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Pernille Plantener - websitePernille Plantener, PCC

“I believe in miracles; my own life being the proof. I have walked out of the prisons of an eating disorder and an abusive marriage, and celebrate on a daily basis my new empowered reality as well as the lives of my adult children’s. I’m peacefully divorced from my ex-husband and now thriving in a same-sex marriage, earning my living doing what I love in respectful collaboration with people I admire. A life I didn’t even dare to dream of.”

Pernille spent more than a decade in the advisory service for organic farmers and knows that changing habits or culture takes both guts, heart and brain power, and that support is needed for change initiatives to last.

Pernille is a certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication (NVC), trained project manager and process consultant. She is the founder of BusinessByHeart, a collaboration of dedicated trainers in Denmark offering workshops, facilitation and consultancy based on NVC. She facilitates restorative mediation for the Danish police and has co-authored a book on how to restore dignity when meeting receivers of violence, aimed at first responders..

She has comprehensive experience in personal development and alternative ways of living, including yoga and meditation, gestalt and body therapy, 12-step programmes, resonant empathy and most important – daring to show up vulnerably in everyday life.

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