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In response to COVID-19, in-person classes are currently being delivered virtually via Zoom. See individual courses for details.

For positive energy and resources for coaches, visit our Coaching Collective.

As we acknowledge the limitations inherent in our global pandemic, we also create space for the invitations to unite, to witness, to advocate, to love, and to heal.

Together we call upon our shared understandings:

  • WHOLENESS: People are whole and simultaneously moving toward a fuller experience of their wholeness.
  • DIVERSITY: People’s full diversity of experience deepens awareness, alignment, and action.
  • RESOURCEFULNESS: People are inherently resourceful and wise.
  • FREEDOM: People have the freedom to choose how they respond.
  • POSSIBILITY: Much more is possible than any of us can imagine.

And offer resources and support for navigating this unique and expansive journey together:

Upcoming Events

The Corona Quilt is a quilt made of squares created by people from around the world. Each square is created as an expression of your personal experience with the COVID-19 pandemic or your dream for the world and our future.

It is a collective, tangible voice of disruption and hope, loss and possibility, grief and new beginnings. Kellogg Sisters Feed & Seed, along with global partners and individuals invite you to give meaning to your experience and join your voice with others by creating your own square, today. No experience needed!

Under the Blacklight: The Intersectional Failures that COVID Lays Bare
Webinar, Youtube, and Intersectionality Matters Podcast hosted by Kimberle Crenshaw and the African American Policy Forum.

The Isolation Journals is a global movement, through writing, cultivating community and creativity during hard times. The project launched in April and you can join at any time. It’s free, and all are welcome.

Reading Resources

NAMI Covid-19 Resource and Information Guide helpful information and resources for supporting people managing anxiety or emotional distress from the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

The Viral Wake-up Call is an article authored by Dick Schwartz, originator of the Internal Family Systems therapy model, that outlines the types of action Covid-19 is inviting us to take as individuals and as a global community.

Breakdowns Can Be Breakthrough Moments
This is the story (still evolving) of how we at LTW (Mumbai cohort) find new perspectives, new beginnings and a paradigm shift in how we engage with our work and world. 

Because...You Matter: Home Edition
This family friendly online experience includes two audiobooks and a video book for Because...You Matter as well as other mindfulness activities.

Surviving the Coronavirus Lockdown and Social Isolation
A global collection of stories for creating a new normal in a changing world.

Leading Groups During the Pandemic
A down and dirty guide to leading online courses, meetings, trainings, and events during the COVID-19

Listening/Viewing Resources

Resilience (Part 1:3) Coping in the Times of COVID-19 This video features Rukmini Iyer, CFT graduate and Director, Exult! Solutions and was recorded for the HELP Library, Mumbai in April 2020 in the context of COVID-19. Covid-19 has certainly broken down the world as we knew it. That means, there is pursuant mental, emotional, sometimes even physical breakdown. Building resilience is critical in these times. In the first of a three part series of short talks, the speaker shares a holistic framework of resilience that anyone can apply to themselves.

Resilience (Part 2:3) Coping in the Times of COVID-19  This video features Rukmini Iyer, CFT graduate and Director, Exult! Solutions and was recorded for the HELP Library, Mumbai in April 2020 in the context of COVID-19. In the second part of this three-part series, the speaker continues to explore the idea of resilience, particularly in the challenging context created by Covid-19. The focus in this talk is about a holistic way of connecting with well-being. The talk offers a way of assessing oneself in terms of the existing state of resilience and pinpoint at specific areas to work on to enhance it.

Resilience (Part 3:3) Coping in the TImes of COVID-19 This video features Rukmini Iyer, CFT graduate and Director, Exult! Solutions and was recorded for the HELP Library, Mumbai in May 2020 in the context of COVID-19. In the final talk of this three-part series on resilience, the speaker shares a presence-based approach to build a resilient lifestyle. This not only has personal implications, but can also help us build collective health as a society and a world.

When Trauma Shows Up In Coaching Mary Kuentz, CPCC, PCC and Laura Wade, MA, NCC, LPC lead this Seminar to help coaches become more familiar with the ways that trauma shows up in coaching and how to interact with clients without triggering more trauma. This seminar is based on current trauma research, neuroscience, and time-tested practices you can use to help restore your client’s connection to wholeness.

Online Stream
MP3 Download

Be Well Beautiful Woman: Getting Back to Wellness & Business Bootcamp Keep wellness at the forefront of your lives during COVID-19 and listen in to wellness and business workshop recordings from the April Boot Camp. 

  1. Making Vision Boards Work For You
  2. Taking Exceptional Care of Your Body Naturally
  3. Healing Thyself Through Reiki
  4. Building a Strong Foundation Using the Business Model Canvas
  5. Food Is 80% Of Wellness
  6. Self Massage Has Never Been Easier!
  7. Marketing & Multiple Streams of Income
  8. Yoga For All Sister Session
  9. Bounce Back Better - Positive Psychology in Pandemic Times
  10. Let's Build Relationships NOW: Networking During COVID
  11. Writing to Release & Manifest the Life You Want 
  12. Crystal Cleansing For Optimal Serenity
  13. Protecting Your Business In Uncertain Times

New Yorkers for New York Toolkit  This toolkit of videos and written tutorials from the New York Open Center has been designed by industry experts specifically for NYC’s frontline and essential workers, as well as our greater NYC community.

People Making Things Better podcast The planet may be on fire, but there are changemakers and do-good leaders that are even more on fire with passion and commitment to make things better for all. Join Melinda Jackson and Britt Westfall as they interview people who you may not have heard of (yet), but who are having a big impact on today’s most urgent issues - both humanitarian and environmental. 

