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Graduate Community Graduate Community: Learning and Collaboration
by Michael Badger

Congratulations to the newest group of Coaching for Transformation coaches that graduated in New York City on Sunday, November 16. We welcome you into our community and look forward to connecting, exploring, learning from you, and supporting you as you embark on your adventures as a professional coach!

Global Community Call
Join the discussion on our final LTW Global Community call for the year on Monday, December 15. Kelley Joyce (CFT-NYC ‘10) thinks it’s time for the coaching community as a whole to move away from hourly-based pricing and toward pricing based on value delivered instead.

  • What is it worth to get that promotion at your job?
  • What’s the real value of saving your failing marriage?

These achievements can’t be measured in hours spent. They are clearly priceless. How can we honor the work we do as coaches with pricing structures that actually reflect the service we are providing? It should be a lively discussion as we host two calls to explore Making the Shift to Value-Based Pricing in the Coaching Field.

The calls will be on December 15 at 10 am and 8 pm ET.

Register for 10 am ET call
Register for 8 pm ET call

Bay Area Advanced Training
LTW Bay Area graduates will host a training on Processwork led by Lane Ayre in Berkeley, CA on December 14th 9am-12pm. What is Processwork? While coaching, we encounter any state within a client—joy, grief, anger, fear, exhilaration, to name a few—and we are committed to hold “all of it.”

Processwork is a powerful tool to push past what might hold us, or the client, back, creating unexpected openings and discoveries. LTW graduates directly experienced this work with Lane earlier this year, and have reported that the sheer level of compassion and reflecting that Lane brought to his coaching was deeply moving. If you're interested in expanding your skills in body awareness, this is an ideal training. It's an opportunity to dig deeper under the question "How does that feel in your body?" in a way that is both profound and powerful. 

More details about Processwork are available here

The final cost will determined by the total number of people, but should be in the $60-$75 range per person. $40 deposit required to register (check or PayPal). To register, send an email to Alan Stonebraker (CFT-Bay Area '13) - alanstonebraker@gmail.com. Deadline to sign up is November 21, 2014.

Coaching Opportunity
Next, here’s a great opportunity to do some worthwhile volunteer coaching, get support from a community of coaches, and accumulate ICF credentialing hours! Thanks to Stephanie Rothschild (CFT-NYC '10), Director of Coach Services with One to One, for bringing us this! One to One is seeking volunteer coaches looking to give service, gain coaching hours and experience, have ongoing workshops for advanced credits, and mentor and change the lives of women in need.

The mission of One to One Women Coaching Women is to serve women with serious life challenges through pro bono life coaching. These challenges include but are not limited to financial, socioeconomic, and caregiving for our wounded veterans. Through 26 sessions of life coaching a woman can turn her obstacles into opportunities and restore a vibrant life. You must be willing to commit to coaching a client for 26 hours pro bono, and be on at least 6 monthly training calls /year. Click here for information and application.

Graduate Teleclass with Madhu Maron
On Thursday January 22, Madhu Maron will lead the quarterly graduate teleclass, The Long Arc: cultivating aliveness and effectiveness with clients over time. The 90-minute advanced teleclass is free and starts at 2:00 pm ET. You can also access the graduate teleclass audio library at www.LTWcommunity.com

Register for The Long Arc with Madhu Maron

New York City Workshop Event Recap
Finally, in NYC we hosted a graduate day of networking and workshops on Saturday, November 15 and it was a rockin’ success! We had four workshops that explored everything from creating your brand, to helping clients deal with facing fears, to using the body to access internal energetic awareness, to a guided experiential transformation process. But beyond the information shared, having the opportunity to reconnect to that special LTW energy and community was wonderful—and is exactly what we are building the community for. We’ll definitely be planning another similar event in early 2015.

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