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Graduate Community Graduate Events Around the Globe
by Michael Badger

Now that autumn is officially here in the Northern Hemisphere, the Leadership that Works (LTW) graduate community activities are regaining the momentum they had before the summer. With a new round of Peer Circles and Coaching Triads having just started, and concrete plans being developed for the global calls and for some very juicy in-person gatherings, there are plenty of ways to tap into the community to get support, continue learning and exploring, or just have fun!

Global Calls
On Monday October 20, Vikram Bhatt, founder of the LTW network in India, will host two global community calls. Participants will explore the edges that show up in the relationship between coach and client. You will learn to witness and work with your own edges and those of your clients, exploring the impact of both. Imagine a beautiful magic mirror…. Imagine every time a client walks into your life and you serve her or him authentically, the mirror speaks to you of your own edges and awakens / strengthens the connection to your center. Magic is present in your life. This will be a conversation that will go deep into the heart of why we are called to be coaches. Join us and share in the conversation about how you have been transformed by your life as a coach. The calls will be on October 20 at 10am ET and 8pm ET.

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Graduate Teleclass with Ernest Mark
On Thursday October 23, Ernest Mark will lead the graduate teleclass, Bringing the Body to Transformational Coaching. The 90-minute advanced teleclass is free and starts at 6:30 pm ET. You can also access the graduate teleclass audio library at www.LTWcommunity.com

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New York City Workshop Event
The New York City graduate community is planning a half-day event of activities, workshops and networking. What we found from the get-togethers over the summer was that graduates are interested in sharing knowledge and continuing to stay at the edges of exploration and learning together, so we are going to experiment with a new format for this next in-person gathering. It will be a more substantial day of programmed workshops offered by LTW community members to each other. This will be a fantastic way to come together, learn new coaching tools, and maybe even start collaborations with other members of the community. We are finalizing the date and location for the event. If you graduated from a New York City cohort, or if we have you registered as living near New York City, you will receive an email with the workshop details. If you don't live nearby, but would like to receive the workshop details, please email me.

Bay Area Advanced Training
In the Bay Area there is a very inspiring event being organized by graduates. The details are still forthcoming, but what is being organized is a workshop on Process Work with Lane Ayre, Ph.D. Developed by Dr. Arnold Mindell, Process Work is a cross-disciplinary approach to individual and collective change. With its roots in Jungian Psychology, Taoism, physics and shamanism, Process Work discovers potential patterns for change within the experiences that disturb us. Dreams, physical symptoms, relationship problems, group conflicts and social tensions, when approached and unraveled with exact skills and a heartful attitude, turn out to be the seeds of something creative and nourishing, bringing personal growth, expanded awareness, and a sense of awe and wonder. If you graduated from a Coaching for Transformation cohort based in the Bay Area, you will receive an email with the details of this workshop. If you are not in the Bay Area and would like to be added to the list of people who get informed about the workshop, please email me.

As you can see, on both coasts and on the global calls, there are lots of opportunities to come out and play. Join us for one or more of the upcoming events!

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