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Altaf Shaikh - websiteAltaf Shaikh, PCC

“I started off as a volunteer working with children and youth living on the streets of Mumbai, India in 1986. Life on the mean streets taught me the art of survival and the basics of human behaviour. My initial years were all about curiosity and discovery. I lived on the streets with the boys, got to know more about life on the streets and I also started discovering parts of myself." 

Working towards systemic change on the issue of homelessness became his mission, and Altaf went on to co-­found Saathi, a non­profit that addressed citizenship rights and reintegration challenges within its rehabilitation program.

Having worked with people for so many years playing the roles of a confidant, facilitator, trainer and mentor, coaching seemed like the next logical step for Altaf. Today, as a relationship coach, he supports individuals who are facing a challenging time in their relationships. He works with them around issues of authority and assists them to discover the power within.

When he is not engaging with people who need support, and when he's not in the wilderness facilitating outbound adventure programs for all kinds of groups, he enjoys cooking and bonding with his teenage son, Amaan Ali.


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