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Transform Your Relationships using Nonviolent Communication - 5 days

How do you respond to difficult people and challenging conversations? Nonviolent Communication offers tools for creating mutual understanding, trust, intimacy, and meaning in your relationships.

Based on the work of Marshall Rosenberg, author of Nonviolent Communication, and led by two trainers who have cotaught many intensives with Marshall, this program helps you transform how you relate to others—by practicing self-empathy, connecting to the needs of others, and asking for what you want.

Whether you are new to Nonviolent Communication or want to deepen your practice, you’ll learn practical skills, including how to

  • Stay self-connected during challenging conversations
  • Listen to yourself and others, even when triggered
  • Discern what matters to you on a core level
  • Create strategies that work for everyone
  • Speak from your heart—with honesty and connection.

Recommended reading Jane Marantz Connor and Dian Killian, Connecting Across Differences: Finding Common Ground with Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime; Martha Lasley, Facilitating with Heart: Awakening Personal Transformation and Social Change; Marshall Rosenberg, Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life.


Martha Lasley

Martha Lasley, MBA, integrates Nonviolent Communication and transformational coaching to help people experience the alchemy of shifting blame and judgment into compassion and love. As a certified trainer for the Center for Nonviolent Communication, she works with visionaries and social activists to unleash passion and create change. She designs and delivers coach training programs to ignite personal and organizational transformation. She teaches Nonviolent Communication around the world, in prisons, universities, NGOs, corporations, and homes. She is the author of two books, Courageous Visionsand Facilitating with Heart.

Dian Killian

Dian Killian, PhD, is a certified trainer with the international Center for Nonviolent Communication, the founder and director of the Center for Collaborative Communication, and coauthor of two books,Connecting across Differences: A Guide to Compassionate, Nonviolent Communication and Urban Empathy: True Life Adventures of Compassion on the Streets of New York. She has led NVC workshops and trainings for diverse organizations including the New York Open Center, the New School University, NYU, Fortune 500 companies, and dozens of nonprofits. Nationally known as an engaging and dynamic facilitator, she brings humor, warmth, and a high level of insight and integrity to her teaching.


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PO Box 309
Stockbridge, MA 01262

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Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health
Martha Lasley
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