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Jagruti Gala - WebsiteJagruti Gala, PCC

“Born in India, I grew up with mind-numbing social contrast confronting me with every breath, and I still ricochet between dark despair and exultant wonder. As outside, so within - a hall of mirrors reflecting my abundance and poverty, my disarray and elegance, my limitation and possibility. My life has been a journey of finding that place I call home, the still center, where I hold all polarities with simplicity and love. Coaching for me is that gift, a conversation that constantly brings my clients home.”

After a successful career in education, Jagruti Gala was looking for a way to bring transformative practices into the work she did for children, teachers and parents. She was introduced to coaching through a simple conversation with a friend. The profession seemed like a natural springboard for her and she’s been hooked ever since.

For more than a decade, Jagruti's central focus has been to bring change into the world of children (new consciousness) through educational spaces and family life. She is the founder and Managing Trustee of a non-profit (www.auraplace.com) ) that provides free education in India. She is also co-founder and Creative Director of Stones2milestones, a for-profit that is changing the way children learn in India.

Her work is as diverse as the country where she was born. Since 2010 she has been in the field of Organisational Development with an emphasis on Visioning, Leadership Development and Team Synergy.

Jagruti’s deep spiritual core is brought to life in her coaching and facilitation style. She is known for holding and creating clarity – situational and conceptual, as well as supporting compassionate action. She is versatile and creative in designing and approaching the exploration and learning.

As a member of the LTW faculty, Jagruti says, “I enjoy the trust placed in me and the conditions created for growth, the connection to accomplished peers, and the flexibility for my own contribution and creativity.”

Jagruti is an ICF certified coach and is pursuing an NVC certification. She holds a degree in education and has training in best practices in education under the umbrella of Project Zero, from Harvard University. She has also undergone professional development in Emotional Intelligence, Appreciative Inquiry, Human Process Work, the Leadership Program in NVC and is a certified Hogan Personality Inventory Coach.

In her free time, she enjoys relaxing through reading, cooking, music and embroidery.


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