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In response to COVID-19, in-person classes are currently being delivered virtually via Zoom. See individual courses for details.

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Crowdfunding Resource Guide

What if you could fundraise with passion, creativity, & excitement… instead of shyness, fear and doubt? Imagine if leaders everywhere had the courage, resilience and support to address our greatest social challenges. Just picture it… all the greatest social justice movements could go farther, faster because they receive powerful, affordable coaching.

Crowdfunding is an exciting way to raise money from your friends, family, networks and supporters. They get to see your video or read your story, and they not only contribute dollars but they also give you their social influence as they share your story with kindred spirits.

They get to connect with your passion and excitement as they watch you move toward your goal. Crowdfunding is a sure-fire way to get people behind your cause. So invite them to be part of a movement to change the financial ecosystem.

For inspiration check out a few campaigns!

Campaigns in Progress

Ludwig Hemeleers recently launched his campaign "raising money to help people become the best version of themselves"

CE LA cohort.jpg

Geordee Mae Corpuz recently launched her Help me Become a Coach campaign on gofundme

Ernesto Roche cropped

Ernesto Roche is an organizer who is inspired to become a coach.


Kea Cropped

Kea Duggan works with at-risk-youth and is inspired to become a coach.

kanya coaching in prison

Kanya Likanasudh teaches coaching in prisons in Thailand and is asking for contributions for the next round of programs.


Omar Cropped

Omar Raul Cardenas is a youth organizer whose work is transforming lives.

Esther Parks works with neighborhood market owners to help provide healthy food options and strengthen communities.



Successful campaigns:

Ju Hong

Ju Hong created a dynamic campaign and is now a certified professional coach. He raised $3,267 from 69 donors


Lukas Zilmer created a heart-warming video and raised €1,675 EUR from 26 backers. He’s now a certified coach in Germany.



Want to start your own crowfunding campaign?

The 5 steps are:

  • Write your story

  • Define your fundraising goal

  • Create a video with perks for supporters

  • Launch your campaign to your networks

  • Promote your campaign and follow up


Unsure what to say?

You can start your crowdfund campaign by asking your friends to help you write your story. They can also help you determine what “perks” to offer.

Crowdfunding is an inspiring way to get more clarity about your vision and goals.

It’s easy to get the word out with Facebook, Twitter and e-mail. Not only are you letting folks know what you’re up to, but potential clients find out about you!

Online resources to help you get started:

Crowdfunding Resources

26 Top Crowdfunding Sites by Niche

10 Essential Elements of a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

The Crowdfunding Bible

Nathaniel Hansen’s Crowdfunding Best Practices

5 Rookie Crowdsourcing Mistakes

Anatomy of a Greater Kickstarter Project Page

Crowdfunding Promotion Beginner’s Guide

How hard is it to fundraise?

More and more participants in our programs are using crowdfunding to pay for part or all of their tuition. What we hear most often is that they are surprised how many people supported them. Many folks say that the process was much easier than expected.

If you’re working in social justice, and you’re not seriously exploring crowdfunding as a piece of your fundraising plan, what are you waiting for? – Rose Spinelli, Huffington Post

Leadership that Works is at the forefront of using coaching to help social justice leaders find their mojo and implement initiatives that have a profound ripple effect.

With heart and soul, movement leaders are using coaching to transform their organizations and communities.

Once social change organizations and their funders see the value of coaching, they are shifting their priorities and their budgets so that leaders and staff can become trained as coaches.

Want to support our vision?

People who need the most support to address injustice are those most affected. When social justice leaders are partnered with a coach in a deeply supportive way, we can move toward a socially just world, without leaving people out.

At Leadership that Works, as trainers of transformational coaches and facilitators, we are grateful for the privilege to be of service. Through leadership development, an inclusive pricing policy, cooperative ownership, and diverse faculty, we are building a community of partners who help us make our programs available to all.


You can help by contributing to individual crowdfunding campaigns above or make a donation to our scholarship fund by contacting Charlotte Morse.




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