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Sonali Kelkar - website updateSonali Kelkar, PCC

“One of the greatest transformations I’ve witnessed is that of my own daughter’s. I watched her grow from being a 14-year-old with low self-esteem and below average academics due to a learning disability, to a confident, charming young lady who excels in all that she desires to excel in. “Instead of telling her what to do, I listened deeply to her and asked her questions to help her discover her unique ways that worked for her. It also helped me see the irrelevance of my solutions for her.”

Sonali is an organization development consultant who engages with various industries. She is also an external facilitator and coach at McKinsey & Company where she is part of the ‘Facilitating Leadership Transformation’ network. She holds a Bachelor’s in Commerce and a Masters in Management Studies, both from Mumbai University

Sonali thrives on partnering with individuals and organizations that are committed to growth. She works extensively on helping clients discover and hone the leader present in them. Working with mindsets to bring clarity on vision and alignment in values and action is her specialty.

When she’s not working, Sonali lives an incredibly active life that includes competitive sailing, running half marathons, trekking and scuba diving. She also enjoys bird watching and cooking for loved ones.

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