the best thing that has happened to me in years and worth every penny! I highly recommend participating if you are interested in contributing to change that matters." —Daniela Herzog, Zen Teacher, Furnace Mountain


Leadership that Works

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Email: info@leadershipthatworks.com 

Our Mission is to develop transformational coaches and facilitators who empower evolutionary leaders and social entrepreneurs to develop sustainable, collaborative organizations. We take a stand for whole person transformation, and bring diverse voices into the field, developing multicultural competencies in coaching and facilitation. Read More


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