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Wasu Joshi - websiteWasundhara Joshi, PCC

“I grew up in Mumbai, a child born to doctors. My mother’s family is exceptional, where women have been educated and holding jobs for three generations and have each worked towards the health and empowerment of women and children. I realize now how privileged this makes me, and I suppose there was no escaping this legacy. My education and work as a Pediatrician and Neonatologist took me on this journey, from being a co-founder of two NGO’s to women’s leadership, and Conscious Leadership for a better world.”

Wasundhara is a medical doctor turned behavioral scientist. She has an MD in Pediatrics following which she pursued an interest in Neonatology. She served as a lecturer in the Department of Pediatrics for 10 years. She then became a founding trustee of an NGO called SNEHA (Society for Education in Health, Nutrition and Action). She took over as CEO and built the organization from 30 to a 300-person organization, internationally known for its research models in health care. She is now a trustee for the Fight for Hunger Foundation in India.

She studied behavioral science, became a professional member of ISABS and later earned certifications in Change Facilitation, Transformational coaching and Appreciative Coaching. She is an Associate coach with the Center for Creative Leadership CCL She is certified in the use of psychometric instruments including Big 5, Hogan and the CCL 360 suites.

She specializes in Appreciative Inquiry as a method for both coaching and organization change. She has been engaged by many corporate and social sector organizations for consulting in the field of change management, leadership development, personal growth and executive coaching. She has over 10 years of experience working in health, government, finance and insurance, Information Technology and manufacturing sectors. She is also a trained yoga teacher.

As a member of the LTW faculty, Wasundhara says, “it allows me to be constantly learning, challenging me each time. I get to meet a diverse set of individuals, from whom I learn and grow. I believe that every individual is capable of creating a life they truly want, and the key is gaining that deep understanding.”

In addition to her professional passions, Wasundhara enjoys reading, listening to music, and watching movies, especially fantasies. She credits yoga, meditation and her deep spiritual practice as her source of energy and personal growth.

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