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Graduate CommunityConnection. Curiosity. Collaboration.
by Michael Badger

Building the Leadership that Works (LTW) Graduate Community has been a very exciting process! We have invited graduates into the conversation of what it is we want to create together, rather than take a more traditional approach of directly organizing an alumni association. What we are learning is there is definitely a desire for more connection and continued learning from each other, and also a lot of curiosity over what working collaborations among LTW graduates could look like.

The first global graduate community MaestroConference calls took place early in May. Shruti Sonthalia (CFT-Mumbai '12) and I hosted the calls to start the conversation among the global LTW community. It was absolutely inspiring to have people from as far reaching places as India, Australia, Asia, Hawaii, NYC, the Bay Area, and Michigan all on the same calls together! Our primary goal was simply to start building connection among our wide-spread community, and to kick-start the conversation. One of the most important things expressed was the need to have a cohesive community to fall back on, for the mutual support we can offer to each other. Out of that, we agreed to have monthly calls for connection and support going forward.

The global conversation raised two big questions that we are excited to continue exploring:

  • What would building a grassroots movement of bringing coaching into the world be like?
  • How can we educate the world on what coaching is so that they 'get it' and want to work with us?

In New York, Bart Erbach (CFT-NYC '12) organized our first Grad-to-Grad workshop, "A Brand New Approach to Marketing your Coaching Business." He got such rave reviews that he is going to offer the workshop again in NYC and also bring it to a MaestroConference call in the coming months. Additional Grad-to-Grad workshops are being planned, both in local areas and over MaestroConference. Our next NYC Graduate Community gathering will feature a facilitated conversation about overcoming your marketing fears, plus we will welcome the May 2014 CFT graduates to our growing community! Details will be sent soon.

Exciting things have been brewing, and everything being created for the community is by the community itself. If you've been sitting on the sidelines, I invite you to come out and play with us, and add your unique gifts to the mix! Share your questions and comments with me here.

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