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About the Library for Transformation

Focus of the Library

This library is an educational site and a free community resource. We post practical, substantive articles, videos and podcasts on hundreds of topics within 9 core categories:

  1. Coaching
  2. Communication
  3. Community Transformation
  4. Diversity and Inclusion
  5. Facilitation
  6. Leadership
  7. Marketing and Fundraising
  8. Organization Transformation
  9. Personal Growth

Frequently Asked Questions about the Library

Who Contributes Resources to the Library?

Authors from around the world contribute to the Library, giving contributors and their resources tremendous global exposure. The resources remain the property of the authors.

Who hosts the library?

Leadership that Works hosts the Library as a free community resource.

Are the Library materials evaluated before inclusion in the Library?

Yes. Each article is evaluated for fit, accuracy and substance. If readers notify us of the inaccuracy of an article (not just a different opinion), the article will be removed from the Library.

Can I copy or distribute materials from the library?

Only if you get permission from the individual author.

How can I add materials to the Library?

Go to Submission Guidelines.

Why wasn’t my article or video accepted?

We only accept articles that are likely to add value to our readers. We do not have the resources to provide individual feedback to each author, but you can find some of the reasons articles are not accepted in the Submissions Guidelines

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