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Vikram Bhatt - websiteVikram Bhatt, PCC

“As a coach, I bring my authentic self and my quest for living a full, soulful, sensuous and abundant life in service to my clients’ own evolutionary path. My work in coaching, organization development and community building involves partnering with leaders, change-makers, healers, and seekers to awaken their soul song and live it in simple everyday movement and aware, aligned action. The coaching relationship inspires them to walk the edge, to evolve to a version of self that is filled with freedom, courage and integrity.”

An electronics engineer by qualification and a gifted intuitive, Vikram blends flow and reason in the realization of human potential, and the building inspired communities of practice.

Vikram has consulted with organizations in many industries and countries, engaging extensively in leadership development, executive coaching, and facilitating transformation at an individual and organizational level.

Vikram leads the development of the Leadership that Works presence in Southeast Asia and continues working to expand the network and its reach in India. His current areas of interest include coaching for presence, authentic power and leadership excellence. He designs sustainable organization transformation programs and coach development programs within the education and women empowerment initiatives in India. The core design principle in each of these creations is the manifestation of a soul-space that holds love, excellence and authentic power in harmonious balance.

He co-created Essence, a community of transformational coaches and facilitators in India focused on leadership development in organizations both within the profit and not for profit sector. He is one of the architects of iFlourish, a resilience and wellbeing framework, which has been implemented within Unilever Egypt (Unilever Mashreq) and other organizations in the Middle East.

Vikram has been part of the Mckinsey & Company Facilitator Network within India and is associated with Centre for Creative Leadership. He is a professional member of NTL and ISABS.

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