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Graduate Community Graduate Community Kicks Off with First Event in New York
by Michael Badger

Something is definitely stirring within the Leadership that Works graduate community. The visions are big. The possibilities are limitless. And…we're just getting started.

The seedling that took root at the Leadership that Works (LTW) conference in November is now growing its first branches, and just beginning to reach out.

The New York City Chapter of the Leadership that Works Graduate Community held a launch party on March 22. Attendees deemed it a roaring success! The room was bubbling with the unique energy that gets stirred when fast friends who haven’t seen each other in a long time, reunite and discover their connection is still as strong as ever. Attendees included graduates from the very first Coaching for Transformation (CFT) class, current CFT students, and everything in between.

Jan Nolte (CFT ‘06) and Tanuja Ramchal (CFT ‘13) led LTW-style mingles and group discussions designed to explore the overarching question: “What is it we will create together?” From the conversations that ensued, it was clear that graduates are committed to building something truly unique, supportive and very creative. The ideas flowed freely, and coaches volunteered to get the ball rolling on many of them!

The most important thing that got established was a commitment to continue monthly in-person gatherings of the NYC Chapter. These gatherings will combine social and planning time, with a focus toward building our vision. The planning and facilitation responsibilities will be passed around among graduates. Establishing a rhythm and consistency for the gatherings will ensure the momentum continues. Stay tuned for new developments coming out of this very soon.

Beyond New York

While the developments in NYC are very exciting, of course not everyone has the opportunity to participate in them. So, we are currently planning the virtual version of a launch party for the entire graduate community. We don’t yet know exactly what that will look like, but we do know that having everyone come together with the intention of celebrating and generating ideas was very powerful. The first virtual graduate planning event will be held in April, so watch your email for details!

The launch of the NYC chapter was successful in large part because a group of graduates stepped up to help plan and organize. If you are curious about starting a local chapter of the LTW graduate in your community, please email Michael Badger to talk about how you can connect your ideas and efforts to LTW and the rest of the community. The best part? You get to have fun with it and create your chapter in whatever way you and your local peers envision.

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