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Organization Transformation Results

Discover the Simplest Way to Drive Wide-Scale Organizational Change

If you’re having trouble implementing change in your workplace, you’re not alone. Most organizations have a poor track record in this area—more than 70% of change initiatives fail. Fear and push-back make organizational change on any scale a real challenge and can overwhelm even the most dynamic leaders.

The easiest way to create organizational transformation is to train your leaders to become internal coaches and create a collaborative culture. We start by discovering what brings your people together, how they align with your organizational vision, and what brings out their best.

Rather than being stuck in silos and turf battles, we train your teams to collaborate to design and implement change initiatives. That way your leaders embed change in how they run meetings, organize their time and interact with their peers.

What makes this program distinct is our approach to leadership—instead of lone leaders, we develop collaborative leadership teams where power-over dynamics shift to shared power. In this environment, people become passionately engaged, communicate authentically, and inspire personal and organizational transformation.

This scalable and sustainable approach to driving change has a high return on investment, including:

  • Higher retention rates
  • Increased engagement
  • Expanded productivity
  • Improved competencies and performance
  • Expanded cultural awareness

What’s truly exciting for us is that you get results by creating the changes yourselves. We guide you and help you identify your strengths and find your own solutions. Together we create a culture that stimulates and challenges people.

Unilever, Egypt Case Study

We recently worked in Egypt at Unilever as facilitators and coaches. When we arrived, the employees talked about high stress from the political turmoil and their unhealthy lifestyles. Starting with the senior team, our first intervention was to look at their mental health, their own well-being, and how to be their own advocates. We expanded the process to work with the managers, who then trained their teams in resilience. In turn, they led a workshop with 180 people that had an impact on 2,000 people.

The results were amazing—double digit growth and they won the prestigious Compass Award. Not only did they achieve great business results, but their personal lives changed. Many people stopped smoking, lost weight, and changed their relationships with people at work and with their families. Their culture of continuous conflict shifted to become much more joyful and productive.

“Every organization has a sacred center, a soul, that goes beyond the numbers, where the purpose of being together comes alive. We help organizations grow and evolve by building cultures of trust. Ultimately, our work is simple—we help people find their own inner sense of balance and rhythm, their own music.” —Vikram Bhatt, Unilever Project Co-Facilitator


Biggest return on investment: less interpersonal conflict

I have a hard-core finance background. The biggest return on investment of the program is that my organization has less interpersonal conflict and less friction between departments. The biggest tangible impact is that I’m not stressed, so I can focus on what’s next. This gets me more business--so the impact is organization-wide. —Shekhar Kulkarni

Coaching emerging leaders

My experience was awesome! Definitely life-changing for me. As the Chief Human Resource Officer in my organization and OD practitioner, I plan to use my CFT training to create a prototype for coaching emerging leaders, as well as use coaching during group sessions geared to train supervisors new skills. I also plan to use the skills I have learned to coach employees; domestic and international.

The program is a great way to learn how to use Self as an instrument of change, and to gain insight regarding personal strengths, challenges and aspirations. It also teaches you how to build and drive change in individuals, communities, and organizations. —Janie L. Payne

Skeptical, but proven wrong

At first I was skeptical that coaching would help me understand myself better or would be so applicable to the corporate enterprise, but I was proven wrong. It's all about becoming aware and identifying your values. My coach is also a very compassionate person and was just great during some of the very emotional calls (and there were quite a few, I must admit). I am grateful to my coach and recommend coaching highly. —Kathleen Stearns

Shifting from force to listening

I coached a colleague recently on something that, 5 years ago, I forcefully told her how to handle over a period of time, but nothing changed. By listening to her deeper needs, she came to the realization she needed to take better care of herself, and in three short weeks, has completely remodeled herself, and actually willingly making time to do all the stuff I tried to force on her 5 years ago! —Heather Markel

Diversity and Inclusion

My life has changed in a profound way because I am practicing authenticity and vulnerability. The most powerful component was learning how to get into the depth of what might be holding me back and embrace it—acknowledge it without acquiescing to it. Other coaching programs don’t work with diversity and inclusion, which I found useful as a white male. The work we did helps me connect with a broader spectrum of people at a deeper level. —Eric Couillard

Holistic developmental perspective so very important

The quality and depth of the program is awesome and truly transforms sincere students. The faculty brings a high level of competency and diversity. The concept, framework, design, content and delivery is world class. At work I took a course on coaching skills for leaders which was useful because it was oriented toward performance and results. But the holistic developmental perspective of the person was missing, which is so very important to me. —Ulhas Supatkar

Transformation becomes a way of life

What an eye-opening experience. As I went through this journey, I began to rediscover myself and others, and started looking at things from a completely different angle. Pathways of transformation become a way of life once you start to practice it and play with it. I enjoyed every bit of it especially the support I received… it feels like home. —Nadine El-Hadad

Create shared power

Coaching skills can empower people to co-create what they want to manifest in the world and truly create shared power. —Dian Killian

My employees run the company now

I found more trust in people. Coaching opened up a lot of doors for me and my employees. They run the company now. —Craig Peck

In-house fighting is virtually gone

I learned the true value of teamwork, and how to really support others. Since the leadership series we have built up a great momentum. People are really backing each other up and the in-house fighting is virtually gone. This is a valuable program that has helped us build a cohesive team. —Dominick Maria

Systematic approach to get people to take action

What I like most about the training is the personalized, hands-on approach and the activities that make people think. Coaching helped me look at myself and gave me the courage to understand and get along with others. Both facilitators are reality-based, action-oriented trainers and coaches. They don't dwell on past problems, but deal with current issues and use a systematic approach to get people to take action." —Lillian Smith

Share at a level that’s unusual in a business

Before the teambuilding workshop our staff was struggling with communication problems and battling with an us-versus-them mentality. The energy and the choice of activities allowed people to share at a level that’s unusual in a business environment. She was absolutely perfect and the response was terrific. We hear more laughter and the staff is both more relaxed and more excited. Everyone is committed to monthly follow-up on projects that continue to bring us together." —Tom Weidemann

See the company and the people differently

I was caught up in negativity and now I feel much better about my work. I see the company and the people differently. I am much more focused, not just on the specifics, but on the overall picture. I’ve grown from coaching and I’m much more upbeat. My coach helped me dig deeper, open up and look at how I can do things differently. —Jill O’Connor

Gave up frustration and burnout

Finding out what my true values are was a real awakening. Deciding my future based on my values was transformational. I gave up a life of frustration and burnout and turned on to a new, exciting life of growth and achievement! —Scott Wierschem

To find out more about how to partner with us to transform your organization, call us at 570-297-3333.

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