Staying Conscious in the Face of Adversity series of free videos Eckhart Tolle has an empowering and important view about how extreme difficulties can accelerate spiritual awakening. In this five-part program, Eckhart shares an evolutionary perspective on how crisis propels evolution, and how we are each called to greater consciousness when faced with extreme challenges.  

Dreaming in the 21st Century videos Dreams are an ordinary human experience and coaches can use the same tools that they use with their client’s waking experience. Working with the dreams of our clients allows us to deepen the coach/client relationship and establish a new level of trust.

Know your Big Why How do you discover your "Big Why" or purpose for living? In this 30 minute training with Sarah Haykel, she'll share ways to discover your Big Why, which can act as a guiding principle throughout your life.

Grateful and Smiling Guided Meditation: Thanking the body for all its done and continues to do for you is a gift. Through this meditation, we'll go through each part of the body to give thanks for it and then imagine it smiling. Enjoy the health benefits of this simple and profound meditation with Sarah Haykel. 

Coaching The Duality of Grief and Joy audio seminar is an invitation to step into the heart of these two states, both contained within the other, and to reflect on how coaching can support clients to grow through and with these emotions.

Online Stream
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Coaching for Self-Leadership audio seminar introduces you to Internal Family Systems (IFS), a method for working with various parts of the human mind to bring healing and transformation and a way of life that transforms the practitioner and helps to see the world in a way that promotes compassion for all.

Online Stream
MP3 Download

Unearthing my Privileges audio seminar focuses on our awareness of who we are in this moment and the power-privilege we hold which will support us to create from a systemic consciousness.

Online Stream
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Grit and Grace in the Time of Challenge audio seminar creates an opportunity to share and process feelings, give and receive support and bring Grace to ourselves and others in this time of global change and deep impact.

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Keep Your Candle Lit podcast focuses on burnout prevention through tips and collaborative conversations.

Perspectives on Equity

Covid 19 A Matter of  Equity: A Conversation with Marc Morial, CEO, National Urban League, NY  Why are people in Black and Brown communities in America dying at an alarmingly higher rate from the coronavirus (COVID-19)? Join Carmen Marshall, CFT graduate and Director of Consulting at Maryland Nonprofits as she interviews Marc Morial, President and CEO of National Urban League, for an important discussion.

COVID19 – A Matter of Equity: Connecting the Dots, May 14 What are inequities in the experience of the pandemic? A panel of experts discuss the connections between health inequity, chronic stress, chronic disease and the role of the nonprofit leader. Panel guests include: Natalie S. Burke, Commonwealth Action; Kerry Hawk Lessard, Native American Lifelines; Andria Smythe, PhD, Howard University; Fagan Harris, Baltimore Corps; and Carmen Marshall, CFT graduate and Director of Consulting at Maryland Nonprofits.

COVID19 – A Matter of Equity: Education and Digital Technology Moderated by Carmen Marshall, CFT graduate and Director of Consulting at Maryland Nonprofits, this panel dives into issues of educational equity related to COVID19. Webcast guests include: Azure Grimes, Libraries without Borders; Sosanya Jones, EdD, Howard University; and Brenda Kelly, PhD, District of Columbia Public Schools.

Pushing Back Against Habits of White Supremacy During a Crisis This popular post, created by CompassPoint which has been making the rounds on social media, brilliantly diagnoses how habits of white supremacy are showing up in virtual spaces now that many of us are working remotely.

Under the Blacklight: The Intersectional Failures that COVID Lays Bare Intersectionality Matters Podcast hosted by Kimberle Crenshaw and the African American Policy Forum.

Ring the Alarm: COVID-19 Presents Grave Danger to Communities of Color: How to protect yourself and the ones you love. Article written by writer, public speaker, and coach, Hilary Beard, for the racial and social justice site Colorlines about the risk COVID-19 poses to communities of color, and particularly Black Americans, that isn’t being covered in the media.

"Something's Inside" hosted by Author and Coach, Hilary Beard
Weekly Facebook Live Events

Are you or someone you know furloughed or unemployed? Or are you a gig worker, contractor, freelancer or small business person who wants to know how the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act stimulus package impacts you?

Are you interested in better understanding how the CARES Act stimulus packages impact Black and Brown people so that, once again, we don't get left behind?

If so, please join Hilary, Camara Jones, MD, MPH, PhD, and Phill Wilson for “Something Inside”, a conversation on Facebook live, each Wednesday at 8pm Eastern/7pm Central/5pm Pacific. https://www.facebook.com/hilarybeardauthor 

Decolonizing Coaching Using a Systems Lens PowerPoint slidedeck is designed with the intention to inform the coach's stand in relation to the client and to create greater awareness of disruption and trauma in all the systems.

Collective Legacy Burdens webinar featuring Deran Young, President and CEO of Black Therapists Rock with Dick Schwartz, founder of Internal Family Systems, on legacy burdens. Dick demonstrates the Internal Family Systems process, working with Deran to release internalized oppression.

COVID-19 at the intersection of Power, Privilege and Rank webinar from Coaches for Equality and Diversity about our relationship with Power, Privilege, and Rank (PPR), including how PPR can be incorporated into your coaching/curriculum, how we can increase coaching access for underrepresented people, and how we can become aware of how PPR impacts our coaching clients, the coaching profession, and society. See also webinar PowerPoint slide deck.

Free Gathering Places & Coaching

Power of Coaching
Free webinar describes coaching, offers the LTW unique approach, and shares skills to go.

Coaches for Equality and Diversity
LinkedIn group is a virtual community created for coaches who have a passion for understanding and addressing equality and diversity dynamics and issues in the world. Monthly free webinars.

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Omega Women’s Leadership Center

International Coach Federation COVID-19 Resources for Coaches

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