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Graduate CommunityBig Ideas Flow from Global Community
by Michael Badger and Kathy Grosso

On July 31, we launched the Big Idea call series for the Leadership that Works Global Community! The Big Idea series was inspired by conversations on earlier Global Community calls, at which participants expressed interest in continuing to build connections while creating opportunity for juicy learnings and collaboration. For the first call, Sharon Brown (CFT-NYC ‘06) and Virginia Kellogg presented the work that has been done so far on the "Coaching the 7 Billion" idea, and we had a rich conversation filled with big visions as well as concrete new ideas. If you missed the call, it isn’t too late to get involved with this inspiring project! To see the information that was presented, and join the mailing list where the conversation will continue, visit this page on LTWCommunity.com. Stay tuned for information about our next Big Idea call!

If you have not been receiving emails about these calls, please email Michael Badger and we will make sure to get you on the list!

In the Bay Area, CFT faculty member Belma González will be hosting a summer BBQ at the end of August. Any LTW community member is welcome to join; current students, grads and faculty are all invited! It will be on Friday, August 29th at 6:30PM Pacific time. The BBQ will be held at Belma’s home in Oakland: 678 61st Street Oakland, CA 94609 between Shattuck / MLK. For more information, please contact Belma directly.

And finally, here’s an update from Kathy Grosso (CCT-Battle Creek '12; CFT-DL'12) about all the ways that the grads from the Coaching for Community Transformation (CCT) program in Battle Creek, MI have been making waves in their local community...

All Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) coaches and those who are new to Family Coaching as part of the Early Childhood Connections Program recently participated in a one-day coaching refresher training. In addition, both staffs continue their training with a two-day Cultural Competence training. The second two days focused on raising awareness and the integration of coaching skills in the participant's understanding of rank, power, culture, and privilege. We're proud of the fact that direct application of coaching skills and cultural competence to the day-to-day work of the participants continues to make coaching relevant and real in Battle Creek! Belma González and Kim Fowler, LTW Faculty, facilitated the trainings with Kathleen Moore (CCT-Battle Creek '12), Associate Faculty, providing back of the room support.

The coaching community in Battle Creek is excited about the opening of the Kellogg Community College Center for Diversity (KCC-CDI) and Innovation. Kellogg Community College has created the CDI to promote racial equity and the removal of systemic barriers for vulnerable children in the Battle Creek area. We're especially excited to see that Coaching for Community Transformation, along with White Men as Full Diversity Partners, is named as one of the important learning labs. The learning labs are designed to help create the sustainable infrastructure to foster the capacity of community members to change local conditions and mindsets. The solid presence of CCT in the work of the KCC-CDI moves us closer to the goal of embedding coaching in the Battle Creek community. Great possibilities!

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