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If intuition is a pedestal, how can I stand on it?

May 2, 2018
What does it mean to be at your coaching edge? For Leadership that Works Coach trainer, Coaching for Transformation grad, and business owner, Ana Polanco, it means following your intuition and allowing a plan to unfold by following its own energy. Having visited LMHQ last December for a ...

Tools to Change the World

May 2, 2018
“I consider myself an ambassador, a door opener.” When Kawtar El Alaoui stepped into the Coaching for Transformation (CFT) program in Mumbai in 2014, she was a very different person than today. With a legal background and analytical nature, Kawtar recognized that her world and world ...

Giving Back through Coaching

December 18, 2017
Near the end of my Coaching for Transformation training in 2007, Virginia Kellogg, one of the founders of Leadership that Works, taught a teleclass on giving back. That class touched a place deep inside of me and planted a seed that would soon become a passion. I quickly saw the coaching skills ...

Coaching and Whitewater Kayaking

November 17, 2017
This past year I began learning whitewater kayaking and was amazed at how my experiences mirrored my own learning as a coach and what I view in others who are stepping into coach training. Early in my kayaking lessons, I discovered how much I didn't know. I couldn't start on a river; ...

Revolutionizing Coach Training

October 5, 2017
The Calling in Power and Culture Summit in Toronto in September was the most exciting conference I've been to in a long time. A community of 58 people came together to foster diversity, social equality, and social justice in the coaching profession. They came from Mexico, Canada and the US ...

Everyday Transcendence

November 10, 2016
I would like to share a story of this natural life-impulse for transcendence from an after-school community learning centre that I have founded and run in Vadodara, India. One of the faculty works extensively with the urban poor. She had a new group in her charge, children of rag-picker families ...

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