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Belma Gonzalez resizedBelma González, CPCC, PCC

"I love working with folks who are committed to creating a more equitable world. People who refuse to step over the misery they see in their community and instead are driven to address injustices. I especially love community leaders – often women and/or folks of color – who didn’t set out to be identified as ‘the leader’ but find themselves leading others – whether in organizations or campaigns, their neighborhoods or families. I love partnering to achieve their goals, challenging them to seek balance, laughing and crying with them.”

Belma has been providing assets based, culturally aware coaching to nonprofit and social justice activists since 2004. She works with diverse, multi-generational clients throughout the United States on leadership enhancement, change management, work/life transitions, balance and fulfillment. Belma has coached participants of thirteen leadership development programs to-date; all with an eye to strengthening the nonprofit sector and social justice movement.

Belma is a co-founder of Prism Coaching, a group of coaches of color who consider the identification, understanding and use of cultural influences as an asset. She is also a member of RoadMAP, an alliance of consultants who work collaboratively with members of social justice organizations.

Belma worked in nonprofits for twenty-six years prior to becoming a coach, although, “When I look back I was always a coach” in her interactions with clients and staff. She started as a volunteer for a free women’s clinic in San Francisco where she went on to hold a variety of paid positions, culminating in serving for five years as the Executive Director. She went on to work as a Program Manager for Women’s Health Leadership, a multicultural leadership development program for emerging women’s health leaders in California. At WHL, Belma informally coached participants and went on to become a certified coach through the Coaches Training Institute.

Belma loves music and participates in sessions playing old time country music. She loves to hear all kinds of live music in clubs, concert halls and homes as well as buskers on the street. She strongly believes music is a human need, not a luxury, and a source of healing and inspiration. In addition, Belma loves to cook, garden, read, host parties, hike, sing loudly, laugh and play.

Belma is a bicultural, somewhat bilingual Chicana/Latina, California native. She lives in North Oakland with her husband, Mike Waters, also a Cali native, who is a jazz musician and web developer and their beloved dog and cat, Louie and Mays. Her six godkids, Oni, Marya, Olivia, Xochi, Avery and Diego serve as her daily inspiration.

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