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Ernest Mark - websiteErnest Mark, PCC

"I grew up in a Chinese American household with immigrant parents and a bicultural upbringing in a small coastal New England town. There were a lot of difficulties to navigate: overt racism, internalized oppression, long work days fueled by the immigrant work ethic and unavailable parents. There was beauty in the cultural richness of our lives... we shared meals together, valued all generations of the family from young to old and appreciated the simple things in life.

“I made difficult choices that really challenged the norms, those held by our community were sometimes in contrast with those held by my family. Testing these boundaries really helped me discover my values, independence, resilience and relationship to choice that is so core to the work I do now."

Ernest brings over fifteen years of experience as an executive coach and organizational development consultant in the social justice sector. “When I was first introduced to coaching, it seemed like the essential missing ingredient to the organizational work I was doing because the individuals needed support to implement the changes they intended.”

Working with people in transition, Ernest helps his clients connect with their passion, values and what's most important in life with an awareness of body, stance and presence. “I believe that transformation happens quickest through the body so I bring attention in subtle and direct ways to breath, posture, energy and awareness.”

Ernest received a Bachelor’s degree from Tufts University. He has presented at conferences hosted by the International Coach Federation, Association of Black Foundation Executives and Leadership that Works.

Based out of Oakland, California, Ernest’s favorite things include doing arts and crafts with his two daughters, playing music, gardening, cooking and camping.


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