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Transforming the world.
One heart at a time.

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Transforming the world.
One heart at a time.

Power of Coaching Register Now

3 Ways to Work With Us

Coaching for Transformation: Become a certified coach
Coaching for Community Transformation: Transform your Community
Organization Transformation: Transform your Organization

3 Ways to Work With Us

1.  Become a Certified Coach

Accredited Coach Training Program ACTP Logo2You can get the coach training you need to become a world-class coach. During your journey, you’ll explore your intuition, dive deep into coaching and develop mastery. You’ll learn to awaken passion, expand cultural awareness and support personal growth. This coach certification program is for you if you want meaningful work and financial freedom. Get the details about Coaching for Transformation. To become a certified life coach, choose from the distance learning programs or find out where the next in-person course is near you. Or check out our full menu of courses

2.  Transform Your Community 

Putting coaching skills into the hands of your community members creates an empowering force for change. Instead of calling in outside experts, learn how to empower community members to communicate what they want, take responsibility for outcomes, and develop action plans they’re inspired to implement. Learn more about how to Transform your Community. You can develop leadership across sectors by starting with our 2-hour intro and then bring a team to the 9-month Community Coach Certification program.

3.  Transform Your Organization

We work with leaders and rising stars to create change initiatives that your entire organization will rally around. Ideal for change agents who are serious about social responsibility and creating a coaching culture where everyone thrives. Why? Because inspired employees are wildly creative and productive. They resolve conflicts. They share power. They come to life. Instead of business as usual, they work toward the triple bottom line: people, planet and profits. Find out more about how to Transform your Organization or choose from ChangeMakers, Leadership Development, and Collaborative Communication programs.


Success Stories

Leadership that Works has helped thousands of people create fulfilling careers. Here, graduates from our signature coach training program, Coaching for Transformation, talk about what surprised them about becoming a certified coach.

    Our Unique Approach

    Coaching is life-changing, world-changing work. Our coaching programs go beyond theories and models and work with clients on a deeper level. You learn how to coach the whole person: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

    Heart ConnectionHeart Connection

    • Our programs support authentic connection which allows coaches and clients to open, deepen and inspire each other.
    • We create sacred space for vulnerable expression. At the core of vulnerability is pure energy that has the potential to transform shame and fear into acceptance, belonging and joy.
    • We cultivate wildly creative and supportive spaces that invite everyone to go beyond their edges during our coach training programs.

    Diversity & Cultural Awareness

    • Our faculty are leaders in the field of cultural awareness.
    • Our students come from diverse communities in 30 countries on 6 continents.
    • We bring coaching to people who traditionally have less access to financial resources: the social sector, developing nations, people of color, LGBTQ, spiritual communities and more.

    Whole Person Transformation

    • Graduates often say, “I expected my coach training would be transformational for my clients, but I didn’t know it would be so deeply transformational for me.”
    • Participants make big changes in their lives and move boldly toward their dreams.
    • In our coach training programs you learn to bring your body, mind, and spirit into alignment. Then you help your clients, coworkers and communities do the same.

    liberationSocial Change

    • You will support clients who work on some of the most pressing issues of our times. You'll have the tools to support social, racial, economic, and environmental justice.
    • You will explore issues of power, privilege, rank and culture so that you can support transformation in yourself, your clients, your organization or your community.
    • You will expand your vision, passion, courage, and creativity to lead thriving organizations that can create lasting social change.

    Supportive Community

    • Leaders, coaches and facilitators come together for lifelong support, collaboration, and continuous learning.
    • People of all ages, vocations, cultures, and walks of life collectively work toward putting transformational tools and skills into the hands of all.
    • Long after your coach training program is over, you'll still be part of a community of practice where you expand your skillset and experiment with new ways to put empowerment principles into action.

    If you’re ready to create a life you love—and the world you want to live in—join us for coach certification training!

    For more information on our most popular program, read 9 Reasons People Choose Coaching for Transformation.

        3 Reasons to Become a Certified Coach

        1. Make Big Changes

        Through our coach training programs, you can help your clients, employees, or community members create a better world. Our programs attract people who are committed to social change, but need the tools to support lasting change.

        2. Launch a Fulfilling Career

        Are you stuck in a high-stress, boring, or meaningless job? Do you want to help others awaken to their full potential? With coach training, you’ll help people make lasting changes in their lives—and make the changes that the world needs now.

        3. Find Financial Freedom

        Do you want a flexible work schedule with financial freedom? As a coach, you’ll be your own boss. Work your own hours. Most of our students attract paying clients before they graduate.

        3 Ways to Get Started

        1. If you are wondering if coach training is for you...

        take a free teleclass or an intro course

        2. If you are ready to start your coach training...

        become a Certified Life Coach or a Certified Community Coach

        3. If you are already an experienced coach...

        take your coaching to the next level with our advanced courses or contact us about transforming your community or organization.

        Power of Coaching Register Now

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        Our Mission is to develop transformational coaches and facilitators who empower evolutionary leaders and social entrepreneurs to develop sustainable, collaborative organizations. We take a stand for whole person transformation, and bring diverse voices into the field, developing multicultural competencies in coaching and facilitation. Read More

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