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Graduate CommunityCommunity Connection—Local and Global
by Michael Badger and Leslie Brown

The graduate activities are finding a rhythm in NYC, the Bay Area and in the global community. In general, our focus has been to provide a space for any graduates who want to get together on a regular basis to be able to. So, you will always be able to find a consistent place to plug in and reconnect to your community!

In May, we had our first global community-building call. On that call, we decided to have monthly calls on specific topics that the community finds exciting. The first of those is currently being organized for late July, and it will most likely be on the topic of Coaching the 7 Billion. Coaching the 7 Billion was an idea that was generated at the LTW conference last November, and a small group has been continuing to explore it and take the idea forward. On the call in July, a few people from that group will tell everyone what's been going on with the project, and engage a conversation about how to broaden it to include more members of the LTW community.

Also for the global community, we started the process of organizing the next round of Peer Support Circles and Graduate Coaching Triads, which will be kicking off in July. Peer Support Circles are groups of four LTW community members who choose to support each others' growth as coaches by meeting regularly as a group for at least three months. Graduate Coaching Triads are groups of three coaches who are paired into coach-client relationships to work together for three months. If you’d like to sign up for a Peer Circle, fill out this survey by June 27th. If you’d like to sign up for a Coaching Triad, fill out this one.

In NYC, we held our third monthly gathering in May. It was a nice, intimate gathering in which we welcomed the latest class of graduates into our community, and we had a rich conversation about overcoming marketing fears. It was a very supportive group, and we had a lot of fun. It was a great testament to how the monthly gatherings can really support us all in our growth as coaches.

Meanwhile, in the Bay Area things have been buzzing with excitement as graduates and current participants gather both formally and informally. Earlier last month several graduates met for a reunion workshop, Walking Our Talk: Stepping into Our Own Magnificence -- the day was filled with revolutionary content and heartfelt connection. To close out the month Dewey Schott and Amanda Berger hosted a LTW BBQ which was attended by faculty and CFT representatives across three cohorts. The evening was filled with laughter and inspirational sharing about what Coaches felt was exciting them about Coaching. The next informal gathering will be hosted in late August by the one and only Belma González. Stay tuned to more connections happening out West!!

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