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Kim Fowler - WebsiteKim Fowler, PCC, ORSCC

“I've always hated cruelty in any form. When I was a kid I hated it in cartoons and in the 3 Stooges when characters were slapped or had pianos dropped on them, or were set up for a terrible fall. I hated bullying.

“In 5th grade when the teacher was away, my best friend, who had always been rail thin, started walking between two rows of desks to get to her seat. All the kids pushed their desks together to see how narrow a gap she could fit through. I pulled my desk back to give her room and the person across from me just moved theirs closer to narrow the space again. I was angry and frustrated and helpless and a little frightened for my friend, who quietly and gamely made it through this child's gauntlet to her seat.

“Somewhere my young psyche decided that when I grew up I had to do something that would counter such behavior. I found coaching and the capacity to work with mean inner critics. Specifically, I found Leadership that Works which gave me a frame for how to work with the cruelty within power, privilege and racism and engage with it from compassion and ferocity.”

Kim’s past experiences as a government funder, nonprofit executive director, program manager at Stanford University, and management consultant infuse her role as a coach in the nonprofit sector. “I came to coaching because it matched my belief that we are all fully resourceful individuals with the power to shift our lives and do whatever is needed to be the fully creative, impactful, deeply loving people we inherently are.”

As a professional certified coach, Kim works with individuals, partnerships and teams who are ready to remove limiting beliefs and behaviors and move through their professional and personal lives with mindfulness, effectiveness, spirit and action.

Kim’s passion is helping organizational and personal systems reveal their true nature to themselves so that the individuals who make up the system can make new choices about how to keep it operating at its optimum level.

In her free time, Kim enjoys the adventure of a hike, the solitude of creative writing, and the joy of singing.


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