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Graduate Community Experiencing the Spirit of Deep Connect: Coaching for Transformation Graduate Community in India
by Rashmi Dixit

Congratulations to the newest Coaching for Transformation coaches who graduated from the Distance Learning cohort on December 11, 2014 and in Mumbai, India on Tuesday, January 13, 2015. We welcome you to our community!

What connects us? What binds us? What is it that holds the clouds in the sky? Why is it that, even, when no one is around, I still hear a caressing sound?

When I joined Coaching for Transformation (CFT), India, I was taken aback by the space of care that was created by this community. I was unsure of my interactions at first, but soon realized that this space and the people in it were setting me up for experiencing more of who I am. I experienced being welcomed and accepted in my being by the group. As I opened to the space, my expectations and acceptance of life started shifting and I became more and more centered.

This circle and the people in it have a mysterious combination of sensitivity and passion. In their being they have created a container, which supports the growth of an individual and sets the CFT participants on the path of success. A deep understanding about the people in the circle and those supporting the circle is evident. Deep listening to the needs of the community and cohort seeds ideas; one such idea was of study groups, which were born from the needs shared by a participant in the second cohort. The graduates from earlier cohorts and the faculty hold special awareness to allow each person to discover their unique rhythm. The participants are gently nudged toward the growth and blossoming they would like to see in their life context.

The connect that emerges from these processes have started a pay it forward, where the graduates are ever eager to support in community building, one batch after another. The support and endless efforts put forth by the graduates of past cohorts spark a deep human value of contribution, which continues to build a strong community. When you step into this space you feel the nurture, you smell the fragrance of Love and friendship, you hear the joy of togetherness. This truly is the space to experience the spirit of deep connection and the heart beat of this land. People from all around the world hear this music and are attracted to the rhythm of this community dance. We have eight nationalities as a part of this diverse growing community. The vision of contributing to better communities and a compassionate world motivates the team with every breath in their being.

The next Coaching for Transformation certification program begins in Mumbai, India on March 19, 2015.

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